Local solar company receives statewide award

Jack Ramsey and two representatives from CALSSA

At this year’s California Solar & Storage Association’s (CALSSA) Annual Dinner & Live Auction held at the historical Berkeley City Club, Mr. Jack V Ramsey and his AltSys Solar Inc. Team were presented with the “One In A Million Award.”

AltSys Solar Inc. received the award in recognition of their pro-bono work in Parlier fixing solar equipment on 11 private homes.

Advocating for consumer protection and paving the way as an industry leader has always been the focus of Mr. Ramsey. Therefore it was no surprise that AltSys Solar Inc. rushed to mediate less fortunate solar consumers who were subject to unfinished and “orphaned” systems by an unscrupulous solar contractor. Residents in the community of Parlier and neighboring communities were vulnerable and AltSys Solar Inc. prioritized time, options, help, informative information, and ultimately fixed the problems.

“The size of the company matters little when AltSys Solar Inc. speaks with its actions to forge a better solar industry standard. As humbled by the award as we can be, we just want to continue doing the right thing,” said an AltSys employee.

Ramsey said that the problem is predatory sales tactics. Another problem he said is that 60% of the systems are installed by companies from the Bay Area or who are not local. Not only do these companies take all their profits out of the valley, when they go bankrupt they just walk away from unfinished systems.

Ramsey makes it a practice to fix orphaned systems on private homes. When a nonlocal solar company went bankrupt a few years ago and left 1100 homes effected Ramsey stepped in to rectify the situation. He was honored to receive the award by CALSSA but thought it humorous he was recognized for fixing the 11 homes in Parlier.

“I did it because it was the right thing to do,” said Ramsey.

2 thoughts on “Local solar company receives statewide award

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  1. I’ve worked with Jack for 20 years. He’s a good guy.

    I remember him telling me about these deadbeat companies and their victims.

    This is well deserved.

  2. Jack is a good guy. When I new him he was a great guy. He was always real and I’m sure he still is. Miss that man. You go Jack.

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