Tulare Councilman Sigala requests reorganization of mayor placed on agenda and community comments

Tulare City Councilman Jose Sigala has issued a press release regarding his request for an agenda item for the June 5 council meeting allowing an open discussion for council with regard to reorganization of the mayor.

It reads:

“This morning Tulare Council Member Jose Sigala made a formal request to the City Manager Willard Epps, to place the reorganization of the Mayor on the next city council agenda.

Council Member Sigala would like to have the item on the agenda to provide the council the opportunity to have an open, transparent and public discussion about the leadership of our city.

The City Manager has the authority to place items on the agenda.

If you agree with Council Member Sigala, please call the City Manager today to support his effort.

He can be reached at 559-684-42000 or by email at [email protected].”

This is the fourth time Sigala has approached the subject. The last time he made the request to former city manager Joe Carlini who placed it on the agenda, but it was omitted by the Mayor Carlton Jones. Sigala subsequently asked council to vote on having the item placed on the agenda – it was shot down 3-2.

This time Sigala is asking for community support in their letting Interim City Manager Epps know their feelings.

“I’ve been getting a lot of calls from those in my district and outside of my district,” Sigala told the Voice. “I heed to their calls.”

Sigala said he recognizes the recent upset within the agricultural community with Mayor Jones in regard to remarks made on Facebook by Jones. However, it is not the only reason for his bringing the mayor restructuring up again.

When the Voice reached out to the city earlier this afternoon, it had received some 15 phone calls from concerned citizens – some anonymous, others leaving their names, asking Epps to place Sigala’s request on the agenda

“Councilman Sigala has made the request,” Epps told the Voice. “I, as city manager, will honor a councilmember’s request.”

Epps further stated that he asked the city attorney to provide counsel to him on the subject.

“In the past the mayor has made the final decision,” Epps said. “I am waiting legal response.”

Mayor Jones was contacted for comment, but once again hung up on this reporter.

19 thoughts on “Tulare Councilman Sigala requests reorganization of mayor placed on agenda and community comments

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  1. Mr Epps, you have the final say so unless of course you fear the rath of Carlton or Fireman brotherly bond. We all know who the attorney will side with. You are highly respected do the right thing

  2. I appreciate the situation that Epps finds himself in, and applaud the direction he is taking on this issue. I in no way expect him to turn his back on his friend…im glad Epps is seeking advice on this.

  3. I in no way expect him to turn his back on his city!!! Friendship should have nothing to do with it! His “friend” would throw him jndrr the bus in 2 sec flat…please!

  4. Willard Epps, now is the time for you to show this city what real leadership looks like. I’ve watched and followed you all these many years through your position in the Fire Dept., your leadership through community outreach and volunteerism via years of coaching our kids, The Max, TYSB Board of Directors, etc. You have earned this city’s most upmost respect. As you are quite aware, everyone at various times in their life has to reap what they sow……it is time for Carlton Jones to “finally” reap what he sows. Until he resigns or seeks re-election he remains on the city council BUT he can and should be removed as Mayor. He has shown by his words, actions, and deeds that he has been a terrible role model and spokesperson as leader of the city council. You are quite aware that the vast majority of citizens in and around the city of Tulare do not want Carlton Jones to represent this city as mayor. Please do not disappoint the citizens of Tulare….make sure that the mayorship is on the agenda and a robust discussion is made available to all who come to the council meeting who wish to opine on the matter. If the meeting needs to go into overtime then so be it. This is too important to Tulare to short change citizens in the opportunity to have their say. After all city taxpayers and all of Tulare citizens overall are this city’s major financial contributors. The city council needs to respect the people and their wishes.

  5. Mr Epp’s has always been a great guy. I remember him in High School and was a good leader then. I have empathy for him regarding a crooked mayor and being an interim City Manager. I know he will do the right thing either way he goes. I do have faith in him even if he goes the opposite direction of my opinion.

  6. Carlton Jones must be removed from his position as Tulare Mayor. Carlton Jones has disgraced our community long enough. Carlton has continuously demonstrated his erratic, unethical, narcissistic and threatening behavior in his private and professional life. Simply said he is unqualified, uneducated, unethical, and a poses a serious liability to our community. Carlton Jones must go.

  7. Tulare mayor spoke since truth about big ag to Ag and now gets bullied. Name one thing the mayor said about ah that isn’t true: you can’t. He listed facts.

    Mayor also has volunteered for years at the ag show.

    Maybe farmers are feeling too entitled.

    • Big deal he volunteered for the farm show. Many have done that. You evidently do not know how much tax dollars come from ag related business in Tulare. You need to stop talking about this you are coming off looking and sounding pretty stupid. Maybe you are the mayor in disguise. Seems like something he would do.

    • Lets start with the easy one… Valley fever. Valley fever is not caused by Ag. Valley fever is caused by a fungus that’s in areas other than Ag areas. Disturbing the soil releases spores. So saying Ag causes valley fever is the same as saying construction wind children throwing dirt cause valley fever. Also saying Ag causes cancer isn’t completely true either. There are pesticides that have been linked to cancer but Ag doesn’t have to depend on those specific pesticides. Its like saying my job causes cancer because I drive my car to work which emits fumes and requires me to be in the sun while i drive so Im exposed to radiation. But i doubt if i end up getting cancer I’ll be able to blame my job. Also not all farmers are welfare recipients. He could have focused on the positive changes Ag has made over the years to reduce the effect it has on the resources but instead he chose to attack… He was wrong and should apologize but wont because he thinks hes better than all of us.

      • Dan

        Perfectly said, If I may add… those whom dislike Ag like HokiePokir, use erroneous narrative such as “Big Ag” to make their point seem more sensational. 95 percent of California consist of family owned farming operations with the average farm holding of 329 acres. Far cry from “Big Ag.” Those are facts from courtesy of California Department of Food and Ag.

        • I agree… even animals know not to bite the hand that feeds them… Ag literally feeds and clothes the world. Are there areas we can improve… sure and we do constantly. I appreciate all the hard work and dedication farmers put in each day to allow me to put food on my table.

  8. Councilman Sigala always seems to take the lead in controversial matters before the community. It. Is most admira. I hope the matter of who represents our town is duly discussed openly in public as is proper in our democracy.
    Bishop Ruth Moderhak

  9. Willard IS doing the right thing. The final decision, as stated, does NOT lie with him. The mayor can override him. It would then be up to the council to vote to override the mayor and have it put on the agenda for discussion. Call your own representatives….

    • I believe you are absolutely misinformed or delusional. The final decision has never been up to the mayor. What form of government do you think we have? Tulare does not have a strong mayor which means the mayor is just ceremonial and basically a spokesperson. The City Manager runs the city ensuring the vision of the Council who represent the people is brought to life. People need to understand this!

  10. Macedo and Castellanoz are up for re-election this term, Nunley will be up soon himself. It’s time these councilmen stop backing each other’s plays and worry about the people that voted them into office in the first place. Carlton’s distain for the people of Tulare, his arrogance, and own personal corruption has shown through time and time again. It’s time to remove him from a position of power. Once his term is up I’m sure we won’t see him representing the people again.

  11. And somebody ought to be held accountable for the salary paid to two police officers for six months of leave.

    • You might as well add the names of Margee Fallert, the former Tulare Deputy Manager and our last two police chiefs Breckinridge and Hensley. All three were put on “extensive” paid administrative leave as well. Seems like this is an ongoing pattern with the City, no matter who is at the helm. Are there any other names to add to this list?

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