Tulare Red-Tags Nunley Projects

So-called “red-tag” work stoppage orders issued by Tulare City Hall have been posted on several properties owned or controlled by Tulare City Councilman Greg Nunley.

Unpaid Fees, No Inspections

Red tags were posted on two homes currently under construction at 2013 and 2017 Bella Oaks Drive. Work on those homes was being done before city inspectors had approved previous work, forcing them to order a stoppage. Two other already occupied properties were also red-tagged for unpaid development impact fees: one, a private home at 3031 Windmill Court, the other a model home and sales office at 2421 Tuolumne Avenue. That building also had an incorrect street address and other minor issues. Neither building received a final inspection prior to occupation.

For the orders to be lifted, Nunley must pay the past-due fees and the properties must undergo inspection.

Nunley has not responded to requests for comment.

Lawsuits Continue

The work-stoppage orders come as Nunley faces a pair of lawsuits filed by Visalia attorney Michael Lampe alleging the councilman used his official position to avoid paying impact fees on several of his projects, made false statements in several filings with the city, created financial conflicts of interest in violation of the Fair Political Practices Act and threatened the jobs of city employees.

Lampe declined to comment on the stoppage orders. His office is continuing to gather facts regarding the suits, he said.

Tulare Mayor David Macedo also declined to comment on the matter, saying it was a personal matter for Nunley.

“That’s for Greg to address,” Macedo said. “At this time, it’s not for me to address.”

Nunley’s legal and financial woes are also not issues members of the council discuss among themselves or with Nunley, he said.

“We don’t talk about it with him,” Macedo said.

In light of other developments in the city–such as the reopening of Tulare Regional Medical Center under the management of Adventist Health–the Mayor would like to focus attention elsewhere.

“I’d like to get this negativity of the last year and a half behind us,” Macedo said. “Tulare has a lot more positive things going on.”

2 thoughts on “Tulare Red-Tags Nunley Projects

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  1. I’m so fed up with seeing constant disruptions caused by our city council members!

    Although we have a chance to replace 2 members in a few weeks, they ALL need to go!

    Pay the money you owe to the city councilman! I’m glad they shut you down and I hope that they shut a couple of others down too!

  2. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander! The city needs to pay Nunley what they owe him! That’s been going on for a long time. Monies way past due!

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