Republicans vote against impeachment process resolution

A press Release from the Office of House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy

100% of Republicans just voted against the impeachment sham. Two Democrats joined us. For months, Nancy Pelosi has insisted that impeachment should be bipartisan, but the only bipartisan vote today was AGAINST impeachment.

Make no mistake about ittoday is a dark day for Congress, because it is about more than the fairness of the impeachment process. It is about the integrity of our electoral process. Democrats are trying to impeach the President because they are scared they can’t defeat him at the ballot box.

Democrats have been on a mission to undo the will of the people since DAY ONE of Donald Trump’s presidency. But Republicans will continue to defend the Constitution and fight to uphold the rule of law

11 thoughts on “Republicans vote against impeachment process resolution

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  1. Craven McCarthy and Nutjob Nunes have been whining about secrecy for weeks. Now the House votes to have open hearings in an impeachment proceeding and they are whining about that.
    Orange County flushed their Republican Representatives in 2018. I how the SJ Valley follows suit in 2020.

  2. Quote: “Republicans will continue to defend the Constitution and fight to uphold the rule of law.” If only he were talking about the Rule of Law and the Constitution of the United States. What he and his fellow Trump Republicans are actually defending is Trump’s ideology and laws and of their stealing of taxpayers money by taking their pay and purposely not doing the job that they took an oath to do as directed by the Constitution of the United States. They no longer believe in oversight….the primary mission ordained to them as a House Representative. They are damaging the Republic by their very actions and their hateful speeches on the floor of the House and on T.V. This used to be call unpatriotic. Not one American patriot among them. They choose Trump over America and threaten civil war….he is not worth it and nor are they.

  3. Solution…pretty obvious you present no solution, other than hate- mongering and seprationism. This is your best statement, “Trump’s ideology and laws and of their stealing of taxpayers money by taking their pay and purposely not doing the job that they took an oath to do as directed by the Constitution of the United States.” You just described what California has become. That is comical, attack Trump, but turn a blind eye to what is happening in your backyard for the exact same thing. We call that hypocracy.

    • Your right I didn’t finish the solution but for most informed people who know what the job description is for the House Representatives the answer is obvious and is happening right now. Finish the Impeach Inquiry and vote to either impeach him or not….AFTER the investigation is completed and presented AND IF they vote to Impeach the next step is for the Senate to hear the matter and bring the impeachment to the floor for a public trial. IF the senate votes to convict or acquit that will finalize that matter “constitutionally”. As for these unpatriotic slimebag Trump Republicans goes…..the solution for them will decided by their constituent voters, one way or the other. It is highly likely that Trump will be protected by the Senate as he owns the majority there lock-stock-and-barrel. But thank God he will either be voted out in 2020 or termed out in 2024. Hopefully there are enough patriots brave enough to stand up against this tyrant and his political thugs. Of course I don’t expect Trump Republican Counties (like Tulare) to do anything but bend over and stick their heads in the sand……that is all they have ever done. And BTW Anywhere But California….this article was about the Impeachment Inquiry Vote….NOT CALIFORNIA. DUH!

  4. Solution, where did you get lost? I am not going to stoop to your level and take snide shots, but I will connect the obvious lack of comprehension on your part. In your first comment, you attempt to
    reinforce your statement by alleging President Trump was “stealing taxpayers money.” My response was directed at that comment solely, and thus I merely stated you just described California. Thievery of taxation coffers within this state are rampant. If you wish to challenge me on that matter, by all means proceed. You, yourself deviated from the article by introducing and spewing babbling remarks about the President and his supporters. Only to say nothing of the same occurring right here in California. What I love about your type, is the fixation and obsession with all that is Trump only to ignore state and local issues. Then each of you have to turn to belittling, which merely makes you look like a @ss. No pun intended, your mascot not mine. California is a train wreck. The state, which was once a dream to so many just fifty years ago, has become somewhere people cannot get out of fast enough because of liberalism. But most informed people already now this, thus the reason for the mass exodus. Relevant to this story or not, it is fact, more than I can say for your nonsense. Stay informed my friend and enjoy the inevitable crash, because my tax money and jobs are leaving with me.

    • Actually I was referring to the Trump Republicans in the House who were stealing taxpayers money by taking a salary when refusing to do the job that the constitution mandated them to do, which is oversight. It also applies to the Trump Republican senators as well. Senators and Representatives are mandated to protect the Constitution of the United States and all of its laws……they are not mandated to protect Trump… that is not their job. As for you ….. you obviously you don’t know how to read because this State is not the topic on which this article is based on. Pay more attention to what the subject is…..stay on point.

      • It is my fine education from VUSD and your hard earned taxes at work that talk me to think outside the box and not be a puppet to a cause like you.

  5. The fact that this vote has, thus far, been along party lines, screams political grandstanding on the part of Democrats. But what can you expect from those whiny socialists?

    • I know that cultists will not understand this reply. But normal people will.

      The fact that 900 or so cultists “drank the kool-aid does not mean that the drink transported them to a higher dimension. It means they were clueless cult members.

      Everyone knows Trump is guilty here of using the powers of the Presidency for personal gain. Even the cultists know it, but they are too scared to put the drink down.

  6. Dave M – has a common sense statement. My common sense tell me the rest of y’all don’t know the truth!

  7. I think the impeachment hearings are politically driven. I feel the president may have overstepped boundaries but nothing that comes close to an impeachable offense. I believe his request of the Ukrainian president should not have been asked “but” I believe most presidents have done similar acts during their terms. I do not believe there should be impeachment hearings. I feel the Democrat’s are moving forward specifically to effect 2020 elections. I also believe the people chosen to run the hearings are too bias to fairly evaluate.
    FYI- I am a 57 year old white male and I voted for Trump because he was the lessor of two evils Hillary Clinton being the other. I am a registered Republican. I do not believe the hearings for President Clinton should have taken place either and i did not care for him as a person.

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