HCCA Employees Report Withheld Final Checks

Employees wait outside the Tulare Regional Medical Center’s Allied Building for their paychecks.

UPDATE: Employees of HCCA were paid Friday after a failure to pay on Thursday.

Employees of Healthcare Conglomerate Associates were lined up Thursday afternoon waiting for their final paychecks — but no checks were being provided, they say.

Instead of receiving their pay, they received a greeting from security guards posted at Tulare Regional Medical Center’s Allied Building. The company’s CEO has stated the employees would be paid Friday.

“We are all standing here but the building is all locked up,” one employee said.

Dr. Benny Benzeevi, the company’s CEO, stated that the failure to pay employees rested squarely with the Tulare Local Healthcare District, the legal entity which owns Tulare Regional. However, the hospital’s employees are HCCA’s under a management contract between the two entities.

“This is yet another example of the consequences of the Board’s irresponsible actions,” Benzeevi told the Voice. “And, once again, HCCA has to step in and clean up their mess.”

Employees that spoke to the Voice on the condition of anonymity said that they were previously instructed to pick up their last checks at 1pm today at the hospital’s human resources office.

“They have notes posted at the hospital on the door and security posted at the doors not allowing employees in to pick up their paychecks that are still owed to them,” one employee told the Voice.

The checks were to include left over vacation and sick pay.

The employees that contacted the Voice spanned multiple departments. All said they weren’t getting their checks.

Kevin Northcraft, Chairman of the Tulare Local Healthcare District’s Board of Directors, said he’d received word that employees weren’t being paid as well.

“I got several messages about the paychecks. Just despicable,” he said. “I am fairly sure that HCCA got a government check of 1.3 million dollars in the last three weeks. I am so sorry that the employees are suffering through no fault of their own.”

One employee in a position to be aware claimed that Benzeevi was withholding the checks.

“He is the sole person,” the employee said

Employees also claimed that Alan Germany, the company’s chief financial officer, said that he was not allowed to release the checks.

“Human resources personnel left early and we were met by security guards and the HR is all locked up,” another said.

“We have families to feed,” he said. “We need to get paid.”


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  1. HCCA has the money. How is Germany not “allowed “ to release the checks when the money is owed? Benzeevi isn’t going to respond because he is probably laughing all the way to the bank! He has done a lot of damage to a lot of people that did all he asked of them! Hope KARMA catches up with him soon.

    • Don’t get your panties in a twist . Everyone got paid today. People need to chill out. The hospital may not open , go get another job !

  2. Yes, correct per administration,HR was not allowed to distribute the employees checks. Not really surprised here fits perfectly into his vindictive personality. If any of you ever have a rare Benzeevi sighting please ask him what was he packing in his suv last week as observed by many employees.

      • Funny you should say that, I went to administration once and I could see his office and it was that way very empty. Strange thing is on a TV interview that appeared to be in his home iwas very barren. Glass shelves empty, nothing on the counters – just different.

  3. Very sad, we all work very hard to help lift up what’s been damaged and in the end we are, like most have said the children caught in an ugly divorce. Bottom line, you work, you have an agreement, you honor it…, and you pay. INTEGRITY! We come to work in good faith that each bump is the last, and yet there’s another, and another, and we’ll shoot now it’s like there’s no road just broken pavement reaching a dead end. Good staff that have held on to Grace will leave. We are TIRED of being TIRED and can only hold on to help our community for so long until we have to do what is best for ourselves and our families. A vary sad situation indeed.

  4. Today they were supposed to hand out our final checks after 1. Some of us even called Hr to confirm if they were going to be handing them out. Guess what this crooked hospital did to us!! Yep they didn’t pay us! Left before 1 (so no employee can go inside the HR department). We had to hear it from our security that there were no checks!!!!!!!

  5. Maybe someone should get a court order for cell phone records of Kumar and his bud Benny would be interesting to see how many phone calls there were to each other’s cell phones during the maneuvering and committing of fraud before HCCA was awarded the contract. Follow the money honey!

    • Benny is a much more sensitive soul than you give him credit for. Remember, the Visalia Times Delta reported that Benny was deeply hurt that board meetings were scheduled on Jewish holidays. What a spiritual fellow!

