Mathis Meets with Supporters

Assembly Member Mathis poses with recent winner of “Best Business Award” Maria Mena. Also pictured Vickie Riddle, Dennis Townsend, Kuyler Crocker and Garry Laux

On Tuesday, August 7, three term incumbent Assemblyman Mathis gathered with supporters at Stop Alarm in Porterville to enjoy Rosa Brothers ice cream.

Tulare County Supervisor Chairman Kuyler Crocker, Supervisor Dennis Townsend as well as Ca. Republican Woman of the Year Vicki Riddle were on hand to show support toward Assemblyman Mathis’ rebid for the 26th District.

Mathis is the longest and most experienced serving assembly member since term limits were instituted.

When asked how things are going Mathis said the ‘Porterville water project is right on schedule. The Porterville water annexation project is the largest water project in state history said Mathis.

Other Porterville attendee’s were business owner Maria Rodriguez Mena and Mr. and Mrs. Nuckols of Nuckols Ranch.

Assemblyman Mathis was overheard congratulating Mena on having just received the “Best Business Award” of Porterville.

“He took the time to talk and listen to us” said another one of the attendees.

Of most notable cuteness to this event were Mr. Mathis’ biggest fans, his 6year old twins Jefferson and Maggie who look forward to accompanying their dad to more events with ice cream!

3 thoughts on “Mathis Meets with Supporters

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  1. Great to see how happy Mathis is to pose with the county’s biggest homophobe leader!

  2. This is the man who broadcasts his contempt for anyone with a disability every chance he gets.

    But the crap Democrats are all worse, so what choice do we have?

    • We could stop playing the Left vs Right game. Get rid of career politicians and have a democratic government of the people for the people. Or we can just continue say that Fox News or CNN told me why the other side is wrong while the elected jointly rob us blind.

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