I work at Amazon. I’m Walking Out for Climate.

Press Release from Amazon Employees for Climate Justice

My name is Kat and I, and over 1,000 other Amazon workers, are walking out of our offices next Friday, September 20th, joining in solidarity with over 650 youth-led Global Climate Strike events nationwide. We want our company, and all corporations and governments, to take urgent action necessary to address the climate crisis.1

This will be the first walkout of Amazon workers at corporate offices, and it’s the first walkout in the tech industry over the climate crisis. 

Some may think this is unconventional, but at this point in history we need to be going to extraordinary measures to truly transition to a 100% renewable energy future. I invite you to join me and thousands of other passionate people to say enough is enough and demand immediate action.

Join us on September 20th to demand industry leaders, elected officials, and others in power take immediate climate action. Click here to find an event where you live — or host your own.

As a new parent, the gravity of the climate crisis is overwhelming. I can’t help but worry about my child’s future — but I can only do so much worrying without acting. Hearing young people demand adults step up and take action pushed me to take responsibility in this fight for my child — and for all children.

Joining these walkouts is an act of solidarity and a public acceptance of my responsibility. And part of that responsibility is to push my company to be the leader I know it can be, and to change the status quo and set concrete climate plans that match the scale of the crisis at hand.

As fires continue to ravage the Amazon, the largest rainforest in the world, and also the land our company is named after, I cannot pretend that business-as-usual approaches will be sufficient. I have to commit to action if I expect my company, and institutions like ours, to change their behavior.

Thousands of us are walking out to make climate action a reality next week. Sign up for a local climate strike in your community today. 

If we can get over 1,000 people to walk out of Amazon, we can get people from all sectors, institutions, and communities to step up and also take action next week. This is our moment to no longer despair, but to organize, to hold our leaders accountable, and to truly pull off the unexpected.

Will you be a part of it?

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