Be An Asset

During times such as these you realize which people you’d want in the proverbial foxhole with you. They make themselves plain by their behavior, by how they confront crisis, and it’s easy to recognize one as an asset and another as a liability.

But, during times such as these, we–each of us–have to be an asset. Because it’s part of the formula for victory. One weak link can set us collectively back who knows how far. So: stay home, stay safe, stay healthy, stay strong, stay positive and stay sane–however long this calamity requires. Heed what the medical wallahs are advising and pay no attention to those behind the curtain who suggest our economy can flower with the spring if we only reopen.

That said, it’s also during times such as these for a reevaluation of personal relationships. Old friends, parted for whatever reasons, even those so inexorable as time and geography, can use this time to reconnect. Most family can, as well–unless there’s some demonstrable, painful reason for excluding them from your foxhole.

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    • Thanks, Martin. Our foxhole will have more than just a BBQ. We’ll have all kinds of good food. Beer and wine and drinks for the kids in a collective finger in the eye to the coronavirus.

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