Recycle Art Contest deadline extended until August 15 – spread the word

Are your members bored staying indoors unable to undertake normal activities? Do you have a place to share ideas as to how families can unite to reduce boredom and bring members closer together? Can you use this?

“Is your family going stir crazy stuck at home? Can’t go to the church, the park or gather with friends? How about a family bike ride, work on a puzzle, or create a table-game family challenge. Maybe your family may want to create their own vegetable garden in pots for a patio area or somewhere in the back yard. (other ideas?)

Here is a fun idea for the whole family! The Recycle Art Contest has extended the entry deadline. As a family, search online for recycle art ideas. Then go on a scavenger hunt around the house to gather “recyclables”. Working together, each family member can create an individual entry for the “ecocreate” Art Contest. Prize winners are to be announced at Visalia’s Earth Day 2020 celebration on September 19, 2020, at Riverway Sports Park. Your efforts will help protect our environment by recycling.”

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