Macareno Eyes the 21st Congressional District

A Press Release from the Campaign to Elect Ruben Macareno

Ruben Macareno pulled “Signature in Lieu” forms for the 21st Congressional District that encompasses the four San Joaquin Valley counties of Tulare, Kings, Fresno and Kern counties.
Macareno, who sits on the Farmersville City Council, states that pulling papers gives him the opportunity to speak to constituents who he says are fed up with partisan politics from both sides. He also points out that when the incumbent TJ Cox was elected no one knew who he was. He had jumped in from running in the adjacent district to run in the 21st district after Emilio Huerta exited the race.
“It is disturbing when someone who comes in last minute with at best minimal ties to the Valley and runs for an office with no other Democratic option, then later is found to have numerous bad business dealings that include not paying employees. Furthermore his inability to be in the forefront of the immigration issues that affect a large number of the constituents is a failure. He also dragged his feet in supporting impeachment inquiries for Donald Trump.” Macareno further points out that the district is largely Latino and someone who represents this kind of district needs to take a leadership role against vicious and hurtful policies of this current administration.
“I have had and will continue to have the conversation of representation. Identifying the true needs of the district and how a congressional office can actually help anyone with issues pertaining to the federal government. Many people aren’t aware what the offices provide in terns of constituent services'” Macareno says he waited to pull papers after the Democrats’ Pre-Endorsement Conference to keep arms length from the Democratic endorsement process which he says is flawed. “I am a Democrat and support the Democratic platform but I don’t play partisan politics. My continued insertion in this race is in the people’s hands, not the party.
Macareno has membership to the California Democratic Party, immediate past chair of the Tulare County Democratic Party and has ran for office at the state level. He currently serves on the Farmersville City Council and President of the independent Latino Democrats of Central California. He worked at the Los Angeles Times in Public Affairs and the newsroom for 20 years. As well as worked for the National Association of Latino and Elected Officials in Washington DC of which he is a member of today. He is a member of the California Leagues of Cities,, alternate member of the Tulare County Association of Governments and other organizations.

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  1. If I’m not mistaken, this is the same guy that once wrote a piece that the Valley Voice ran, in it Macareno claims while working in Washington ( forgive me if I don’t remember the complete details exactly) a couple of guys yelled across some sort of lawn at him calling him a Redskin in a derogatory manner. This is when Tulare Union and a few other high schools in California were on the brink of being made to drop there Redskin name and mascots because of a law about to pass that was written by a law maker who lived no where near any of the schools that would have to make the change. I didn’t believe his claims then and I still don’t believe he was called a Redskin by anyone , I believe he made it up and who wants someone like that anywhere near politics.

  2. My own impression of him is that he is as anti White as any White supreemist is anti racial minorities. We do not need either extreme!

  3. Clearly, based on his own quote, this man has no desire to represent the whole district. Let him stay in Farmersville!

  4. If Andrew Janz, with all of the millions he spent couldn’t do it, RM won’t be able to. But good for him for trying.

  5. Sadly for him, he has come across as an enemy of non-Hispanics. Since that is the way he feels, he has no right to represent us imho.

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