David Valadao Announces Candidacy for Congress

A Press release from the David Valadao for Congress Campaign

Bakersfield – On Wednesday, August 28, 2019, David G. Valadao officially announces his candidacy for Congress in California’s Twenty First Congressional District.

In his announcement Wednesday, Valadao stated, “I am a proud son of the Central Valley. My parents came to the Central Valley as immigrants to follow their dreams and build a better future for their family. This is where I was born, raised, and where my wife and I chose to raise our family.

“This community is my home, and I’ve always fought to do what’s right for the Central Valley.

“The Central Valley needs a strong voice they can trust representing them in Congress – someone who listens and understands that Central Valley residents just want an opportunity to provide and build a better life for their families.

“That’s why I’m running to represent California’s 21st District.

“I cannot continue to sit silent while TJ Cox pursues a radical liberal agenda that hurts our communities. The Central Valley needs a full-time Representative that people can be proud of and trust.

“This community faces many challenges. We need to protect our water, make health care more affordable and accessible, work to bring new jobs and job training to the Central Valley, and stand up for seniors and veterans to ensure they get the benefits they deserve.

“I’m ready and able to tackle these challenges. I can make a difference for the Central Valley, and I will work day in and day out for the honor and privilege of serving this community.”

David G. Valadao represented the 21st Congressional District from 2013-2019, which includes Kings County and portions of Fresno, Tulare, and Kern Counties.

8 thoughts on “David Valadao Announces Candidacy for Congress

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  1. QUOTE: “This community faces many challenges. We need to protect our water, make health care more affordable and accessible, work to bring new jobs and job training to the Central Valley, and stand up for seniors and veterans to ensure they get the benefits they deserve.” So why didn’t you address these matters while you were previously in office. Too busy trying to look and sound like Devin Nunes? If that is your game plan again, don’t bother running, we don’t need two Devin’s. Unless you want your share of Devin’s Cow fans?

  2. Longtime Tularean, I can see you are naive to TJs history. His record is exemplary, unfortunately to those of the valley that represent the wrong side of the law. Cox, has several shady business connections. He never properly divulged those interests on financial disclosures, liens have been assessed against him both personally and his businesses, and his nonprofit organizations has been declared delinquent.

    Slightly hypocritical to critique when most in the house or in the valley do not even know who the guy is. What bills has he authored or co-authored , hint – None. By the way, I am a former Tularean, and I know those cows are a significant revenue and job generator for that community. So I will take Devins Cows anyday over TJ shady

    • Well Trev you are quite welcomed to those DevinCows! But for your FYI neither Cox or Valadeo have done a damn thing in regards to water, healthcare, jobs, etc for the central valley. No difference in the outcome who ever wins. But hey Trev, you just like supporting whoever is a Republican so good for you. Now you take good care of those DevinCows, they really need someone looking out for them.

  3. Last thing we need is any of these career politicians who claim to be farmers. Valadao had an active farm until it went bankrupt. Devin do Nothing hasn’t done anything in or for the Central Valley and only cares to try and protect our imbecile president and not the valley. Devin had to purchase a “farm” last year to appear to be a farmer. His fake farm is worth $15,000 and makes no money. Party politics and career politicians are our nations biggest enemy.

  4. And judst what has that crook, Cox done for your district? Are you all ok with providing substandard care to seniors as he has done? Your abject stupidity in electing that jerk is truly unbelievable!

    • Apparently Tulare County Republicans are the ones with abject stupidity….keep on re-electing DevinCow and now you want to do the same with Bankrupt Valadao when neither has done a damn thing for 21st District. Pot calling the kettle black Dave M.

  5. Sorry LT Tularean, you are wrong. I vote for the best candidate regardless of party. However, California is a shining example of super majority party rule. So yes, I find myself shying away from bleeding liberal candidates, especially those who are corrupt and have a shady history as it relates to their personal business/businesses, more importantly those whose take away my constitutional rights. I do not want our nation to become this state. We have enough jackasses, no pun intended. I commend you on admitting that TJ is worthless. So hope you enjoy Tulare when California pushes dairy and ag out. Question, since the super majority took over California, have you seen the population explosion of homelessness and J street tracks corridor, or Fresno’s great concrete architectural art that is a attractant to taggers along 99? Have you registered a car lately, and compared cost to those who live out state? All coincidence, uh no – Democrat super majority at its finest. So continue blindly voting for those doing this to the state, because I am only a few years from being a statistic like the rest of the Ex-Californians and do not give a damn.

    • Sorry to burst your bubble Trev but I too vote for the best candidate regardless of party. And yes I have voted for Republican candidates in the past but unfortunately the Republicans holding offices these days aren’t what they used to be; people of integrity, honor, country before party, fiscally responsible etc. And yes you have valid points about the plight of the people, the cost of living, DMV, etc. in California but just because I do not support Devin Nunes doesn’t make me a bleeding heart liberal. I won’t vote for anyone that I do not trust and who I have come to disrespect, especially those who have sold their soul to the devil just to stay in power. And for the record, there are a number of Democrats that I do not support as well. Some are just too far right in my opinion, I am more centered. Country first, find me someone who puts country over political parties and who has common sense and brains to match as well and I will gladly vote for him/her regardless of party.

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