Think Nunes is Just a Local Representative? Think Again

As a Texan, I have been reading the Valley Voice to stay abreast of your local politics because I want to understand how any place could have elected Nunes more than one term. I’m interested in seeing if District 22 is such a pathetic place, or not, in the great state of California, to have elected such an apparent unresponsive and ‘loose cannon” representative as Nunes appears. Apparently after Trump came to Tulare, Nunes went to LA and spent time there with him and must have become great friends because Nunes has puppydogged Trump ever since. He hasn’t been interested in District 22’s water shortage or other issues, from what I’ve read all of you are saying.

Why am I from Texas writing my opinion piece for and sending it to the Valley Voice? Because I love America, I’m patriotic, I’m a Christian, very conservative [not alt-right etc.] but OH MY GOD, I just flat out hate the fact Russians meddled in our American election. But more importantly to me and others in the U.S., when a representative from your great Dist. 22, who only garnered about 170,000 to win his election, can hijack a Washington House Intelligence Committee and attack our great Systems and Departments of Justice, Courts, CIA and FBI, then I will get involved and express my views to the good people of Dist. 22 and Tulare. Politics is NO LONGER LOCAL when your lone “renegade” attacks all of our American Justice and Judicial System to cover up the Russian infiltration and possible involvement by U.S citizens. Russia infiltrating America-mind you-this is big; Russia-our biggest enemy. But now it’s payback time and it is now your time to step forward, whether conservative or liberal to say “by God, let’s start cleaning house.”

I, too, was a farm boy from South Texas so I understand the problems with water [reminds me of Chinatown], but let’s be honest when Nunes has been your rep for so many years and never found a solution for your problems, he’s at the point he apparently doesn’t even want to come home to even talk to you.

In closing let me say as honestly as I can, Nunes doesn’t care about Dist. 22 and that should be evident to everyone of you by now. He wants Trump to appoint him to some higher post so in reality Nunes has kissed Dist. 22 goodbye. Please consider voting for Attorney Andrew Janz to start anew and have him face off in November. Now, don’t fall for “Janz doesn’t have the experience” because where did Nunes get you since 2013? He got you nowhere, no water, no solutions etc. But you can bet he’ll show up at election time and just like Trump-he’ll come up to the podium and make you promise after promise, knowing they don’t have to be fulfilled. They’ll try hard to get you to believe anything, right? We’ve all been there-no more-times have changed; we’re all a lot smarter. And my special thanks for letting me offer my opinion to all of you in District 22.

3 thoughts on “Think Nunes is Just a Local Representative? Think Again

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  1. Well, your comments about Nunes are well-taken. He couldn’t care less about water except for something to demagogue. No solutions have ever come from Nunes when it comes to water. He just flaps his fat mouth. And his pathetic denialism about Russian election interference rises to the level of treason. He is too pathetic to even meet with his constituents.
    But, dude – Texas? Home of Louis Gohmert? Sex harasser Blake Farrenthold? Ted Cruz, who may have been the only person on the planet who would have been worse than Trump? And that moron Lt. Gov. who thinks that school shooting deaths are caused by too many doors?
    You might be living in a glass house.

    • Saul, I wrote the piece and thanks for your reply, and I agree with your comments 100%-I don’t like any of the guys you listed either; our Lt Gov is a joke-was a radio dj and got elected. Gohmert is part [36 members] of the House Freedom Caucus Committee which as an obstructionist group vote en bloc-Boehner said something like “they don’t know what they’re for but they’re damn sure against everything else”. American voters say Congress is dysfunctional and it’s almost totally because of the FreedomCC-Jim Jordan and Mark Meadows, and now the infamous Mulvaney who literally said, “I want to see your money on my table before I will talk to you.” I’m thinking, and sounds like you agree, we have a lot of clean-up to do. A friggin mess, but got to make a start. Thanks

  2. Sadly, we have no other viable candidate! Just another government lawyer who has never worked a private job in his life.

    The only reason he’s running is the salary! I’ll take Nunes over that!

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