Janz makes campaign stop at an Exeter home

Andrew Janz met his supporters in Exeter. John Dillon/Valley Voice

Democratic Congressional candidate Andrew Janz held a meet-and-greet in Exeter on Thursday, August 9th, 2018. The event was held at a house near the outskirts of town. At around six o’clock, people began to flood into the home and took their seats. Chairs were brought in from the outside patio to accommodate the audience of about 45 people.

Before Janz showed up, staffers milled about talking to attendees as well as setting up a table filled with shirts, bumper stickers, and buttons reading “Andrew Janz for Congress” and “Nunestan.” The latter button had the international prohibition symbol over it (the red circle with the cross through it, universally meaning ‘no’). It’s a clever play on the idea that Republicans are conspiring with Russia, which, during its USSR days, had several satellite countries ending in ‘-“stan.”

Audience members struck up conversations about various topics from their latest doctor’s appointment to the most recent national news. The turnout was largely comprised of white people over the age of 55, but there were several younger people and people of color there as well.

Soon, someone cried out, “Andrew’s here!” and everyone turned their attention to the door to see the man in question.

As soon as he walked in, he had a smile on his face, and began shaking hands and speaking with people. If anyone asked for a picture, he obliged and continued to speak with them.

After around 20 minutes, a staffer got the crowd’s attention and asked them to please sit. Janz and the host, Garrick Peterson, took the stage. Peterson introduced Janz, sharing with the audience that for years he had been praying for a solid Democrat to take over Nunes’ seat in the House and that Janz was “answering a prayer”.

Janz thanked him for his hospitality and his team for setting up the event with a voice that filled the room. He spoke on the current state of affairs in both Washington and his home district, sharing the news that a member of Congress was indicted, alluding to Chris Collins’ (R-NY) recent arrest for insider trading.

He went on to describe D.C. as a swamp that swallowed Nunes as soon as he took money from corporations, that he’s now beholden to PACs instead of his constituents. Janz also focused on the tariffs affecting farmers and continually claimed that he would work with and for farmers to secure water rights and fair prices on aluminum and steel for their businesses.

The candidate then turned to his opponent.

He shared the fact that Nunes hasn’t done a town hall since 2010 and promised to rectify that by pledging to hold at least two town halls each year.

He also spoke on the MSNBC scandal which broke late on Wednesday, August 8th. The Rachel Maddow Show claimed to have evidence of Nunes’ speaking at a private fundraiser of the imperative goal of keeping the House seats which would keep the Republican Party in power. Janz condemned Nunes for placing party and personal political goals above his constituents’ needs and/or desires.

“This is the most important election in a generation,” Janz stated plainly. “We’re fighting against Donald Trump’s agenda, an agenda of division and hate.”

He thanked the audience who, in turn, erupted into applause. After a moment, he declared that he would be taking questions. During this time, he doubled down on his belief in helping local issues and listening to his community.

Two questions that stood out from the slew of queries was his stance on abortion and his stance on the death penalty.

Janz shared with the group that he struggled with both topics. Ultimately, on abortion, he came to the conclusion that no one likes to have an abortion, and that it’s not something one seeks out, but the process should be there should women require it.

When it came to the death penalty, however, he wrestled with the topic a little more than he did with abortion.

He explained his background as a Fresno County prosecutor and he wanted to make sure that people know that until he is removed from his duties there, he has to legally uphold the law.

“I’m not going to go into work and tell my boss that I’m not going to do my job,” Janz expressed in defense.

He continued to explain his stance that he hasn’t made up his mind on the issue yet, but he’s currently bound by the parameters of his job to uphold the law of the state.

These are two of the biggest hot-button issues between Democrats and Republicans, specifically in this district. It creates a crevasse between voter camps, and it often leaves some behind floundering for a candidate that they believe in.

“We have a unique responsibility at this specific point in our history,” Janz claimed during his speech.

23 thoughts on “Janz makes campaign stop at an Exeter home

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  1. Yeah well nunes is a liar and traitorous russian spy. I cant wait to vote against him 🙌

  2. Keep on having your meet and greet meetings Mr. Janz in the South Valley. This gives folks around here a chance to meet you face-to-face to develop their own opinion about you first hand.

