We’ll All Get through This, Together

Joint Statement On Food Supplies From California Grocers Association And California Farm Bureau Federation

From the farm to the grocery store, every segment of California’s food distribution system is working conscientiously to fill any gaps and make sure consumers have reliable supplies of safe, affordable food and farm products.

As all of us come to terms with the impact of COVID-19 and the steps we must take to slow its spread, we have seen surging demand for a number of grocery items. That sudden, unexpected demand meant stores became depleted of some products. But we expect the system to correct itself as we adjust to the demands and ramp up supplies.

Assuring continued plentiful supplies of food and grocery products will require work, cooperation and patience from everyone along the supply line, including shoppers.

Farmers and ranchers continue to harvest and ship foods to market as usual. They have adjusted daily activities to keep themselves, their employees and their products safe.

People on farms and ranches, in packinghouses, processing plants, trucking firms and grocery stores, have been working diligently to harvest, pack, process, ship and stock the food and grocery products we all need. It’s a 24-hour-a-day job, and by working around the clock, we’re catching up with demand.

Food is plentiful and safe. The supply chain will replenish itself. There’s no need to buy more than you can use. We’ll all get through this, together.

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  1. I truly hope society takes a second to thank those in this valley who produce our food. You think Toilet Paper and Hand Sanitizers are important. What if our California food supply was in jeopardy? While many are at home “staying in place,” there are thousands of local people going out daily to ensure there are no hiccups in our food supply. So I thank the Farmers, Farmer Workers, Processors, and any other persons whom provide the food that I get to enjoy daily. For too long society has taken you for granted and even attempted to push you out of the state. Please know, every time I sit down to eat, you are in my prayers thanking you and your hard work. Hopefully, this pandemic hits the stupid people right between the eye who take their food supply for granted. Contrary to the idiots like Bloomberg, it is far more difficult than planting a seed and watering the seed. So next time you are out and about, stop and thank those who directly and indirectly are growing our food.

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