  6. All unpaid employees should head straight to the Labor Board, then the courthouse to file a claim/lawsuit!!
    Why no one has sought the advice of an attorney and filed a lawsuit against this crook is beyond me.
    The first bounced check or non payment, I would have been out of there and sued him for all he is worth!! Good luck to the employees.

  7. why aren’t the employees contacting the labor board. This is California we love laws, there are tons of labor laws protecting employees. I could be wrong but I’m pretty sure if they don’t pay you your final check on time you could be entitled to “waiting time penalties” which can be up to 30 days worth of pay.

  8. why aren’t the employees contacting the labor board. This is California we love laws, there are tons of labor laws protecting employees. I could be wrong but I’m pretty sure if they don’t pay you your final check on time you could be entitled to “waiting time penalties” which can be up to 30 days worth of pay.

    • Finial check would be November 27 official day of termination, at that time I believe (correct me if I’m wrong here). All owed pto must be paid at that time, however he thinks himself above the law so who really knows.

      • He is breaking so many laws, you must be paid be paid within 7 days of the pay period cut which assuming last Saturday means he has until this Saturday to pay the employees.

        The WARN letter was done incorrectly, you just can’t give 3 day notice and close, unless for certain reasons that were not met.

        You also can’t lay people off with a further notice date, take away their work and ask them to use their PTO.

        Remember this is HCCA – your employer – not the hospital. Hospital has no money to pay anyone because he took it all.

        • HCCA didn’t close the hospital , the BOARD did. HCCA is required by law to let employees know by a WARN letter. Since the BOARD went after HCCA and got rid of them , it got rid of all the employees who are also HCCA.

  9. So correct me if I’m wrong, but they (HCCA) let you all go! By law they had 48 hrs from the tge tine they let you go to pay you all they iwed you! Not you next oay day, thats only if you quit! Go to the Laber Board!!!

    • They haven’t officially layed us all off, we just received a letter warning us of a mass layoff in late October. They just told us not to return to work. Absolutely ridiculous. But in my heart I know this is all because or negligent, corrupt leadership (HCCA) that really didn’t want us to succeed so hopefully now that they are gone we can all move on with our lives and give tulare the hospital we deserve.

      • If you are told not to return to work you are laid off. They are paying healthcare until Nov 27. That seems like a severance benefit not employment. Besides we couldn”t apply for nor collect unemployment unless we are unemployed. The checks are late including for PTO. (Sick leave isn’t earned so i don’t think they have to pay you for it at all.)

      • How about all the people that didn’t want the hospital to succeed that supported the Board?. Duel blame in my opinion , no good leadership all around

  10. According to the State of California they have 3 business days to pay you your last check including PTO. They are already late. If everyone complians to the labor department they will come in and make sure you get paid and there can be a fine to HCCA for not paying you in time.

  11. Concerned RN many of these employees have never experienced working for an employer (and his support group )who is by all accounts a crook. These employees had only 3 days notice they were no longer employed these poor employees are in limbo and stunned and many falling into depression , many have never been unemployed and now are filling out unemployment papers and looking for jobs plus worrying if they will have health insurance, and if they do how are they going to pay for it then arriving at work for a paycheck that they were told would be there and isn’t, just ,heartbreaking to see such sad worried employees and friends in such pain….The caregivers that now need the care. The last thing in the long list of things that need to be done is contacting an attorney, it would be helpful if an attorney would pop in here and suggest what options the employees have at this point. All this pain lays squarely on the shoulders of Benzeevi and Kumar NOT on the new board as some have claimed. Benzeevi was quoted as stating he would help in the transition, Lies upon lies he is a pathological case study and if the checks were printed and ready to be released and he didn’t allow it……that speaks for itself.

    • No one really knows, initially he acted like he was a player but then Benny acted like he is a Lone Ranger. No one believes that.

  12. There also needs to be some worrying about the safety of the remaining administrative employees still there on site. Employees not getting paid are going to be very upset and will be coming in for answers. Police need to be on site tomorrow for them. They are not the ones responsible for any of this mess.
    Just a concerned resident of Tulare who feels for what the employees are going through.

