Valadao Releases Statement, FAQs on Government Shutdown

On January 20, United States Congressman David G. Valadao (CA-21) released the following statement regarding the ongoing shutdown of the federal government.

“There is no doubt this government shutdown was avoidable and unnecessary and it is incredibly unfortunate those in Washington are unable to put aside their differences to do what is best for our nation.

“I firmly believe Congress should continue to discuss the difficult issues at the center of this debate, including the DACA program, with the intent on finding a long-term solution. However, this debate should not be made at the expense of children and members of our military.

“I remain committed to working with Republicans and Democrats to protect DACA recipients, ensure our nation’s children have the healthcare they deserve, and end this government shutdown.”

Below are answers to some of the most common questions regarding a government shutdown:

Will the Postal Service keep delivering mail?
Yes. Since the Postal Service is self-funded, Postal Service Employees are exempt from furlough and will continue delivering mail per usual.

Will I still get my Social Security benefits?
Yes. Social Security is a mandatory program that will continue.

Will military personnel be impacted?
On Friday, the Department of Defense issued guidance stating, “Military personnel on active duty, including reserve component personnel on Federal active duty, will continue to report for duty and carry out assigned duties.” Military personnel today are defending our country without the certainty of pay.

Will I continue getting my government benefits?
Recipients of Social Security, SSI, unemployment insurance, TANF, and food stamps will continue to receive benefits.

Will veteran hospitals remain open?
Yes. Congress has already provided funding for veteran’s hospitals.

Will national parks and monuments be accessible?
The Department of the Interior has stated they intend to keep many parks open for hiking, wildlife watching, snowshoeing and cross-country skiing. Open-air parks and monuments in Washington will remain open. However, park services that require park staff, including campgrounds and concessions, will be closed.

Will local schools, libraries, and parks be open?
Yes. Local municipalities and not the federal government control these government facilities.

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  1. Democrats just want to make everything look like Trump is doing bad. DACA not even up until March, didn’t even belong in the budget.
    It is an anti-Trump hpld out. Every politician needs to not get a paycheck during this time also.

  2. Why do the politicians still get paid while our children and military go without? Stop all congressional pay checks until you two teams can learn to play nice.

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