Former Tulare Mayor allegedly leaks confidential Tulare PD investigation report

A Tulare councilman has allegedly leaked part of the contents of a confidential investigator’s report detailing the conduct of officers of the Tulare Police Department.


Cease and Desist

According to a letter to Tulare City Attorney Mario Zamora from Visalia attorney Mike Lampe–who represents former Tulare Chief of Police Wes Hensley in a wrongful termination suit against the city–Councilman Carlton Jones improperly obtained a copy of the eyes-only report, which he then shared with several members of the public. Jones also shared portions of the report on social media, Lampe claims.

Jones declined to comment on the situation. Zamora could not be reached.

According to Lampe’s letter to Zamora, the city is aware Jones is in possession of the report and has demanded he return or destroy all copies. The city, the letter states, has also demanded Jones remove his social media posts regarding the report.

If Jones fails to comply, the city has agreed to file suit against him immediately to seek an injunction forcing him to comply, according to the letter.

Revealing police officers’ personnel record is a violation of the state penal code.


Damage Claims to Come

Lampe says Jones’ release of the report will lead to “filing multiple damage claims against the city.” His office, Lampe said, has already been contacted by several members of the TPD. Jones and the city will be the likely co-defendants, according to Lampe.

“I cannot stress how damaging the councilman’s actions are,” Lampe’s letter reads. “The long-term ramifications of this illegal act will be significant, both in terms of department moral and taxpayer dollars.”

Lampe is already suing the city in two separate actions. The first involves the firing of former Chief of Police Wes Hensley last year, and the second a suit alleging fraud by Councilman Greg Nunley on behalf of former Tulare police officer David Frost.

Jones’ testimony is scheduled to be taken in the Hensley case tomorrow, December 20. Lampe will conduct the examination.

This article will be updated as details emerge.

26 thoughts on “Former Tulare Mayor allegedly leaks confidential Tulare PD investigation report

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  1. I thought Bell California was bad. Tulare’s city officials are a disgrace, at least 2 of them anyway.

    Who do they think they are?

  2. He needs to RESIGN IMMEDIATELY. I hope he goes to jail for breaking the penal codes

  3. As a long-time Tularean, I am very embarrassed of Greg Nunley and Carlton Jones. Why is our community allowing these 2 to make a mockery of our community and the Tulare name? Let’s PLEASE raise our voices to whomever will listen and demand they be removed from office and no longer be a representative of this great City.

  4. Dwell my my my. Who would have thought our Ex-mayor would do something so dishonest??? SMH. He needs to go…..

  5. OMG! I am so sick of both Jones and Nunley. Suggest they both resign their council seats and put their focus strictly on fighting all their legal battles.

  6. Connect the dots, citywide corruption is tied closely together. The flock together, own land together, hangout together and they all fleece us together.

  7. WHAT???? Jones declines to comment??? Are you kidding me, you are never at a loss of words Batman! Maybe your joker can speak for you. So very happy to see this is the level you have gone to as everyone can now see the POS you really are! See you in court FOOL!!! Today…I actually love your ignorance…..

  8. Both need to be removed ASAP! How embarrassing for us as citizens and for our city. It’s no surprise, Jones and Nunley have represented themselves well, much less the city of Tulare!

  9. This guy is absolutely sucking the life out of this city. How can this uneducated, unprofessional, inexperienced, unethical, self involved, egotistical narcissist be allowed to continue in any capacity of our city government? He thrives on any attention he can get whether positive or negative. He is a rambling loose cannon who speaks like a kid in summer camp instead of a public official. Disgusting!

  10. Tulare is a crooked county run by liars cheats and thieves. Almost lost the hospital. Tulare=pathetic losers. Voters allow it.

    • You are lumping the entire city with the entire county as pathetic losers. You must not be from around here if you think that the City of Tulare IS Tulare County. Tulare is just one city of many in Tulare County What is pathetic is your lack of knowledge about Tulare and the County and all the good and decent people who live here. Learn to separate the good from the bad….not everyone is the same.

  11. Well here we are again…..same bat channel…..same bat crap.
    Carlton Jones is a clown….a wanna be politician….he can’t fight his way out of this one from the octagon. So how do you get out of this one ohhh great one? The penal code is racist? The allegations are racist? Everybody is racist? Did you think you were doing the city a favor? You put it on your own Facebook page? This is truly amazing, I mean you are an elected city counsel (or were) member….. have you no spine? Is this a win by any means necessary situation, your a hypocrite man. You say you care about the Law Endorcement community? Then you do this? Unbelievable. You have made a joke out of this City, you claim to love. What have you done for the city? We know now your gonna cost the taxpayers a few bucks….. you and your buddy and fellow member of the brain trust Nunley. I even watched you give advice to new council members? Who in their right mind would take your advice? Then you said something regarding your sports teams and seniors? Are you that big of a fool? You think anyone on that board looks to you as an example? C’mon pal….that ego has finally cashed you in. You have violated state law….. but this isn’t the first time is it?……… this evidence is forever….. can’t lie your way through this one big guy. Unbelievable. Thanks for flipping the city and creating animosity and hate once again.

