Nunes losing local support?

Poll numbers for Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Tulare) are dropping quickly as constituents from both sides of the political aisle grow increasingly upset at the lack of access to their congressman.

Close Race Early

A survey of voters by the firm Public Policy Polling released Tuesday by the campaign to elect Democratic challenger Andrew Janz shows any candidate going up against Nunes has an almost even chance of beating the incumbent. The poll gives Nunes 50% of the vote, with 45% of the vote going to any unnamed Democrat that runs against him. Because the poll has a 4.1% margin of error, Nunes advantage could be as little as 1% or less.

“I’m more determined than ever to retire him in 2018,” Janz said.

The last time Nunes was reelected, his margin of victory over his Democratic opponent was 20 points. With the election still nearly six months in the future, Nunes support has already eroded by 25%.

Nunes is particularly at risk with independent voters, 61% of whom already plan to vote against him.

Nearly half of independents who might support him change their minds when presented with news reports of Nunes actions regarding the Trump-Russia investigation.

“This poll shows what I knew to be true when I announced last April,” Janz said. “Devin Nunes is vulnerable for a challenge this year due to his ethical missteps and complete dedication to protecting the president instead of serving the people of the Valley.”

Closed-Door Policy

At least one voter Nunes has been able to count on in the past is upset with the way the congressman is conducting business these days.

Amy Dickinson-Campbell, a Navy veteran who advocates for the rights of other veterans, was upset when she was met with a locked door when she made a recent visit to Nunes’s Visalia office.

“I was a little taken aback when they (Nunes’s staff) argued with me over the intercom,” she said.

She made it inside, using her status as a veteran to gain access.

“They answered the door for me, but I told them, ‘I stood the watch, I think you can answer the door for me,’” Dickinson-Campbell said. “I’m a veteran, and I advocate for other veterans. I was helping a veteran get a discharge upgrade.”

Limited Access

Dickinson-Campbell says Nunes’s staff told her they no longer allow visits to his office because of security concerns.

“I told them I would spread the word for them,” she said. “They said it’s for their own safety.”

What they didn’t tell Dickinson-Campbell is the policy resulted from the threat staff felt from constituents who dropped in unannounced to see Nunes and his staff members. When a group of clergy came without an appointment in September, Nunes’s office called the Visalia Police Department to have them removed.

“That’s weird,” she said. “I thought it was because he was on these (House of Representatives) committees.”

Others aren’t as privileged.

“Our friends, they came in after us, but apparently on their way in some people said, ‘Good luck, they (Nunes staff) never answer the door,’” Dickinson-Campbell said. “That’s just what the people in the hallway and building say.”

As a veteran, Dickinson-Campbell says she really isn’t impressed with the supposed threat posed by unannounced visits from constituents.

“‘I already did my time in the crucible with bomb threats. You can open the door,’” she said she told Nunes’s staff. “They really had no where to go with that.”

Possible Obstructions

Meanwhile, on the national front Nunes continues to draw fire for his actions in the House probe into alleged illegal Russian involvement in the 2016 US presidential elections.

The latest round of criticism includes comments from former White House Council John Dean, who served President Richard Nixon during the Watergate Scandal. Dean, in an interview with Politico, said he believes Nunes may be guilty of obstruction of justice for his interference with the House Intel Committee’s Trump-Russia investigation. Nunes is chair of that committee.

According to Politico and many other national media news outlets, a group of Republicans headed by Nunes has been meeting “secretly” in an effort to discredit the FBI and the Department of Justice. That, says Dean, strips them of immunity they would normally enjoy.

“Members of Congress in both the House and Senate have tried to use the speech and debate clause to protect themselves from everything from bribery to taking care of constituents with the executive branch, and been shown that clause is not that broad,” Dean told Politico. “I think they’re on dangerous ground.”

Rep. Adam Schiff, the ranking Democrat on the House Intel Committee, told CNN last week that Nunes is blocking subpoenas for dozens of witnesses who have information about the meeting at Trump Tower between representatives of the Russian government and members of the Trump transition team. Among the witnesses Nunes has refused to call is the president’s daughter Ivanka, as well as Donald Trump Jr.

“The chairman has a different agenda,” Schiff told the PBS News Hour.

While Nunes has not responded to repeated requests for an interview from the Valley Voice, his House Intel Committee spokesman Jack Langer, who also works directly for Nunes, issued a statement.

