McCarthy, Cox, Nunes react to deal on reopening the government

Congressmember Kevin McCarthy, representing the 23rd District, issued the following Press release yesterday.

McCarthy on the Deal to Reopen Government and Negotiate Border Security

Congressman Kevin McCarthy released the following statement on the deal President Trump made to reopen the government:

“Congressional Democrats have said ‘no’ to commonsense border security that would protect the American people. That is why President Trump took decisive action today to put people above politics by agreeing to reopen portions of the federal government — including paying TSA screeners, air traffic controllers, and Federal border and law enforcement officers – and secure commitments to have Democrats start negotiating in good faith. Now it is time for the Speaker and the Senate Democratic Leader – both who have pledged repeatedly they support border security – to come to the table and negotiate with the President and congressional Republicans to do what the American people expect – secure our border. I look forward to working with my colleagues in the House and Senate to find meaningful solutions to border security, including a barrier, that the President will support.”

Congressmember TJ Cox, representing the 21 District, issued the following press release yesterday.

Rep. TJ Cox Statement on Temporary Re-Opening the Federal Government

 WASHINGTON – Congressman TJ Cox (CA-21) released the following statement on President Trump’s decision to temporarily end the longest shutdown in American history:

“I’m glad that the hundreds of thousands of workers who were forced to work without pay will now receive their compensation. But like these families, I am frustrated and angry that this shutdown happened at all. The President has agreed to the same deal that was on the table more than a month ago, but in the meantime, families across the U.S. and right here in the Central Valley have been forced to make painful decisions on rationing their healthcare, paying their rent and mortgages, and putting food on their tables.

“The effects of which will be felt for years to come.

“I am hopeful that in three weeks, the President and the Senate will not choose once again to close the government and inflict more damages on our federal workers. If that happens, I will again ask that my paycheck be withheld until that shutdown is resolved. In the meantime, I will continue to push for the passage of my bill, the Immediate Financial Relief Act, which would help federal workers access the cash they need in future shutdowns. ”

 Nunes’ issued the following statements on the KMJ Ray Appleton Show

Congessmember Devin Nunes reaction to the temporary end to the shutdown was broadcast on The Ray Appleton Show on KMJ 580 AM/105.9 FM at noon and was reported by Fresno Bee’s Rory Appleton, the broadcaster’s son.

According to Appleton Nunes said, “The president’s being extremely reasonable. He’s trying to get out every day and make the case for our border being secured.”

Appleton continued, “Nunes said he would ‘really like to see a complete immigration fix,’  which would include a wall, an end to chain migration, programs for agricultural and technology workers and ‘dealing with (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) kids.’”

Appleton reported that “Nunes referenced a recent shooting spree in his native Tulare County that left two dead, including the gunman, and several injured. The suspect, Gustavo Garcia, had a deportation notice and several other Immigration and Customs Enforcement actions on his record.”

“The most likely solution to border security will come from Trump declaring a state of emergency, Nunes said. He added that the president had already identified $10 billion he could reroute from agencies under his control.”

Appleton reported that Nunes added, “He said the Democratic Party is now run by ‘a strange, socialist, fascist, communist cabal’ of about 40 members, who he said use identity politics – whether a person ‘is black, Hispanic, Asian, a woman or LGBT’ – to convince members of those groups that being a Democrat is their only option.”

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  1. “He said the Democratic Party is now run by ‘a strange, socialist, fascist, communist cabal’ of about 40 members” Wow, Devin Nunes sure does believe his constituents are dumb enough to believe such conspiracies without any evidence. My sources tell me it’s actually 33 members who drink the blood of babies and all happen to call for taxing the rich and regulating wall street.

    Funny how the republican party nor Trump even bothered to talk about the wall, let alone draft a bill for it, for all of 2017-2019 while they had majority control of both houses. They did, however waste no time to pass $1.5 trillion in tax cuts to corporations less than a year into his presidency. If a republican majority congress did not fund $1 for the wall in 2 years, why would the democrats do it? Admit it, republican voters, you are being scammed and it’s not the democrats or the 33 member communist cabal doing it.

    Both parties are NOT as bad as one another. Believing the democrats are as insane as the republicans is a false equivalency. The republican party is clearly not interested in governing. Shutting down the government for the longest time in US history with nothing to show for it is emblematic of that.

  2. Yes, the Democrats are exactly as advertised. The fact that you are as stupid as to say that they aren’t speaks volumes! Let’s start with that wiorthless maggot now infecting Sacramento. Do you realize that he is, in our name, suing the city of Huntington Beach over their housing? All you Democrats want are freebys for illegals and druggies!

    I don’t have the income to pay for all the new taxes you want. You are the one being had!

    • Speaking of volumes Dave do you often hear voices in your head telling you that you aren’t as smart as others? Or perhaps you have a phobia of icky maggots? Or perhaps you have a hard time paying for your own drugs (let’s assume they prescribed drugs just for the sake of giving you the benefit of the doubt)? Whatever your issues are you really should stop putting others down just so you can feel better about yourself!

  3. Nunes has nothing. He is a bored culture war klown. Good thing America was smart enough to send a majority Democratic House, or else Nunes would still be covering up Trump crimes like the campaign finance felonies that Cohen pleaded guilty to committing and conspiring with Trump

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