Despite Internal Rumblings, Tulare Police Remain Dedicated

There is a lot of turmoil within the Tulare Police Department and the city administration these days.

But the officers of the PD, from top to bottom, want the public to know, the safety of the city and its citizens remains the force’s top priority.

“Stuff like this does have an effect on morale [of those within the department],” said Interim-Police Chief Barry Jones, “but I want to stress this will not hinder patrol, or change in any way [the duties of the department].”

With the recent addition of six officers, there are more than 80 sworn police officers serving the city. Safety is their Number One priority, Jones said.

Similarly, Chief Wes Hensley, who is currently on paid administrative leave, said, he would like all residents of Tulare to know that he has full confidence in the Tulare Police Department.

“Every member of the department will continue to serve and protect residents of the community regardless of the current political situation,” he said.

Further, Detective James Kelly, who is the Tulare Police Officers’ Union president, agrees.

“Our Number One goal is to provide for the city and keep it safe” he said. “Outside the walls [of the department] we do a good job and get the job done.”

All comment they hope there will be a swift resolution to the matter of Hensley, along with TPD Capt. Fred Ynclan and Lt. Jerod, being placed on paid administrative leave in recent months.

It should be noted that internal problems within a police or sheriff department is not unique nor new.

In back issues of PORAC Law Enforcement (Peace Officers Research Association of California) similar issues including labor issues, and issues between officers and command staff are often addressed.

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