Exeter Republican Women are Getting Social!

The Exeter Republican Women Federated welcomes members and guests to its next monthly general meeting held on Thursday, June 4th , at 6:00 PM at the Exeter’s Woman’s Club. The location is at 201 Kaweah Ave. in Exeter. Appetizers and beverages will be served. Live music will be performed before the meeting.  The guest speakers, Glenn Dembroff and Ellen Woitalla, will be presenting on local grassroot efforts to make Tulare County and California great again! The Exeter RWF is the FIRST in the California Federation of Republican Women state organization to hold a general meeting since the Covid-19 lockdown orders. Public is welcome.

Glenn Dembroff, founder of Facebook group “Open Visalia and Tulare County”, will present on the grassroots efforts happening locally to support small businesses. In a matter of days, thousands of local residents joined his Facebook group and as a result, hundreds took to the street corners to show support for our community. Come hear Glenn share his personal experience with this dynamic, growing movement.

Ellen Woitalla, a Tulare county administrator for RecallGavin2020.com, will share about the newest recall efforts and explain how you can remove Governor Newsom from office.  Ellen worked long hours on Erin Cruz’s recall team last year but ultimately the attempt failed. There is great momentum to remove him from office as the “shelter in place” is destroying our once golden state.

Media Contact: Lilly Hart, (559) 589-4143  [email protected]

3 thoughts on “Exeter Republican Women are Getting Social!

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  1. There are few things more anti-social than a bunch of MAGA cultists sitting around and mooing about a Governor who had only been in office for a year before the Trump MAGAvirus attacked America. Newsom was the overwhelming choice of California voters. Compare that to Trump who received almost 3 million fewer votes than Clinton.

    Let’s “game this out”. The big cities like New York, WaDC, Seattle, LA, and SF were going to be hit the earliest as international travel brought in covid while Trump was still in denial. The State of California worked with SF which put a stay at home order into place and then the State of California put it into place statewide. Despite California’s exposure to international travel, the covid-19 exposure rate per capita here is in the lower half of states.

    If California had been dumb enough to elect a trump licker like John Cox I am certain he would have been as sluggish to put is orders like clueless Republican governors in many states. That, combined with the international travel that went on for far too long, would have exploded coronavirus cases here.

    Maybe these Republicans should go rake some forest floors.

  2. What is Billy Johnson talking about. Did he not know about the viscious attacks Trump got when he closed the border to Chinese travelers into the U.S. when the virus hit us? Maybe he doesn’t watch the real news.

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