Republican gubernatorial candidate Allen visits Tulare

Assemblyman Travis Allen, Republican candidate for governor, paid a visit to the Tulare International Agri-Center to a crowd of 300 plus fired up Republicans on Sunday, March 18.

Discussing everything from lowering taxes to getting tougher on crime and prosecuting corrupt politicians, Assemblyman Allen joked about California Democrats and even discribed his Republican opponent John Cox as “Clown from Chicago.”

Assemblyman Allen is the only candidate who voted for President Trump and believes Republicans can win the governor’s seat considering Republicans won the presidency.

Pro-Trump groups attended the event such as “Bikers for Trump” and “Women for Trump” in full support of Travis Allen for governor.

Assemblyman Allen is a vocal supporter of gun rights and has received support from the National Rifle Association.

Allen emphasized his five-point plan. First, is to cut taxes. California has the highest income tax in the United States at 13.3 percent.

Second, get tough on crime by repealing AB109, Proposition 57, and Proposition 47.

Allen wants to send a message to criminals, “If you do the crime, you will serve the time.”

Assemblyman Allen also wants to reform our education system as we are 26th in the United States and 44th in pre-k-12, he stated.

His fourth goal is to fix California roads. California’s roads/highways ranked 44th in the United States and the traffic is ranked worst in the nation.

Lastly, Assemblyman Allen’s fifth plan is to complete the California state water project.

His plan is to create more water storage in Northern California, the Central Valley, and Southern California for efficient collection and storage of rainfall.       

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