“Let your elected officials know you support Sheriff Boudreaux.”

It’s been a long time since I’ve sent a letter to the editor.  I feel compelled to do so now in light of recent letters in the papers that are derogatory to our Sheriff, Mike Boudreaux. I also see where there are some Board of Supervisors that seem to be considering starting an oversight committee or cutting our Sheriff’s budget or tie the hands of a department that is overwhelmingly supported by the people of this county and one of the best in the state.

It seems many of those that are complaining about the Sheriff have their own agenda and fail to recognize the many positive reasons to support our Sheriffs Dept.  Sheriff Boudreaux was the perfect fit for Sheriff in our County.  He brought our department into the 21st century with the newest tools available to law enforcement. He has lead the department by great example. He’s done so much to bridge communities together.  He has programs for kids in our rural communities that have helped forge a bond between the officers and the students.  His PAL program reaches out to so many that may not have the opportunities to join in these activities without PAL. His pathway programs to encourage and help young people to work their way into law enforcement is superb.  He goes above and beyond in EVERY community and personally attends functions and supports them 100%.  His programs and support for the people of our county, no matter the ethnicity, are some of the best in our state.  He’s a caring family man who believes in family values and involvement.

The men and women of our Sheriff’s Department are some of the best around. They are encouraged by Sheriff Boudreaux’s example to be involved and help wherever they can.  They are out there keeping us safe 24/7 with such devotion to ALL in Tulare County and Sheriff Boudreaux is behind that strength. They are fair and concerned for all of us.

I hope you’ll join me in supporting our great Sheriff and his outstanding department of devoted men and women of our county. Let your elected officials know you support Sheriff Boudreaux.

Marge Gutsch

Visalia, CA

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