What seven-year Itch?

Today marks seven years to the day that the Valley Voice, under my wife and myself and with some very talented writers, first emerged in print. And what was the featured story above the fold on that front page seven years ago? An interview with Devin Nunes, in which he welcomed the paper back. Folks, it’s been one hell of a ride–and not, if I’m honest, always an enjoyable one. Being menaced by a high-powered LA attorney comes immediately to mind. As do some truly late nights. Through it all everyone associated with the paper has performed their level best to bring the news to our communities. So. A big thank you to all, then–and the promise that, so long as we can swing it, the Voice will ever remain.


8 thoughts on “What seven-year Itch?

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  1. Happy 7th Anniversary Valley Voice, may there be many more years to come. Thank you and all who work on The Voice for keeping our communities well informed with in-depth reporting and thought provoking op/eds.

  2. Seven years? Really, it’s been that long? Way to go Joseph and Catherine. I knew you could do it!!

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