Report claims Nunes not a farmer

Three Valley residents who sued to keep Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Tulare) from calling himself a farmer were more right than they knew.

An expose published nationwide this month reveals property in Tulare where the Nunes family dairy stood was sold a dozen years ago, and the Nunes family and the congressman’s campaign apparently continue to work to keep the sale–and the subsequent relocation of the Nunes family farm to the Midwest–a secret from voters.


Farm Sold in ’06

According to a report in the November 2018 issue of Esquire Magazine, property owned by the Nunes family in Tulare was sold in 2006. The family business relocated to Sibley, Iowa, the following year. Nunes’ parents, his brother and his brother’s family now live in the tiny, rural Iowa town.

Toni Dian Nunes, Nunes’ mother, continues to serve as campaign finance manager for her son while living outside the district.

According to the article, the relocation of the Nunes farm has never been reported by the local press. Neither has Nunes or his campaign commented on the situation in the dozen years since his family left the Central Valley. The family is also working actively to block the press from reporting the move, Esquire reports.


Farmer on Paper

While a judge ultimately ruled Nunes may continue to describe himself as a farmer on ballot information presented to voters, in fact Nunes owns no farmland and has apparently had no direct income from farming since 2006. Nunes holds small investments in two wineries, one of which was briefly brought to national attention for its sales inside Russia.

Yet Nunes continues to use the term “farmer” to describe himself, and the Esquire article notes the press continues to paint the congressman as a working dairyman. Andrew Janz, the Democratic challenger for the 22nd District seat on the November 6 midterm ballot, says the move is what he’s come to expect of his opponent.

“It is disgusting that Devin Nunes has been lying for years about his family farm, pretending to be one of us,” Janz said. “Devin has shown once again that he’s left the Valley and the values we hold dear behind just to make a profit.”


Press Interference

The Iowa branch of the Nunes family seems to be aware news of their move out-of-state would be taken poorly back in California, and they attempted but failed to prevent it.

The author of the Esquire article reports he was threatened with arrest by Nunes’ father, Anthony Nunes II, when he attempted to talk to him at the family’s Iowa property. The reporter said he was later followed by at least two people as he continued researching Nunes. He later learned, he said, those people included Nunes’ brother, Anthony Nunes III, and Nunes sister-in-law, Lori Nunes.

The behavior, says Janz, who works as a prosecutor for the Fresno County District Attorney, is dishonest and seems typical of his opponent.

“His family moving their farm to Iowa and lying to Californians to protect Devin’s political career is just the latest and most heinous example,” Janz said. “We deserve better.”

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  1. Ridiculous BS being thrown around to throw the voters off. Please voters don’t believe all you read in print in this throw away paper. Don’t let empty words in print mislead you. Do your homework. Take charge!

  2. Why don’t you report the defacing of the many Nunes signs and the harassing to the older relative?? Ringing the door bell and all of the many crank calls?
    Why can’t you be more accurate?

  3. What difference does his family moving out affect Devin’s home? Illusion that’s being constructed and no mention that there isn’t water here for farming. Read Nunes’ book for his side of the story of farming in Tulare Co.

  4. August 30, 2018, the Fresno Bee reported, a “Sacramento Superior Court Judge Allen Sumner, DENIED a writ of election filed earlier that month that alleged Nunes no longer farms and should not be allowed to call himself a farmer on California ballots.” The Honorable Judge declared Nunes is a Farmer. Unfortunately, for whatever reasons, VV failed to actually do journalistic work and elected not to write about this because it does not serve their agenda. VV has become an unshameful spigot of desperation to fulfill their ignominious fuzzy attempt to get Janz elected. Sad but true, unbiased Journalism is dead. The VV does continue to serve one purpose for me because it is free, it is a integral part of cleanup for my dogs fecal matter.

    • I don’t remember the judge’s declaring Nunes a farmer. As I recall it, the judge declared that Nunes could label himself as a farmer. I’m an architect, by the way.

      • So a Superior Court Judge’s final decision declared Nunes can identify himself as a “farmer,” yet you attempt to challenge the decision solely based on your interpretation that the judge did not specifically state he is a “farmer?” That is asinine Joseph, even for a architect, aka publisher.

      • Actions do speak louder than titles. “Visiting” his parent’s Iowa farm or doing “campaign photo shoots and videos” at his uncle’s farm does not make Nunes a farmer. Fact is that Nunes has more than likely not worked for a living as a farmer on any farm since he started work at COS in 1996 (the operative word here is “worked” NOT “lived” – I am sure that his mom kept his bedroom all cleaned and ready for him as he popped in-and-out). While being elected into the United States House of Representatives does make Nunes an elected Congressional Representative that does not make him a “statesman”. Once again actions do speak louder than titles. A “statesman” is a person who is principled, moral, has a vision for “all Americans”, and will work across the aisle to govern on behalf of “all Americans”. (1) A bedrock of principles? Has none – he is supportive of Trump’s immoral reach-grab-take principles and compulsive lying; (2) A moral compass? Doesn’t have one….has shown he is capable and more than willing to lying, cheating, or whatever else it takes to protect Trump; (3) His vision? A top administrative position in the House of Trump; (4) The ability to build a consensus to achieve a vision that works for “all Americans”? Never tried, works only within the cancerous Trumplican Party and the House of Trump – he loves being part of the swamp. Nunes is a politician who has sold out his allegiance to the United States in favor of his comrade-in-arms… Donald Trump. Start draining the swamp and vote for Janz!

