Chinese New Year fair to be held in Visalia on February 17

Celebrate Visalia Annual Chinese New Year Fair 2018, Year of the Dog! Sponsored by Center for Integrated Medicine and the Asian Cultural Society on Saturday, February 17, 12:00 – 4pm at 816 W. Oak Avenue in Visalia.

Bring your friends and family to this educational and cultural–and free–program. Activities at this year’s program include the following; Chinese Wishing Trees, Lion Dance (children 12 years and under), Children’s Art Activity Booth (Chinese kite coloring, Chinese horoscope calendar, lantern making, dragon face decoration), Trays of Unity (Auspicious foods for the New Year Blessing), Confucius Box of Knowledge, Chopstick Picking- Up- Beans Contest (Awards for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Place), Tricky Tray Raffles, Tea Tasting, Rescue Dog Vendors, Food Vendors, Interactive Chinese Medicine booth (Choose your acupuncture point, herb, nutritional food), Dog Photo Booth (Chinese photo props will be provides), Chinese Folk Music, Dragon Parade (if time permits), plus many more.

While some booths are No Charge, others require the purchase of Activity Tickets to participate, prices range from $2.00 – $5.00 each. A Promotional Gift will be given for purchase $30.00 or more in Activity Tickets!

ACS (Asian Cultural Society) was established in 2003 by Dr. Kwong, co-founder, owner and physician of Traditional Chinese Medicine at Center for Integrated Medicine (CIM) located in Visalia. ACS was established as a subsidiary to CIM. The initial intent with ACS was to provide cultural workshops to CIM intern doctors, staff and patients. As years passed ACS has included the public in its cultural programs, therefore ACS became a community-based non-profit organization.

One of the major annual events hosted by ACS is Visalia’s Chinese New Year. This celebration event is popular and benefits the communities of Central California, especially Tulare County in the following ways,

Participants acquire appreciation, knowledge and understanding of the Chinese culture referring to Chinese Nationals (China), over-seas Chinese (UK, Latin America, Australia, Canada and other parts of Asia ) as well as Chinese Americans, Taiwan and Singapore.

Recognition and service to the Chinese/ Asian community.

Preserve the common interests of the South Valley’s Chinese community.

Foster a friendship and camaraderie between Chinese and people of all backgrounds.

ACS in the past had some assistance from Visalia Community Arts Grant; unfortunately, this year is different. Dr. Kwong greatly appreciates your participation at this event. All proceeds will go to off-set the cost of this program. Without local support, quality cultural and educational programs like this would not have been possible.

Celebrate the themes of Luck, Prosperity, Luck, Happiness and Good Fortune.

Gung Hei Faat Choy! (To wish you prosperity). Shen Tai Geen Hong! (To wish you good health), Shen Neen Fat Lok (To wish you a happy new year). Please wear something red to the event. Call 625-4246 for more information.

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