2018 Women’s March Takes Place in Visalia

One year after nationwide Women’s Marches in reaction to the inauguration of President Donald Trump, protests have once again sprang up nationwide — including an event in Tulare County.

Men, women and children came together at College of Sequoias’ Visalia campus, marching for women’s rights and in opposition to the Trump administration.

Early estimates counted a thousand participants at the Visalia event; many in attendance stated that the president is “openly racist, anti-LGBT, and anti-immigrant.”

Marchers didn’t just focus their frustrations on the president. Many also expressed frustration with local Congressman Devin Nunes; one marcher called him “a joke.”

Pro-life counter-protesters also attended the event.

“I understand that women have their concerns, but most women are pro-life,” one pro-life protester said.

One anti-abortion sign read “Stop killing babies.”

Marchers followed a path from the Visalia campus to Tulare Street, making a loop back to the campus while chanting various slogans, including “women’s rights are human rights,” “my body my choice,” and “no more hate makes America great.”

While most returned to the campus to listen to various speakerrs, another group of protesters continued the march to Walnut Avenue.

The speakers — mostly students at the college — addressed sexual harassment and assault. One speaker stated that 60% of women, and 50% of men, in colleges worldwide are sexually harassed or abused.

Another female speaker shared her trip to Kevin McCarthy’s office in Washington D.C and how she had been arrested for what she claimed were unknown reasons.

Officers from the College of the Sequoias PD were present for security at the request of march organizers.

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  1. The really sad part is that these young people really do not understand how much power they do already have and how bad it will be if Trumpster takes is back to the 1950’s ways. Couldn’t buy a house, car, tubes tied, etc. Always had to have the hubby’s signature. BS. Personally after living thru that time, I will be damned if I let Cheetoman take us there….GOP better pay attention. In case they have not checked…women outnumber those idiots!

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