No Public Fireworks Show This Year In Visalia

A Press Release from the City of Visalia

The City of Visalia and Rawhide Baseball have made the joint decision to not hold a public fireworks display this year for the Fourth of July holiday.

“Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the State of California has public health directives in place that prohibit community mass gatherings,” shared Randy Groom, Visalia City Manager. “It’s in the best interest of our community’s health to not hold the event this year in order to prevent the further spread of disease.”

The Fourth of July fireworks show and celebration drew thousands in 2019, but according to State public health officials, large events have the potential to increase the transmission and spread of the disease and are not allowed in the State until Stage 4, the end of the Governor’s Stay At Home Order.

“While we’re disappointed that we won’t be hosting a fireworks celebration this year,  we know we’ve made the best choice for the health and well-being of our community members,” added Sam Sigal, vice president of First Pitch Entertainment, LLC, owners of the Visalia Rawhide.

Visalians are encouraged to enjoy Independence Day safely by celebrating with members of their household and legal, safe and sane fireworks. For those who want the sparkle of a fireworks Fourth, local, non-profit firework booths open on June 29th.

“We ask our community to “Celebrate Freedom Safely,” and commit to celebrating with legal, Safe and Sane fireworks,” stated Dan Griswold, City of Visalia Fire Chief. “Using illegal fireworks is extremely dangerous, and has led to tragic results right here in Visalia in recent years. Citizens can report illegal fireworks by calling the City of Visalia at 513-8080.”

For tips on celebrating this Independence Day safely, information on Safe and Sane fireworks, and more, visit

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  1. Yea how many used stimulus checks for fireworks they started two weeks ago.You really think they are afraid of Dan Griswold,fire chief.How about six choppers in the air with water containers,when they see them leave the ground,soak em down.My house burns i’m sueing the fire Chief!! If my dogs get rattled,i’m sueing the fire chief righr after i pop a cap on their asses.

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