Riddle Me This

How, technically, did Emperor Jones take control of Tulare?

He wasn’t elected mayor; in fact, he’s claimed the office is purely ceremonial.

But that’s not how he behaves.

He holds court. He hosts private forums.

“This isn’t a public event,” Jones said of his May 31 “town hall” meeting. “This is money that I took out of my own pocket to pay for this event.”

The intent being that he could be selective of attendees at the door.

We’re talking about a control freak.

So much so that four times he has thwarted Councilman Jose Sigala’s attempt to reorganize the city council by stripping Jones of his title.

According to our own Nancy Vigran: This is the fourth time Sigala has approached the subject. The last time he made the request to former city manager Joe Carlini who placed it on the agenda, but it was omitted by the Mayor Carlton Jones. Sigala subsequently asked council to vote on having the item placed on the agenda – it was shot down 3-2.

Riddle me this–How is it that Jones is even allowed to vote on anything concerning himself? I’m aware that with his abstention there could be a hung tally at 2-2. Ideally, there should be some mechanism to resolve this–because recusal would be the decent thing.

I’ve written this before: Ask yourself if Jones is a decent individual.

Just wait. It gets worse.

Sigala successfully petitioned City Manager Willard Epps to agendize a council reorganization for its June 5 meeting. But that item is not actually on the agenda.


Because Carlton Jones removed it.

Riddle me this–how is the mayor allowed to cherry pick agenda items?

I mean, such an action is more than purely ceremonial. It’s an abuse of power that amounts to an obstruction of the will of the people. Remember–he can always, as he has previously, vote against a council reorganization.

And I was under the impression that agendizing items was within the purview of the city manager’s job description.

But I’m only a matador with a toothpick.

So riddle me this, Tulareans–what sort of city do you have, and what sort of city do you want?
What you currently have is a city dominated by an apparently addled mayor who perhaps has suffered too many blows to the head. A mayor who so jealously guards his “purely ceremonial” power that he would go behind the back of the people to remove an agenda item when he so easily could just vote it down.


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  1. The answer to the riddle is simple. Jones became Mayor via a majority vote (Jones, Nunley, Castellanoz).
    His position is only one vote of five like the others, but the voice of the Mayor can be powerful and influential as we have recently seen.
    Unfortunately, the effect Jones has had is an embarrassment to all Tulare citizens and much damage has been done.
    Castellanoz and Macedo are up for re-election in November. If we can elect good, responsible councilmen, then Jones and Nunley are stripped of all power and the reign of the worst Mayor ever is over.

    • Please dont speak for me. You said Jones is an embarrassment to all Tulare citizens and I think that couldn’t be further from the truth

  2. It could be said that we have the Mayor and HIS council that we have because too many people have put up with their “don’t question me” attitude for far too long. It could be said that at the Mayor and HIS council meetings the citizens who do speak are directed to keep all remarks brief. It could be said that remarks can be cut off IF the Mayor and HIS council deem them to be unkind or impolite, or God forbid be judgmental or possibly registering a pubic complaint because that would be disrespectful to the Mayor and HIS council. It could be said that it seems that citizens’ opinions are not particularly valued by this Mayor and HIS council. Unfortunately it could also be said that too many citizens who say they don’t like what they are seeing or hearing do not even bother to get out and vote these people off the council whenever they have the chance. Lastly it could be said that this town could very easily change its name from the City of Tulare to the City of Apathy.

  3. Carlton Jones is clearly despised by a majority of the community. He has demonstrated his arrogance and lack of integrity numerous times by removing his name from the council agenda for his potential removal. Carlton is unethical, inexperienced, uneducated, unqualified and needs to resign himself from the position to spare this city from the chaos and potential liability. !!

    • I have lived in Tulare for well over 70 years and you can believe me that Tulare most certainly has had its fair share of problems since its earliest beginnings. Read up on the history of Tulare; the good, the bad, and the ugly stories of yore all the way up through this decade. Tulare is rich with many stories about the town and the movers and shakers who made an impact one way or another.

  4. I served on the city council for two terms (8 years). The council is elected by the people and the mayor is elected by the council. Election of mayor is every 2 years, following the election of council members. The mayor has no more power than any individual council member. The mayor does not have the power to remove items from the agenda, just as individual council members do not have that power. There has been no change for many years to the city charter which dictates how the city does business. I encourage all council members and especially Mr. Jones to read this charter, so they know the rules. I know of no other city, under charter rule that allows the mayor to remove items from agenda. I urge Mr. Jones to do what is right for the health of our city. Certain businesses have already been notified that as long as Mr. Jones is mayor they will not buy their products in Tulare. I urge Mr. Jones to step down as mayor to ensure the city can move forward. Mr. Jones has over 2 years left on his city council term. To all council members….Do the right thing for the city….that’s why we elected you!

  5. Unbelievable, the Mayor is loved and respected by the majority of us and some of these negative comments are becoming very familiar. We have in Tulare a few very hangry and frustrated people in our community. All jealousy!

    • Jealous of what? Carlton is rude to so many people, he just bit off more than he can chew by attacking AG the way he did.

      You should have watched the meeting it wasn’t just a “few very angry” people.

  6. Do you actually think Sigala will do a better job?? Please!
    I support our mayor.
    Who’s behind this newspaper?? Agree and disagree but OMG this is a little too much……

  7. I see a lot of angry people and believe me is not because of the mayor!!!
    I see a lot of frustration and deception that out hospital is still closed!
    A lot of broken promises and no results in fact a lot of SMOKE!!!

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