Legislative Democrats Pass Incomplete State Budget with $9 Billion Tax Increase

Senate Republican Leader Shannon Grove (R-Bakersfield) issued the following statement after legislative Democrats passed a fake budget bill, Senate Bill 74, just to meet state and constitutional deadlines.

“The state is facing a government-induced recession with more than 4.8 million unemployed Californians and a budget deficit of $54 billion. Despite this economic crisis, the Democrats’ backroom budget deal has prioritized pet projects and includes a $9 billion tax increase on our job creators.

“Today’s incomplete and poorly prioritized budget is the result of last-minute discussions that lacked public transparency. Californians deserve better,” said Senate Republican Leader Shannon Grove.

“As presented, SB 74 is a budget riddled with bad accounting practices and does not prioritize the needs of California families and job creators. The Governor and Legislative Democrats’ Budget include:

  • $22 million to enforce the anti-worker law (AB 5, 2019) forcing more people out of work, even though there are more than 4.8 million residents on unemployment now.
  • $5 million to buy a new state park even though the Governor has prevented people from going outside.
  • $2.9 billion to continue the high-speed rail project, despite more cost increases, project delays, and a $54 billion state budget deficit.
  • $9 billion in new taxes on businesses, even though thousands of businesses are barely staying afloat or being forced to close due to the stay-at-home order.

Lastly, the Governor and legislative Democrats are relying on billions of dollars from the federal government-yet the Governor allocated $6.5 million to sue the federal government.”

4 thoughts on “Legislative Democrats Pass Incomplete State Budget with $9 Billion Tax Increase

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  1. Gee, Shannon… rather than complain about what the terrible Democrats and the Governor are doing, why not tell us what *you’re* doing to address these problems.

    • Geez, Jim… it’s a shame you don’t get it. No mention of spending cuts here? This state is overspending period. Sadly, people are fleeing the state, because of taxes!

  2. I am so blessed to live in this state where we are currently running a deficit of 54 billion dollars, and their answer is to raise taxes. Not one mention of any cuts. By the way, gas tax is going up another 3.2 cents July 1. So to recap, the super majority is going to tax business trying recover from Covid, tax the people who many are out of work, but we will keep our debacle of a train. Smart! People are getting what they are voting for….brilliant representation.

  3. Recallgavin2020.com brand new effort started June 10. Print and sign. Online petitions do not count.

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