“The Committee is working to develop well-supported findings that will help protect the 2018 elections against hacking and other potential disruptions by foreign powers,” Langer wrote. “The Democrats, by contrast, are insisting on a ridiculous, endless investigation for public relations purposes, in order to distract from their inability to provide evidence for the wild arguments they’ve been making to the media all year.”

Locals Confused, Upset

Dickinson-Campbell, the local veterans advocate, isn’t sure what to make of Nunes’ recent behavior. To many locals, the Trump-Russia comings and goings are seen as a national issue that keeps Nunes from taking care of their business.

“Honestly, I don’t know what to think of him,” Dickinson-Campbell said. “I get the impression he doesn’t care what we think. He’ll do whatever it takes to keep him in office.”

While she likes what she’s seen of Nunes’ work on water rights, Dickinson-Campbell has no idea where her congressman stands on other important issues.

“I don’t know where he stands on things personally, because he doesn’t talk to us. That’s not helpful,” she said. “He hasn’t really done anything that’s really impressed me.”

Candidates Forum February 15

Those who want more information on the candidates seeking the 22nd District congressional seat will have a chance to hear them speak on Valley issues at a public forum at 7pm on February 15 at Reedley College, 995 N. Reed Avenue in Reedley.

Hosted by a range of local political groups, including the Visalia-based South Valley Civics, organizers have extended invitations to candidates from all parties, including Republicans, Democrats and Libertarians.

It is unknown if Nunes will participate. He has not attended a local open forum in more than a year.

South Valley Civics is also holding monthly vigils outside Nunes’ Visalia office at the corner of Church and Main streets. This month’s Nunes Watch Rally is set for 11:30am Tuesday, January 23.

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  1. So independents change their minds when presented with your interpretation of Devins Trump Russia so called involvement, hmmmm sounds like you are unethically trying to skew the results and have your own agenda regarding this story. Sorry the veteran didn’t get their way and as much as I respect our veterans maybe they should have called in advance as it is pretty well known Republican offices have been threatened in the past, and did you talk to any of the people in the building to check if it was true regarding other people allowed in? Did you check before you printed here-say? Exactly what was the demeanor of the veteran? Two sides to every story.
    Did you happen to ask the staff how many threats they have received? And no I don’t have any connection to his office. If any of you read or watch national news you would know what Devin has been doing. Do you people want to really add ANOTHER. Democrat! My God people just look what they have done to the state of California or any other state they control. Sorry Valley voice sounds like your nose is bent out of shape. What’s the real story here I remember awhile back people coming to this area from out side his district trying to find dirt on Devin, hope you do your fact checking before you print.

  2. If you love the idea of Trump more than the ideas of morality, truth, and justice and are more than willing to look the other way when the lack thereof is evident…… then you just might be the kind of person who would support Nunes.

    If you love the idea of going to any lengths to obstruct and interfere in the House of Representative’s investigation on Russian interference in our elections …… then you just might be the kind of person who would support Nunes.

    If you love the idea of your Representative only meeting with those who are high dollar contributors to his campaign money chest, refusing to attend your Town Hall meetings, instructing or at the very least encouraging his staff to treat constituents as trespassers in order to discourage any face-to-face meetings in the unlikely event that he would actually drop by his office…..then you just might be the kind of person who would support Nunes.

    If you love the idea of paying the salary of someone who treats you as if you are “disposable cat litter” you are most certainly getting your monies worth…… and you will keep on supporting Nunes.

  3. Yes Barbara you have studied the Democratic talking points quite well. So please explain why California is in the shape it’s in under total Democratic control hmmmm? Unless you think California is on the right track with the highest poverty level, highest gas prices, sanctuary state allowing unlawfulness and on and on. I for one have faith people will open their eyes to the destruction the Democratic Party brings to this state and others. Vote Devin unless you want this area to become another San Francisco, Los Angeles and sorry to say San Diego. And please stop the Democratic class warfare it gets old.

