Steve Woods throws hat in the ring for Visalia City Council District 3

Steve Woods has formally announced his candidacy for Visalia City Council’s open District 3 seat.

As an Instructional Technology Specialist for Tulare County Office of Education, Steve understands the need to use today’s mobile technologies to reach out and bring together stakeholders when making important decisions. Steve looks forward to forming and participating in collaborative in-person groups and online networks working toward solutions that benefit all.

Steve hopes to continue the legacy of disciplined and fair leadership. “I believe voters will see in me a hands-on, determined leader who will continue to encourage all citizens to reach out and share their voice,” said Steve.

Having served on a U.S. Navy ballistic missile submarine, Steve understands the importance of self-discipline, attention to detail, transparent decision-making, and responsibility toward others. “I will work tirelessly and inclusively to maintain and enhance our quality of life in Visalia, and to find even more opportunities that make Visalians proud to live here.”

Steve is serving his second term as Vice Chair of the Visalia Parks and Recreation Commission. In this role, he has led the rewriting of Visalia’s Parks and Trailways ordinances, helping to meet the changing needs of Visalians as they enjoy our great outdoor spaces. Steve has also provided input on our emerging Active Transportation Plan, designed to link our trailways into a city-wide network, and ensure a safe environment for those increasingly enjoying an active lifestyle.

Visalia’s City Council is tasked with balancing a variety of important priorities. Steve’s priorities include ensuring budget revenues grow through expanding business opportunities. “Our budget has produced a surplus these last few years,” said Steve, stating a belief that the Council must hold the line against further taxation. “If our economy cools, it’s incumbent on leadership to make moves to attract new big and small businesses, and to find ways to ensure their success. We must produce new revenue through new growth.”

With rental prices outpacing small home mortgage payment growth, Steve sees as another priority “a real need to identify favorable locations across Visalia for affordable housing growth, and to reach out to developers with detailed needs.” Along with this, Steve has stated his desire for the Council to work more closely with alliances of organizations who work daily to develop solutions to help our homeless population.

Steve Woods has opened a campaign Facebook page at, as well as a website at He can be reached via email at [email protected]

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