  5. I cannot believe you ran this story, which is based on a story by a person whose journalistic ethics I would question. That “reporter” was trespassing on private property; he was ordered to leave as his presence was disconcerting to Nunes’ grandmother.

    This cheap shot by Andrew Janz is beneath the dignity and what I thought was integrity of the VV.

    Devin STILL lives in Tulare. His family farms. If they moved to Iowa (I don’t blame them—I left CA too), I’m sure he visits the farm and does some farming when he’s visiting.

    BTW, do we still consider other Congressional reps to be farmers, lawyers, insurance agents, doctors—even though THEY no longer practice their profession? YES. YES WE DO.

  6. Doesn’t surprise me that Nunes apologists are out in full force protecting their hometown bought and paid for lobbyist. Nunes is like a lot of items that they have collected throughout their life…….no longer works (for his constituents) and no longer fits in with the décor (doesn’t like meeting with his constituents) but they somehow just can’t bring themselves to get rid of him…..yard sale anyone? Oh that’s right, can’t sell him as he is now owned by Trump. Question is will the local farm cartel group that put him in Washington to be their own personal lobbyist put him out to pasture now that he is one of Trump’s favorite boy-toys and no longer works for them? Once they do that maybe just maybe other locals around here just might let him go as well. Oh don’t fret now…you can keep on inviting him to show up at your Republican local events (you know as an old family favorite decoration, kind of like Connie Conway) but you will no longer have to keep paying his salary to do absolutely nothing for Tulare County. Now that would be “winning”! 🙂

  7. I couldn’t care less if Nunes wants to call himself a farmer or a hairdresser. His actual job is as a Congressional Representative, and he is a bad, ineffective one. It is time to try a different Representative.

    Here is an all-too-typical story of Nunes doing nothing while trying to pretend he has done something. He got the President to sign a “Presidential Memorandum Promoting the Reliable Supply and Delivery of Water in the West.” A stupid, nothingburger memo. Thanks, little Devvie.

    • Actually Saul the Trump signing yesterday was a instrumental start to the reclamation and sustainability of surface water for this valley for many years to come. Far cry from a nothing burger. Every news agency ran a story on it. “Today’s action might be the most significant action taken by a president on Western water issues in my lifetime,” said Deputy Interior Secretary David Bernhardt. He said Trump is making good on his promise to take a “more coordinated and thoughtful approach” to managing water while eliminating what he called unneeded burdens. The memorandum also called for better use of technology in forecasting water supplies and hydropower production, and for exploring desalinization and water recycling.

      But I am sure our wonderful state blue legislatures will somehow contest federal law to put this states populous, the welfare, and the livelihood behind their self serving interest of re-election, socialization, and taxation. Thanks for sharing it though, because I am sure the “architect” would have omitted the article from publishment because Devin was an integral part.

      • “Today’s action might be the most significant action taken by a president on Western water issues in my lifetime,” said Deputy Interior Secretary David Bernhardt.

        It’s hard to type because I am laughing so much right now. I can’t help but wonder if you would have found the Emperor’s New Clothes to be magnificent.

  8. Janz is just waiting to suck his share of the swamp water. Best to stay with Nunes. Not great, but better than a Democrat taker!

    • I guess we all have our idea of what a taker is. I look at the current fiscal year 2019 and see that the deficit is expected to be $976 billion.
      So the current Administration, working with Nunes’ House, is spending a trillion dollars more than they are taking in. It is my view that Nunes is an irresponsible taker.

      • It’s shameful that we didn’t hear a peep from Democrats about deficit spending when Obama was President. He ran up the national debt in the tune of 9 trillion dollars while in office and we never heard Democrats complain about mortgaging our future. I believe, that he added more to our national debt, then all the previous President’s combined. So, where the hell are Democrats when they only care about deficit spending when they are guilty too. Maybe, it’s time to pass a balanced budget amendment on the national level if we can’t live within our means?

    • You don’t know what your talking about. No one disputed the fact, that Russia interfered in our election, because there’s evidence that they have been doing this as early as in the 60’s. Where you might be confused is, is wether or not did they collude with the Trump campaign to influence the election in 2016. I think, the evidence says no they did not. It’s ironic that most of the Russian interference occurred on social media platforms that generally speaking are biased with their algorithms slanted against conservatives. The only collusion found thus far, is with the DNC and Hillary Clinton paid for Russian Dossier to smear Donald Trump. So, how do you like them apples? Our very own FBI and DOJ were in knee deep too.

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