  4. My so called talking points are MY personal opinions……I don’t regurgitate political rhetoric, I do my own thinking. Please list all that Devin Nunes has created and accomplished for California as a whole. While you are at it please list all that Devin Nunes has created and accomplished for Tulare County. I’m not talking about taking credit for work others have accomplished but what he has actually done on his own. I know of nothing that that Devin Nunes has ever done to make any major positive impact for California much less for Tulare County so please Mr. Truth, enlighten me. Of course he did vote to raise our taxes so that could have possibly made you happier. As far as California being the worst State in the Union, this State is far from being perfect and I have disagreed with many things that Democrats have brought to bear, just as I have when the Republicans ran the show. By the way, if San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego are as bad as you say then why in the world are they so highly sought out by millions of Californians and also by many from other States to visit, vacation, work, etc.? Perhaps you might try broadening your outlook. I could say that you need to get to know people who actually live outside of your small rural neighborhood in Tulare County but more than likely your neighborhood is just fine… is your small rural mind that needs broadening.

  5. Last comment I was born and raised in a large metropolitan city and came to this area out of college much has changed in 40 years ,so I do know where I speak. If you watch the news you will see people and business are leaving this state due to high taxes and it’s unfriendliness to business and it’s insane liberal views , you think a state with the highest poverty in the nation is doing a bang up job? Maybe in your part of the world everything is rainbows and sunshine . I think you need to ask what has Gov Brown, Feinstein, and Pelosi have done they are the majority. We can agree to disagree I think a state that is close to bankruptcy and a recession ain’t doing so hot.

    how many have left for Texas! Sought out by millions! Really? sought out by illegals and liberal millionaires that increased taxes have no affect on.

    • The article was about support for Devin Nunes NOT BROWN, FEINSTEIN, OR PELOSI! My question again: “Please list all that Devin Nunes has created and accomplished for California as a whole. While you are at it please list all that Devin Nunes has created and accomplished for Tulare County. I’m not talking about taking credit for work others have accomplished but what he has actually done on his own.” If you have no specific knowledge to answer my question questions just say so!

    • You mixed state government officials with national government officials. For someone that claims they care about and understand politics better than others that is an dumb mistake. Feinstein is in the Senate MINORITY. Pelosi is HOUSE MINORITY LEADER. They are not the MAJORITY in Congress. You are confusing the state legislature with Congress rookie move. You did get the governor right at least. Devin Nunes is an accomplice to our traitor President. If he is not voted out of office I will have lost all hope for my hometown of tulare

  6. It is very clear that Devin Nunes is doing everything he can to obstruct the Special Counsel’s investigation into a broad range of issues that includes election hacking, collusion with Russian operatives, obstruction of justice and (the one that Trump is most afraid of) money laundering. It is also clear that he is doing this in an oafish and incompetent manner that is transparent to all. The people of the valley deserve someone who truly represents their interests and who respects the rule of law, not a craven opportunist trying to curry favor with a president under investigation.

  7. There is proof of Nunes’ obstruction in the transcript of the house IC’s meeting with Glenn Simpson on November 8.

    Simpson’s attorneys met with intelligence committee staff to discuss his voluntary cooperation, presented a letter from the Senate IC leadership outlining the terms under which he had testified before their committee, and offered to testify under the same terms.

    Instead Nunes issued a subpeona the following day. Then when contacted by Simpson’s attorneys in an attempt to set parameters for the interview he refused, effectively ensuring no testimony would be given.

    Only after Adam Schiff called the committee leadership out on the record for their obstruction did they agree to the exact same terms offered initially by Simpson and agreed to previously by the senate intelligence and judiciary committees.

    Nunes signed that subpoena. He hid all of this from the ranking member and other democrats on the committee – they only learned of it as a result of litigation pursued by Simpson relating to house IC subpoenas.

    It would be nice to see an examination of these documents and issues in the local media. I think the voters of District 22 deserve it.

    • While there are some really great Independent candidates out there, Independents are not a realistic option, yet. Voting for them will only weaken any chance of removing Nunes (a Trump wannabe) from office.

      For now, the only party that’s strong enough to stand against this joke of a party (Republican) is the Democratic party.

      Let’s cut down the Republican majority first. Then, we can try to bring in more Independents.

  8. Nunes spends far too much energy interfering with the Mueller Investigation and slinging mud. Why?? What is his endgame?? I am very concerned about his latest move to expose someone that has helped with many National Security issues. This person has worked for both the US and many of its allies. Nunes and his friends have no business demanding access to classified documents and what amounts to Mueller’s playbook map as he moves through all the possible crimes committed by various people with Russian links. The only reason he wants this information is so he can do like he did before and leak all this information to the White House and it’s associate criminals.

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