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Here’s a nightmare scenario for you, Tulareans: The return of Carlton Jones as mayor.

Think that’s outlandish? I’ll admit to its not even occurring to me until the following was messaged to the Valley Voice:

…so here’s what’s being talked about in the area about what happens when David Macedo’s time is up on the council…when David’s term is up Carlton can be voted in as mayor again and prob will be because Nunley has bad attendance and Jose is the only other one eligible without it being a newbee….I pray this doesn’t happen because he doesn’t deserve it…If only everyone knew who he really is.

This column is a shot across the bow of that possibility.

Jones was shuffled out of office on June 19 in a unanimous tally that mysteriously included a “yes” vote of his own. I had been baffled by this until now.

David Macedo was selected as Jones’ replacement, and he is not a candidate in November’s election. Neither is Maritza Castellanoz. The question is, did Jones vote for this specifically knowing that Macedo would be out in less than five months–after which he might be returned as mayor?

According to the calculus of the message, apparently, no newly elected council member can be considered eligible to be chosen as mayor. But I don’t know if that’s accurate. I’ve scoured what I could of the city charter, and my only take-away is the extreme flexibility afforded the city councils of charter cities.

Yet if it is true, that would leave only Jones, Greg Nunley and Jose Sigala as contenders.

The message went on to say: Nunley would vote for him…Sigala won’t…new people won’t.

Which means, if I’m reading the tea leaves astutely–and provided new council members are at least allowed to vote–that, according to the messenger, a perpetual 3-2 vote will be lodged against Jones.

It also means Sigala may be the next mayor. Unless he wins his state assembly race over incumbent Devon Mathis. Surely Jones’ machinations are not this prescient.

That’s the good news.

The bad news is that it’s even in the realm of possibility Jones could ever be mayor again–although I’m fairly confident the ag community will always rally against him. All good Tulareans should as well.

It’s bad enough he’s still on the city council.

I’d investigate when Jones’ time is up but I don’t truly care. It’s clear he shouldn’t be on the city council at all, but it’s not my job to adjudicate that.

I don’t live in Tulare.

But you shouldn’t have to in order to care about what happens there.

— Joseph Oldenbourg

6 thoughts on “Try This On For Size

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  1. Your point is very well taken. However, get caught up on headlines regarding Nunley. The bigger issue is Tulare has a council member using his position for his own financial gain. Jones made some dumb comments. Nunley is lying to his constituents and just maybe committing crimes. I would take Jose anyday. #recallnunleyjones

  2. Carlton is Nunley’s lapdog. We know how Nunley benefits but what does Carlton get out of it?

    Stay awake Tulare and really clean house on all of these narcissistic leaders that are so closely tied together.

  3. I don’t know the city bylaws regarding council members qualification criteria for the mayoral seat but if one looks at the individual backgrounds of these potential new members coming onboard they are most definitely in the “Who’s Who” category, the cream of the crop. I like them all, especially Chris Harrell. So too bad he isn’t from my district as I would love to be able to vote for him….and for Terry and Dennis too for that matter. There would be no learning curb needed for any of these three “newbees” as they have been engaged and involved in Tulare doings far longer than anyone now sitting on the council with the exception of Macedo.

  4. I have previously served on the city council. I do not believe there is any existing qualifications to be elected mayor, other than the majority of the council’s vote. I believe any new member is eligible to be elected as well.

    • Thank goodness! If that is indeed the case then we don’t need to worry about Jones or Nunley. Any one of the three newbees mentioned would be more preferable to me as mayor and each knows Tulare far better than Jones or Nunley even Sigala for that matter.

  5. What a great choice we have for state assembly; an incumbent with the maturity of a junior high schooler vs. a Tulare incompetent.

    Vote the loser of your choice!

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