Tulare Mayor Sigala Announces Re-Election Campaign For Tulare City Council

A Press Release from the Campaign of Jose Sigala

Tulare- CA) Today, Tulare Mayor Jose Sigala announced his decision to seek re-election to the Tulare City Council representing the 1st District.

“I have decided to seek re-election to the city council to continue the effort to improve the quality of life not only my district but throughout the city. I am proud of the work I have done working with the community and the council majority to make Tulare a better place to live”, stated Mayor Sigala.

In 2016, Mayor Sigala was overwhelmingly elected to represent the residents of the 1st Council District. He ran his campaign on the theme of “We Deserve Better”. He strongly believes he has worked hard to keep that commitment moving forward.

In 2018, he was selected by the council to serve as the 39th Mayor of the city and the first Mayor to live on the westside in years. Over the last 4 years serving the residents of the 1st District, Mayor Sigala has worked to improve the quality of life in his district. Here are few highlights:

  • Removed blight from our neighborhoods, streets and alleys,
  • Advocated for continued investments in city services, street repairs, pot-holes, transportation, parks, clean water and street lights in our neighborhoods,
  • Improved our local streets with miles of repairs,
  • Refurbished and upgrade our local parks with new arbors and children’s equipment,
  • Worked with police department to decrease crime, and
  • Put the westside on the map to assure our fair share of resources.

Not only has Mayor Sigala worked to represent his constituents, he has also provided important leadership across the city with items that impact all of Tulare. These include:

  • Establishing a Homeless Task Force to address the homeless crisis,
  • Help pass balanced city budgets which focus on the priorities of residents without sacrificing valuable city services,
  • Support our Police and Fire departments by providing them with the resources and equipment they need to protect our families and neighborhoods,
  • Promoting economic development across the city and investing in city infrastructure, and
  • Providing leadership and playing a key role in saving our local hospital from closure.
  • Restoring faith in the city council’s leadership by creating an environment of respect, professionalism and collaboration with help of the new council members to establish a majority that puts Tulare First.

“I look forward to connecting with voters in the district to share our accomplishments and listen to how we can continue to work together over the next four years”, concluded Sigala.

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  1. He’s the same mayor that states all improvements should be done on one side of the city since he states “other areas have money” we should not focus on one side over another. Resources should be based equal balance. My children enjoy a park and recreational center just as much as any other children from any side of town.

    • He was elected by the constituents in his district to advocate for the betterment of said district regardless of his position on the city council. If you want a park and recreational center in your particular neighborhood talk to your district councilperson to see if he/she thinks it is viable.

      • You do know our mayor is picked by the council itself…..he was not elected mayor. After 2 years they pick another council member usually everyone gets a turn.

    • The County Sheriff and Tulare County Supervisors have broader powers than most everyone in Tulare County one way or the other. Why this particular question?

  2. It is disgusting for Sigala to make any mention of supporting law enforcement. He is against law enforcement in all ways except for a bullet point for re-election. Sigala called for a semi form of “defund the police” and accused TPD of racism and excessive force. Furthermore, on the city website is an arbitrators finding of TPD losing veteran officers and inability to recruit the most qualified. This is due to pay over 20% below the average. Sigala was vocal / refused to accept the neutral finding and vote for even 50% of the underpayment.

  3. How do we change the way we electe OUR Mayor? It’s Time for a change! Why do we allow Community members most of us don’t know or electric choice our Mayor? And we wonder why the East Side keeps growing well the only thing going up is tents and homeless at our Little League Park! It’s time for us to expect more outta our community leaders it’s time we realize the shit life of one isn’t acceptable!

  4. I am 3 years retired and reside in District 1.
    I went to Maple, Alice G. Mulcahy, Tulare Western, and COS. I have always lived west of the railroad tracks. When I was younger, I remembered going over the railroad tracks to Kmart, A&W, Save Mart, Burger King, and McDonalds near 99 and Prosperity. (I have lived in Fresno, Seattle, and Atlanta, Happy to be back. I sure miss convenience.)
    Fast forward 40 years later, I still have to go to the other side of the track to a grocery shop or to get essentials at Home Depot, Lowes, Walmart, Target, the Outlet Mall, or to Visalia. And, soon, maybe In and Out on 99 and Cartmill.
    Recently, we lost Walgreens and R&N. Plaza Palace is the only grocery store on the west side of the tracks. Our other choices, Grocery Outlet, Vallarta’s, Smart and Final, Walmart, Target, and Costco require longer drive time for those of us who live on the other side of the tracks. We do have a CVS at West and West Tulare.
    My point is there is a disparity in city planning that is catering to the wealthier residents who live east of the railroad tracks.
    Residents on the west side spend more gas and time driving to the same choices at Prosperity and Hillman. And how about emissions. Nicer homes, nicer cars; Older homes, older cars.
    We have a lot of unused west side farm land. The Inyo Ave corridor between West and I street is ripe for a new vision or Renaissance. My vision COSTCO, Starbucks, Whole Foods, etc., including an Amazon Fulfillment Center.

    Vote Sigala yards sign, Active, Engaged, Responsive! Really? It could be easy to fact check the bullet points in the Valley Voice against his yard signs.

    Answer this, since Sigala has been a District 1 representative, how much positive growth has there been on the “other side of the tracks?”

  5. I read your comments… can someone tell me – when is the next voting date for a mayor? Who can run against Sigala?

    Tularians need to stand up and define what they want in a candidate. That’s my take.

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