Devon Mathis did what?

That’s right; Devon Mathis did it! He did it, and the Central Valley Republican Establishment is abandoning him like rats off a sinking ship… Just what exactly did he do to make them abandon their support of him? What was so egregious that they basically despise his name now?

Short answer: He bargained a vote for the Cap and Trade Law.

Now let’s just break this down, piece by piece, shall we?

  1. We live in California – a state so overrun by Leftist Democrats in the state legislature, conservative voices and votes are laughed at before they get started.
  2. Was Mathis’ vote the tie breaking vote for the Cap and Trade Law? No. His vote was not a tie breaking vote. His vote was instrumental in passing the continued legislation, but not a tie breaker.
  3. What makes this vote so terrible as to abandon him as the representative from the 26th District? From what I can decipher from the bill, it sucks. Devon Mathis used those same words on the Assembly floor when he spoke up in favor of it.

But, the other side of that, is that we have memorandums of understanding with Chiapas, Mexico, Quebec, Canada, and Acres, Brazil. In these memorandums of understanding, lie agreements of trade of carbon emission and exchange. Devon voted for the “Devil He Knows” to keep the industries running the way they have been.

4. Could things have gotten better without Cap and Trade in California? Everything is better without too much government interference – BUT THIS IS CALIFORNIA: government interference is a given standard. We’re a state run by Leftist Democrats who want to break California away from the United States completely, if they could. Mathis is one Conservative voice in a room full of people who don’t care much what he thinks.

In politics, sometimes you have to vote for something you don’t exactly want to get what you need down the road. And Mathis can get Downtown Jerry Brown to call him back. That is saying A LOT in his favor.

Think about that when you go to cast your vote this election cycle. Has Mathis’ vote for the Cap and Trade bill made your life worse? Because it has not made mine worse.

But let me break down where Mathis voted for things that could have made my life better if we didn’t live in Leftist California:
(a) He voted NO (NAY) for the gas tax hike.
(b) He is rated 93%/100% from the NRA. I am a HUGE 2nd Amendment supporter and Lifetime Member of the NRA.
(c) Mathis voted NO (NAY) to make California a sanctuary state. THANK YOU! I totally appreciate that!
(d) Mathis voted NO (NAY) saying that “Nonbinary” is a gender. THANK YOU! You are born male, female or hermaphrodite – NOT NON-BINARY.

Mathis’ voting record goes on and on as a voice of reason in the insane-asylum known as California State Legislature.

As for me, and my vote, I stand with Mathis.

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6 thoughts on “Devon Mathis did what?

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  1. The Republican party continues it”s march to irrelevance, both in California and the nation. Rather than work to bridge differences and be a moderating influence to what they see as the insanity of the other side’s actions, or moderate their increasingly radical stances, they’ll stand in a circular firing squad, and rant ideology as they shoot each other with their precious AR-15s. It looks like Mathis is the latest victim of their political purity purge.
    We are seeing the last gasps of the GOP, and like any dying animal, it’s lashing out at anything close. Now all we can do is minimize the damage it does before it’s gone.
    Oh, and by the way, Amy, you are very wrong about (d). Ask just about any pediatrician.

    • The writer says you can not be non-binary in the same sentence with a non-binary example. Probably can’t see the contradiction.

  2. I was happy about his cap and trade vote, but am concerned about the possible sexual harassment/assault allegations. Seems like those are still unresolved.

  3. You come across like one of the in-patients in the insane-asylum……. better check your labile facts.

  4. This guy did it to himself. I was decidedly unimpressed with his behavior toward a constituent at one meeting I attended.

    He needs to learn that just because some of us were not in the military does not mean that we are his subordinates.

    Where else could he command that salary in the real world, though?

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