Brad Maaske – Voice of the People- Through Brad’s Efforts he helped over 1,000 people keep their homes.

At the time of this interview Brad had two people come to his office who needed help to keep their homes.  His passion for people started as a small town boy in Exeter and continued as a California Licensed General Contractor and Real Estate Broker in Visalia using his skills and talents to give back to the community.

He holds many awards and career accomplishments in local business and community.   Brad served on the Boys & Girls Club of Tulare Co., as the chairman of Local Government Relations Committee for Tulare County Association of Realtors, President of Realty World of Northern California, National and the San Joaquin Valley Trade Group.  He currently sits on the Tulare County Assessment Appeals Board and the Visalia Measure N Oversight Committee.

One of Brad’s greatest accomplishments is that he has been the voice of Real Estate Law & Practice on KMJ 580 AM/105.9 FM Real Talk Radio for nearly 30 years.  During the financial meltdown of the mid 2000’s Brad became a Certified Foreclosure Intervention Counselor.  Brad trained other counselors and through his efforts he has helped over 1,000 homeowners keep their homes.  When asked to name a particular family he had helped his answer was “I can’t pick one story. Everyday people come into my office for help with foreclosure and they all want to keep their homes”.

Brad believes in the community so strongly that he resigned his position as host on KMJ where he had been given air time for over 30 years as an expert on Real Estate to help local residents with their real estate problems to serve the people and run for Tulare County Board of Supervisors .


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  1. Homelessness is the number one issue in California. Brad works to end it. The other one only talks, talks, talks.

  2. I’m completely behind Brad’s ideas to help end homelessness in our area. Vote for him to be a county supervisor, and help his dream come true.

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