20th Annual CyberQuest event Saturday, December 2

WHAT: CyberQuest is a technology-based competition that provides teams of students in grades 4 – 12 the opportunity to consider complex issues, propose solutions and communicate their proposals to a panel of judges. Student teams have three weeks to prepare for the competition. Earlier this month, team coaches were given access to the following presentation scenario:

“Create a concept for a fictional superhero who, by his or her actions, revises the course of history. Place your superhero into a historical event or period of your choice, within the parameters of the history/social science content standards for your grade level. State your superhero’s unique superpowers and/or abilities, assessing how he/she could have altered the course of history, thereby demonstrating your knowledge related to historically significant events. Be sure to include historically accurate chronology, geography, alternate points of view, and cause and effect as part of your presentation. You are encouraged to use the design thinking process to help create your historical superhero.”

WHO: Thirty-eight teams of students from 12 schools are expected to compete.

WHEN: Saturday, December 2; 8am – 1:30pm

WHERE: TCOE Administration Building, 6200 S. Mooney Blvd., Visalia


At the Event:

Photo: Students presenting their projects to panels of judges.

Video: Talk to students and/or teachers about their projects.


Students are expected to showcase the 21st century skills essential to succeed in today’s cyber-rich world. Teams gather information from the Internet, magazines, interviews, books, videos and other resources in order to research and develop recommendations for previously assigned scenarios. The recommendations are presented in multimedia formats and are evaluated by a panel of judges. Teams whose presentations are judged as the best in their respective categories are awarded trophies and medals for superior work. For further information about CyberQuest, visit the Tulare County Office of Education website at www.tcoe.org/cyberquest, or contact Katherine Goyette at (559) 651-3008.

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