  3. Geez angry Dave M. you always “want one honest answer”. Why don’t you give the readers an honest answer instead….what is your real connection to crooked Devin N. and what is your present salary and what do YOU stand to gain with the Dave/Devin gig? 🙂

  4. Geez Devin, oops I mean Dave…. I must have hit a nerve! Okay okay already, I’ll shut up just for now! 🙂

  5. Janz’s total pay and benefits for 2017 was $144,645.98. That was an increase of $21,000 over his 2016 earnings and $46,000 over his 2015 earnings. His pay is increasing as he moves up in seniority and experience.

    His pay as a Congressman will be $174,000, but he will be responsible for Washington, DC housing which runs about $30,000 per year for a decent place.

    I’ll let you do the math.

  6. Sorry; I take Nunes over someone who just wants a higher government salary. Janz has no clue. If he’s such a great prosecutor, he should stay with that.

    • So you would choose a dishonest politician over an honest prosecutor…..as Mr. Spock would say, that is illogical! Go figure! 🙂

  7. Since he knows nothing about anything, yep. He has no real experience in the real world of real employment.

    • OMG you really are Devin N! Your stupidity is so profound that you just have to be Devin N !!!! ha,ha,ha,ha,ha!

  8. Devin Nunez will win this election. The idea of a democrat taking the 22nd district is ridiculous since we are overwhelmingly republican. But even a loss by Janz can be seen as a half-win if it’s close enough to force Nunez to start working for our district. Funding for specific projects are written into bills where representatives need help keeping their seat. As it is, he is so safe he doesn’t need to talk to constituents or work on local issues. For some people they don’t care about that stuff because national politics are what they see on TV but my idea of a good representative is someone who secures federal funding for projects in our district. I’d like to see him get funding for new water storage projects, road improvements and other infrastructure items. Maybe that will start to happen if he has to work at keeping his seat.

    • You are right, Devin Nunes will more than likely win this election but don’t hold your breath that he will start working for folks in this district. He knows that he doesn’t have to lift a finger to do anything for anybody other than Trump! That said……VOTE JANZ!

    • Typical Democrat! Tax the rest of us to death so long as you keep your welfare benefits! Right?

  9. Dave M/Devin N assumes that anyone who is not a Trumplican must be on welfare. I am well over 70 years of age, worked since I was 17, married for over 5 decades and raised 3 kids and helped raise many of my grandkids. Any benefits my husband and I receive in our retirement years have been earned through years of hard work and frugal management of monies earned. Never took one dime we didn’t earn ourselves. That said we have never begrudged our tax dollars going to help others who were in need. Nor would anyone I personally know.

  10. Lying bs, like we expect from all Democrats!

    I cannot and will not forgive the county extorting money from me because I am a blind person! Screw them all!

    • Spoken like a true Trumplican! Your hatred of and toward people in need seems to be one of the hallmarks of the Trumplican Party. Ever hear of karma Dave M/Devin N?

  11. Tulare County’s drought and lack of water continues, contamination of drinking water is happening as we speak, low wage jobs, infrastructure issues galore, wildfires continues to spread across the entire State, and air pollution is causing severe breathing problems . Oh, let’s not forget our legendary Valley Fever which is on the rise as we speak. Devin Nunes is so concerned about his hometown and constituents that he pledged and was elected to work for recently decided to go to all the way to the U.K. to find dirt on the Steel Dossier, all in the hope of clearing his primary reason for living, Donald Trump. Needless to say he was not successful in his endeavor. Too bad he doesn’t put as much effort into working for his constituents in Tulare County and our needs as he does on working strictly for Trump.

    • Barbara I feel sorry you. It appears you are a low information voter OR you support criminals, take your pick. While PRESIDENT TRUMP has his unique style of RESULTS BASED LEADERSHIP (foreign concept and thinking for closed minded people) PRESIDENT TRUMP also loves the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Unlike the people you support obama who’s intent was to DESTROY AMERICA. Why would you want all the the criminal acts being REVEALED stopped? It is because you support two sets of laws, or you can’t bear to admit the TRUTH?

    • Hey Barbara…Does your boy have connections to the FIVE PERSON WATER BOARD? They can change things for the valley, they choose NOT TO….hummm

  12. You clearly have some real deep seeded anger issues. I hope you don’t completely implode before you can get into anger management counseling. Good luck…..I really mean that. I will pray for you.

  13. Amen! And vote Nunes, rather than that political hack wannabe, Janz. He has nothing to offer and only wants a higher salary.

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