Visalians asked to “Celebrate Freedom Safely”

Visalians are encouraged to enjoy Independence Day safely by celebrating with members of their household and legal, safe and sane fireworks.

For those who want the sparkle of a fireworks Fourth, local, non-profit firework booths are now open across the City.

“We ask our community to “Celebrate Freedom Safely,” and commit to celebrating with legal, Safe and Sane fireworks,” stated Dan Griswold, City of Visalia Fire Chief. “Using illegal fireworks is extremely dangerous, and has led to tragic results right here in Visalia in recent years.”

The use of illegal fireworks in Visalia is a high-risk activity that has the potential of causing significant damage to property, serious injury, and even the loss of life.

The City of Visalia has a zero tolerance policy on illegal fireworks and illegal fireworks bring a $1,000 fine for the first offense.

To report illegal fireworks, call 513-8080.

To find our interactive map of approved, Safe and Sane firework booths within Visalia, visit

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