Chief Hensley Returns to Work

Tulare Police Chief Wes Hensley is back on the job after a 16-month absence.

The return to the position he was fired from comes following mediation on Friday, January 10, before retired Tulare County Superior Court Judge Howard Broadman. The terms of the settlement between Hensley and the City of Tulare are confidential; however, Hensley will receive a $275,000 payment and has been given a three-year employment contract.

End of an ‘Ordeal’

Hensley’s reinstatement was announced following a closed session of the Tulare City Council on Tuesday night, January 15.

“The chief and I are both pleased his long ordeal has ended,” said Mike Lampe, the Visalia-based attorney who represented Hensley in his wrongful dismissal case against the city.

Hensley was placed on administrative paid administrative leave in September of 2017 and fired six months later in March. Two other Tulare Police Department command staff members–Capt. Fred Ynclan and Lt. Jarod Boatman–were also suspended and later returned to their positions.

Grateful for Support

Hensley was not immediately available for comment and is not yet back in uniform. He will return to work by month’s end. The reinstatement to his position, however, is immediate.

A message of gratitude appeared on Hensley’s Facebook page following his rehiring.

“Tonight was the end of a long and emotionally charged journey,” Hensley’s message reads. “It is difficult to put into words how much the support of friends, family, colleagues, officers and support staff helped me during this ordeal.”


5 thoughts on “Chief Hensley Returns to Work

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  1. Until Jones is completely removed from being involved in any capacity of our city government he will remain a huge liability and risk for lawsuits and conduct unbecoming of a city representative. His immediate removal from the city council needs to be a top priority of our now ethical and competent leaders.

    • Amen! He is suddenly so worried about city monies he voted no on loaning Hospital District money. Didn’t seem to bother him with what this cost the city! He worries about the taxpayers money, my ass!!!

  2. Is there any doubt that Carlton Jones brought about this ordeal? What a liability he is, and you know what? He doesn’t see himself as anything but righteous…people like him can go through life without causing this kind of drama, but Carlton is a special kind of dangerous. He needs to be quickly and severely dealt with .

  3. This is good news for Chief Hensley, for the Tulare Police Department, and for the City of Tulare. If Carlton Jones resigns his seat on the City Council that would make for GREAT news! Come on Carlton….do the right thing …. submit your immediate resignation. 🙂

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