Chris Harrell: “Tulare is much better than this.”

The strength of the city of Tulare comes from its people. Past, present, and future. As a fourth generation Tularean on both sides of my family, Tulare has always been in my blood, heart, and soul.

I moved away from Tulare twice in my life, once for 2 years at a university (after attending College of the Sequoias) and then serving my country in various parts of the world as a First Responder with the United States Air Force for 8 years; but I always came back home.

I did so because to me, Tulare is the epitome of “Small Town USA,” the best place to live! While it may be small in number, it has always been big on heart!

In certain historical instances, our story of Tulare is unmatched anywhere, and I would bet on the notion that Tulare could stand toe to toe with any “big city” around the world and come out on tops in terms of the genuine love, faith and can-do attitude of our citizens!

Do I dream? Yes.

But I believe, as General Colin Powell once said, “A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work.”

It also takes the desire and action to break out of set ways, and to remove one’s blinders in order to see the forest through the trees.

I am a practical doer, led by faith, integrity, and common sense, instilled in me by my family.

As much as I love our city, it disheartened me hearing comments these past few years from my friends and neighbors, concerning how they no longer like or want to be a part of Tulare, how they are embarrassed to be from this town, and many similar comments expressed.

These comments came as a result of various incidents happening throughout our city, but most especially within our own city government. It not only disheartened me, it saddened me to the core, knowing that our city was now the topic of conversation of other cities far and wide (for all the wrong reasons), as well as being the butt of jokes.

It was not uncommon to hear the conversation “Did you hear what individual x or organization x did now?” at gatherings outside of Tulare. I’ve heard it firsthand myself.

I have publicly stated time and time again that the citizens of Tulare do not deserve this.

The city of Tulare as a whole does not deserve this. Credibility, trust and working together have unfortunately been replaced by grudges, self-serving actions, and retaliations.

As a result, we are losing our sense of community, that strength which began this town and which binds us together as one family today.

Past generations have consecrated Tulare with their dedication, their commitment, and their devotion to common sense, honesty, and credibility. My great grandparents and grandparents, who worked the land on their farms and at Tagus Ranch, did not do so in order for things to become as they are today.

My great grandmother who came to California on a covered wagon (literally born on the side of the road along the way), did not desire Tulare to turn out as it is now. Generations of my family did not put their lives on hold to serve their country in the Armed Forces, in order to come back and have Tulare turn out as it is now. And my father did not put his life on the line every day for 30 years as a first responder in Tulare and throughout the County, to have things turn out as they are today.

Tulare is much better than this. We are much better than this. As a result, I began to speak out against what is wrong and continue to speak out against what is wrong, so the city of Tulare is able to once and for all change course and move forward.

In order to progress, we cannot keep the same mindset and vision of yesterday, or even today for that matter.

If that mindset and vision was truly effective now, we would not be where we are at today.

I have been blessed to be an active part of the community service of Tulare for 25 years now, beginning when I was a still wet behind the ears high school student.

I know the city of Tulare has untapped potential. I am confident of it. A potential, that when released, can and will enhance the lives of all of our residents, create economic opportunities for all, and establish Tulare as a civic model for other communities.

As a leader in our Armed Forces, along with a Masters degree in Diplomacy & Conflict Resolution, I know firsthand what it is like to bring people of different backgrounds and viewpoints together at the same table, to focus as one and achieve the intended goals.

As we stand together, I am ready to serve you and all of Tulare. As we stand together, I am confident that Tulare can reach its full potential. I respectfully ask for your vote, so we can all achieve this together. We can take Tulare forward!


Chris Harrell

Candidate, Tulare City Council District 4

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  1. Wished I lived in your district so I could vote for you. I ditto what Mr. Avila posted……. well said!

  2. I believe there is a law that towns of a certain size have to have districts, but Tulare is, in truth, not big enough for that. This becomes all too real when my district (4) has two good men running. Tulare could use both of these men.

  3. I would like to see someone in council who can once again instill the values and ethics in the City of Tulare. The employees have endored a great amount of office politics with little to no oversight. I hope to see a change for the good. Some current council members have their own agendas and fail to recognize the workers who work hard daily. The city’s union has no interest in supporting the employees and has aligned with management. I hope and pray to once again make the city a wonderful environment for its residents and employees.

  4. Good man but Mederos has the skills and knowledge that the Tulare City Counsel so desperately needs. Too bad hey are in the same district.

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