Lindsay Community Theater presenting Superheroes Unite

The Lindsay Community Theater presents the 2018 Hot Dog Melodrama Theater. The play is entitled Superheroes Unite and is a spoof of all the superhero movies and television shows that are so popular right now. Show dates are January 19, 20, 26, and 27 at 7:30pm and January 20 at 2pm. Prices are $10 for adults and $5 for students. As a special bonus anyone wearing a superhero costume to the play receives a free hot dog or nacho at the snack bar. Tickets are available at or at the box office 45 minutes before curtain.

The story is about a small town with a crime problem that the police force can’t keep up with. The Mayor (Brace Loeffler) and Deputy Mayor (Chris Shepard) decide that what the town needs is a superhero. This does not sit well with the police commissioner (Shane Rangel) or his assistant (Elizabeth Johnson.)

The Mayor decides to hold auditions for a superhero, but since all the really popular superheroes are already taken, Superman, Batman, Flash, etc., the list of candidates is a cut below. The auditions end up being a cross between America’s Got Talent and the Gong Show, with a little Survivor thrown in for good measure.

The superhero contestants are Curatio, who quotes Shakespeare (Ethan Willett), Allegro, super speedster (Jade Franco), Tempo, who controls time (Gage Phipps), Cannonball, who can turn things to lead (Erik Tyler), Titania, who is super strong (Kiannah Vasquez), Dr. Do-a-lot, clueless animal whisperer (Steve Ross), Cacophony, super loud (Elisa Salinas), Irony Maiden, antagonistic (Alli Smith), Mesmer, mind-reader (John Anthony), The Supplier, has everything you need (Jacci West), Stevie, sidekick of the Ninja (LilyAnn Keeton).

When an evil super-villain (Chris Shepard) and his gang (Benjamin Satko and Meghan Johnson) threaten the town, however, the superheroes unite with the aid of the mysterious Ninja (George Pearce) to save the day, albeit in a somewhat hilarious fashion. This play is suitable for children of all ages.

The Lindsay Community Theater is located at 190 N Elmwood in the heart of downtown Lindsay. For information call 284 2223 or

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