    • MEDIOCRITY: The word comes to English via Middle French from the Latin word mediocris, meaning “of medium size, moderate, middling, commonplace,” and perhaps originally “halfway to the top.” The noun form of mediocre is mediocrity. Yep….that kind of halfway describes a large swath of non-voting Tulareans. 🙂

  12. Jones is quoted in another news source: “I didn’t know this couldn’t be released to the public”.
    Common sense should have clicked in…… official document of an internal investigation…… Hey city attorney can we show this to the public? Hey city attorney how about I post this on my Facebook page? So obviously these questions were never asked to the city attorney. I feel bad for the attorney, I can only imagine the look on his face when this came out…….”you have got to be kidding me” had to have been the first phrase out of his mouth. Then I would think it was “who does this guy think he is”. Funny how both Jones and Nunley have the same response to the allegations. “It’s all BS”. I wonder if they get together and practice that, in between plotting to destroy the city and use it for their own gain. Great stuff fellas, really putting Tulare on the map. Probably didn’t plan on things working out like this though huh? Maybe you guys can get Phillips to represent you? Oh wait she failed our city also. Well enjoy Court….. Marie Calanders has a good lunch menu and Habit is up the road a bit.

  13. Carlton Jones you are B.S.! You are 100% B.S. everything about you is B.S. what is it going to take for you to get out of our community? You are a continuous serious liability to Tulare. Please go to your cave Batman and not come out anymore. We don’t need your services.

  14. Nunley and Carlton’s worlds are closing in on them. They are both being found out. Carlton will turn on everyone he knows. He will give up Heather the former city attorney, he will turn on the fellow city council members. Lastly the citizens of Tulare will find out Carlton could careless about Tulare or anyone else. He’s a Giant POS

  15. Watching the deposition today was truly alarming. Everyone that works for the city is a liar and they got a 1-10 ranking? You have no opinion of Nunley? C’mon man, you have an opinion on everything and everybody…… it’s a good plan though, trying to keep the co-conspiracy on the down low. The ironic thing about it is ol’CJ flipped and flopped on questions, answered one way then another, moments later for the same question. He actually admitted to lying “tons” of times? That’s a great answer during a recorded official deposition where your swear to tell the truth. So pretty much everything after that would or could be a lie. Everybody is lying on Carlton….amazing there must be a conspiracy…. most likely due to some race based theory? It wouldn’t be because your arrogance, violent tendencies, biased belief system, your hand in destroying the police department, the fact that you throw people away when they are no longer any use to you, hypocracy or lack of a morale compass. Now you bring things up from past councils as if you came in with some sort of fix it plan? You said it yourself people don’t want to hear the truth, because it’s you who is telling it? Well under sworn deposition you said you lie (tons of times). So the “truth” from you is some what objective I guess. There are certain things the body does when you lie…..things that the person who is telling the lie has no idea is going on….it’s not something you can’t defeat….. it’s really neat if you know what to look for during an interview, deposition or interrogation. Mr. Jones you exhibited some of these things. Tisk Tisk……fibber.
    I just hope that those officers who believed that you’d be the messiah of change bet on the wrong fighter. I hope none of their confidential internal documents were “leaked”. I mean hey….. you didn’t know any better…… I wonder what that lack of that knowledge will cost the city? I guess the bashing of the AG community that pulled you off the mayor seat wasn’t enough. At any rate here we go into 2019 nothing settled and only more garbage to come. Keep up the good work buddy your love for the City is that of legend.

  16. Not only has Nunley cost the city consulting fees for his own personal gain, we must not forget he still has not paid over $400,000 he owes the city for fees on his projects. I challenge the new council members along with Mayor Sigala to investigate their power to force the resignation of both Nunley and Jones. Tulare will not be able to move forward with these two lingering on Council. If you know any of them, please join me in encouraging them to stand up against these two “POS”.

  17. Just how much of your tax money are you willing to let your dysfunctional Council waste, Tulare?

  18. The council like all busineses have the right to hire & fire anybody. Just because he was a police chief doesn’t mean he should be treated differently. He should move on like most people do when they lose there job. Tulare is a great city. (I think it’s better run than Visalia and I was born in Visalia). The hospital is open and Devin Nunes is just a “minority member” of congress now so Tulare should be happy not sad and fighting with each other. Instead of criticizing each other they need to attract jobs to the city and help the people they were elected to! help.

    • First of the City Council has no right to hire and fire anybody other than the city manager and city lawyer. Is the police chief after 30 years of law enforcement with a impeccable history just supposed to leave because a crooked mayor is mad. You liberals always make me laugh

  19. PS The Dow dropped over 600 pts today. I think if we go into a recession lots of people including in Tulare may lose there jobs. And, a lot of it has to do with Trumps trade war. Are these famers happy they voted for Trump Now? He sure made America great again ha!

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