“For every one left-wing activist slandering our Sheriff, there are thousands of supporters”

At 41 years old I have learned not to believe everything I see, read, or hear.  I use critical thinking and question, study, research, and thus determine what I will embrace as my truth.  I understand there are always two sides, and even two truths to some degree, to every issue.

Do not be deceived by the Red Herring Fallacy radical left-wing individuals have created by complaining about a Tweet, taken out of context, made by Sheriff Boudreaux.  These individuals are using this Tweet as a platform to further an agenda to eradicate conservative values and politics we hold dear in Tulare County. They plant extreme left-wing individuals disguised as politicians and community leaders.    Sheriff Boudreaux is a Constitutional Sheriff; He fights for our constitutional liberties and freedoms, thus making him an enemy of left-wing radicals.

That being said, I am still troubled by public comments I have heard and read recently regarding Sherriff Mike Boudreaux.

Though I don’t believe Sheriff Mike Boudreaux’s character needs to be defended, I will anyway:

I have personally known Mike Boudreaux for over 10 years.  Before he was elected Tulare County’s Sheriff, he and his family were my neighbors.  Our families spent many hours sitting around the dinner table talking, sharing life, and watching our young children play.  He is a man of impeccable character and integrity.

Sheriff Boudreaux has created relationships and bonds with all ethnic and cultural groups within our community.  Our Sheriff has also built one of the most diverse policy agencies in the County.

Though I accept I am unable change the minds of the individuals speaking out against our Sheriff, please read below about how our Sheriff improves our community:

Explorer Program:  “The Sheriff’s Department has initiated a specific Explorer Post, #355, by matching our staff and program resources to the interests of young people in the community. The result is a program of activities that helps youth pursue their special interests, grow, and develop…… Exploring’s purpose is to provide experiences that help young people mature and to prepare them to become responsible and caring adults. Explorers are ready to investigate the meaning of interdependence in their personal relationships and communities”   –Tulare County Sheriff Website

Tulare County Sheriff’s Office Police Activities League (TCSO PAL):  “Our mission is to create safer communities by fostering positive relations between local law enforcement and the young residents residing in the un-incorporated areas of Tulare County by providing youth ages 8 – 18 with mentorship opportunities, sports and recreational activities, and Explorer oriented training.

TCSO PAL realizes the strength of negative peer-influence in a young adult’s life is the strongest during their adolescence. Consequently, early-childhood intervention is critical in deterring young people from engaging in at-risk behavior.”   –Tulare County Sheriff Website

Tulare County Sheriff’s Flag Football Fundraiser for TCSO PAL:  “For the first time in the history of the Tulare County Sheriff’s Department, we are reaching 224 children who ordinarily would never be able to play this type of sport,” Sheriff Mike Boudreaux said. “Be a part of your team, be a part of your community and let’s get our kids involved in something other than gangs and drugs.”  – USA Today, March 22, 2019

Sheriff Hands Out Food to Communities in Need: “Sheriff Boudreaux and the TCSO Youth Services Unit gave out nearly 400 boxes of food Tuesday in Traver, New London and Earlimart.

These food giveaways are part of the Sheriff’s vision to reach out to our communities. The Sheriff’s Office partnered with the USDA and Seven Oaks Church to distribute boxes filled with apples, oranges, potatoes, carrots and onions to families in need throughout the county.”  – Tulare County Sheriff’s Office Facebook

Sheriff’s visit to Visalia {SJVC} campus emphasizes leadership and motivation in the workplace:

The Tulare County Sheriff’s Department’s recruitment office can quickly identify the qualities and skills their best hires possess, and Sheriff Mike Boudreaux was happy to share those attributes with Business Administration and Criminal Justice: Corrections students during his recent classroom presentation on the Visalia campus.

“Sheriff Boudreaux emphasized the importance of leadership, knowing what it takes to be a true leader, and understanding that we are a representation of our jobs, our schools, our families and our communities,” says Jessica Gutierrez, Business Administration program instructor. These are the very qualities that Jessica reiterates in class each day that will prepare her students for their future work environments. “It (information) means more to them now that it came from someone with a badge,” she emphasizes.

About 30 students, staff and faculty members enjoyed the personable way Sheriff Boudreaux demonstrated many of the attributes he described as desirable characteristics. He took the time to approach students, face-to-face, and offer each of them his first impression and include something positive about their appearance.

“Every student got a personal interaction with the Sheriff and he told each of them what, to him, made them memorable,” says Jessica. “All of his messages were empowering in one way or another.” – San Joaquin Valley College website May 15, 2019

I will close with this, meant specifically for left-wing groups intent on changing our conservative values and way of life here in Tulare County:   For every one left-wing individual slandering our Sheriff, there are 1,000’s of Sheriff Boudreaux supporters.  Though we may be silent, don’t be fooled:  We are saddened and angry at what is happening and will stand strong together to defend our Sheriff and conservative values we hold dear.


Audrey Wallace

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  1. I don’t think the sheriff and most cops are racists. The media has it wrong. No, they don’t know how to run the: courts, jails and prisons right. They’ll fight the Governor when it comes to forcing people to wears masks when Tulare co is the epicenter of the virus but not non non non prison realignment. And, will not stand up for gun control when 3 men were found murdered in the Golden West parking lot and stupid gangs everywhere and you can’t breath because everyplace stinks like Marijuana. And, you know if there talking on cell phones while driving people are probably high.

  2. I’m a proud Democrat but Democrats are wrong like republicans. I’m personally against the death penality but gang members are trash and they need to bring back the gas chamber and carry it out 100 times a day. And druggies & thieves belong in jail. There not nothing non-violent crimes .And homeless people should be told there going to a:church, mission or jail. California is the greatest state. I voted for Brown & Newsom but there weak on crime and Trump is all talk. And the republicans care more about stopping the bullet train than: Gangs, druggies & thieves.

    • It doesn’t take money to fight crime. Even though I disagreed with him I respected that sheriff in Arizona Joe Arpio. He made his inmates wear pink underwear and sleep in tents in the Arizona desert. These sheriff’s in California are weak on crime. They don’t have to do what the state or Governor says. Laws are meant to be challenged. Trump certainly doesn’t care. Last time I checked these sheriff’s run their jails. Gang members are trash and should get the gas chamber and druggies & thieves belong in jail. There not nothing non violent crimes.

      • Ok he didn’t make the inmates wear pink underwear, thats what happens when you wash red Jumpsuits into with your whites or you bleach the heck out of them. Ive worked in that field and in the court system and patrol also. Ive had my bad days working and also my great day. I’ve work for Tulare Counry and also worked in patrol in the fresno County area. Ive gotten to knkw
        Mike Boudreaux and also Margaret Mimis from Fresno County, they are some the best Sheriffs for this time and hope they can continue to carry on the Great Job they are doing.

  3. Timothy you do realize it takes money to fight crime? Why do you think the irrational Republicans are so dead set against the bullet train? Could it be that it will suck up at least $100 Billion (yes billion) of taxpayer money to build? And guess what the taxpayers will be funding the construction AND operating expenses for generations to come. It will never pay for itself.

  4. why are there gang killings everyday and thieves and drugs. Fresno and every town doesn’t have to have this It’s not fair that I pay car insurance and people steal cars or whatever and they get no time and businesses shouldn’t get robbed. Don’t tell me these sheriff’s are doing a good job! Non non non and prison realignment is a joke. And why do inmates get killed in the jails. Because the gangs. Don’t the sheriff’s run the jails or the gangs?

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