Arts Visalia’s First Friday exhibition in July

Start your fourth of July weekend with breathtaking artwork at Arts Visalia’s First Friday exhibition on July 3rd from 6-8pm. This free all ages event features artists Matthew Rangel and Paul Buxman. The exhibition will be on display from July 3rd-31st. If you are unable to attending the exhibition please visit to experience our virtual gallery tours.

Matthew Rangel grew up in the San Joaquin Valley of California, surrounded by large-scale agricultural production beneath the highest reaches of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Seeing the challenges of socioeconomic, ecological, and environmental concerns of the area impacted his work. To build a connection with the land Rangel creates topographical images based on his personal field research involving hiking, mountaineering, field drawing and photography.  The results are stunning images that encapsulate the beauty of the land and man’s influence.

Also a San Joaquin Valley native, Paul Buxman is no stranger to the beauty of the landscape. Using vibrant colors and an impressionist brush strokes Buxman’s passion for clean farming and love of the land is hard to ignore. His environmental quest to clean up the San Joaquin Valley’s water, soil, and air quality led Buxman to pioneer clean farming techniques that are being used today. It is easy to see his illustrative voice in his rich and colorful paintings.

Arts Visalia is open Wednesday through Saturday from noon- 5:30 PM. For questions please call us at 559-739-0905 or email [email protected]. You can also follow us on facebook and instagram or visit our website at

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