Tulare County Supervisor Amy Shuklian Announces Re-Election Bid with Key Endorsements

In a press release Amy Shuklian announces her reelection.

Visalia, Ca— Tulare County District 3 Supervisor Amy Shuklian will seek a second term on the Tulare County Board of Supervisors and has received the endorsements of Tulare County Sheriff Mike Boudreaux and District Attorney Tim Ward.

“Supervisor Shuklian demonstrates a high level of loyalty and dedication for her constituents and is committed to public safety” Sheriff Boudreaux said.  “She is a straightforward individual who listens first while making strong decisions for the county”.

Shuklian cites the reversal of the controversial ordinance that allowed county supervisors to receive a percentage of the raises received by other county elected officials, the sale of the County’s long vacant historic courthouse, and the increased investment in Mooney Grove Park, as a few highlights of her first term.

“The old courthouse had not been used by the county in over a decade and was costing the county a great deal of money to maintain.  With the sale we not only eliminated those costs but will start receiving property tax revenue, plus Downtown Visalia will have a beautifully remodeled and much needed hotel” said Shuklian.

During her second term Shuklian looks forward to continuing to lead the county’s Task Force on Homelessness as they begin to implement a regional plan that will help guide the county and cities in how to better address homelessness. Also, to maintaining the fiscal strength of county finances, the development of Valley Children’s hospital specialty clinic, and supporting public safety.

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  1. So her “accomplishments” amount to the following: She voted to giver herself a smaller raise than she would otherwise get for this part-time job, she voted to sell an empty building, she voted to spend a little bit more money on a dilapidated “park” and she’s talking about “homelessness” although nothing has actually been done. There’s a winning platform if there ever was one.

    • I agree that this press release over exaggerated her accomplishments. At least she is making an attempt to improve things. Look at someone like Nunley who only wants to steal money from city so he build his mansion and get last place in the Baja 1000.

  2. The whole board is useless and should be tossed out imho. To a one they are clueless. And can someone please explain to me why this so-called parttime job pays more than most fulltime jobs in the county?

    Of coarse she wants to run again. What crap!

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