Kaweah Delta town hall series begins on Thursday, Dec. 12 in Visalia

As Kaweah Delta continues its efforts to better engage with the community, it will hold its first of five town halls on Thursday, Dec. 12, in Visalia. The five town halls will be hosted in the five zones that make up Kaweah Delta Health Care District and each will be hosted by the board member that represents the particular zone.

Members of the public are invited to join Gary Herbst, Kaweah Delta’s Chief Executive Officer during the first town hall, which will take place from 6-7 p.m. at 210, 210 W. Center Ave. The town hall will be hosted by David Francis, Kaweah Delta’s Zone 4 Board Member.

“The greatest lesson we learned from the 2016 defeat of Measure H was the importance of listening more carefully and more often to our community,” said Herbst, who last month hosted Kaweah Delta’s first virtual town hall, which is available on Kaweah Delta’s Facebook page. “We want to further involve the community to gather feedback, so that we can continually improve in our efforts to meet the healthcare needs of our region. Working with the community has been a phenomenal experience and as a result, we know that no matter the challenge, we will end up with a better solution.”

Measure H was the 2016 proposed general obligation bond that would have helped replace a sizeable number of hospital beds located in the older side of Kaweah Delta Medical Center (what is called the “Mineral King Wing”), which does not meet state earthquake standards.

In 2017, Kaweah Delta formed three Community Advisory Committees to gather feedback on three key issues: Community Relations, Healthcare for Today and Tomorrow, and the Hospital of the Future. Today, these committees and other ambassador groups are comprised of approximately 250 people, who meet monthly with Kaweah Delta leaders to provide ideas and feedback regarding Kaweah Delta services.

For more information, on this or other upcoming town halls, visit www.kaweahdelta.org/townhall.

Kaweah Delta is a publicly-owned community healthcare organization that provides comprehensive health services to the greater Visalia region and Tulare County. With over 5,000 dedicated medical professionals and employees, Kaweah Delta is committed to meeting the community’s health needs and providing patients with a personal, professional, and compassionate healthcare experience by offering state-of-the-art medicine, high-quality preventive services and specialized health centers and clinics. For more information, visit www.kaweahdelta.org.

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  1. Clearly, finance is not one of your problems. Maybe you should spend less on buying out your competition. While you buy up every medical practice in town, you come to us crying poor mouth. We don’t and won’t buy it.

    You and VUSD both see us property owners as your personal piggy bank. But we have rising costs too.

    Maybe you need to spend less money on monuments to yourselves.

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