    • SOS the employees are not a mob and they have every right to answers so please stop implying trouble is brewing, just need to inform you that some of the staff of administration are not so innocent and were his little informers. Would have been more appropriate to have the police present at the forums when employees were continually bullied by implied threats! Don’t worry SOS I have faith that the employees of tulare district hospital will behave themselves

  13. CA State Code Section: 1090.
    (a) Members of the Legislature, state, county, district, judicial district, and city officers or employees shall not be financially interested in any contract made by them in their official capacity, or by any body or board of which they are members. Nor shall state, county, district, judicial district, and city officers or employees be purchasers at any sale or vendors at any purchase made by them in their official capacity.

  14. This new board and accomplices pushed Benny to the limit….As per Xavier Avilas on fb pg, his goal was to make Benny and HCCA leave …. There you go, what is your plan now? So sorry for all employees caught in this big mess. This board should have thought twice about the consequences. You dont bad mouth an hospital to destruction and think they are just going to walk away.

    • Oh my gosh, reread your comment. Would you rather people keep paying for his incompetence? Take off the blinders he had no clue how to operate a hospital and he did what he was expected to do – run the hospital into the ground so he could pick it up for pennies on the dollar. Read the contract.

      • Name one positive thing said about HCCA from day one? This witch hunt to get rid of HCCA and take down the hospital was always the plan for those supporters of Northcraft.

    • Do your really believe that a hospital an be “bad mouthed’ to destruction? Are you saying that the greed and poor management by HCCA has nothing to do with the current sad situation? And the plan is to reopen the hospital under the management of the community of Tulare through their elected representatives on the Board. Sounds like a good plan to me.

    • Mimi please explain what qualifications Benny had to manage a hospital? And if your angry maybe you need to redirect those feelings towards the PAST board who allowed this monster to exist in the first place. He had no business running the ER and most definitely had no business managing a hospital! He is a self serving goon. You are very misinformed if you think he would have been successful if he “ just had a chance” He cared nothing for this community or the employees except for his informers which I’m sure he has already kicked to the curb. Moving forward we need to support this board and let the law do its work and hopefully bring him,along with his helpers to justice

        • Wow you are confused. Jones was hired by Benzeevi and he ran far from this mess and is currently working elsewhere very successfully. Shimimoto got the revenue stream moving for the scant period of time he was there.

          The old board is Kumar.

  15. Mimi..
    The new board did think of the consequences. Making sure the crooks are ran out of town so a new hospital can come in soon is the PLAN!!

    Sure will be nice for these employees when the new hospital is up. They won’t have to run to crooked Benny’s bank on payday to cash their paychecks out of fear the check is not good like they used to have to do.

    So, mimi….getting nervous about that audit that is in the works?

  16. Mimi must be one of his followers or the man himself. Dr Benzeevi got caught with his had in the copkie jar so he is going to make everyone pay. He is being vindictive. Southern Inyo kicked him out too. Luckly they did have as much to lose.

    • Benzeevi is definitely commenting, not sure which one. Instead of answering for what he has done he hides in the comments section here which would be hilarious if it wasn’t so pathetic

  17. Who is this mystery misguided Mimi. Obviously you missed the last 3years. Anyway. He is gone out never to return. He is not mis understood. He took this hospital for all he could. If you think otherwise you are living under a rock

  18. HCCA van showed up to the hillman clinic today and left with a bunch of equipment. Keep an eye out while the looting continues at other facilities.

  19. It’s not looting, with no security we have to ensure items are not stolen by local transients. Know your facts. The van belongs to the district despite its logo.

  20. Your dad knows the individual who was working on securing the clinic. They have been employed for 23 years and would not be part of any theft. An apology is in order

    • When is crooked Benny going to apologize to the employees for not handing out their checks yesterday?

      The “coward”, Crooked Benny, could not even tell the employees himself! Had to have a security guard tell them of all people!

      An apology is in order! But I would not hold my breath on that. Crooks never apologize..

  21. I wonder if Dr Kumar and Dr Begreedy received a paycheck?
    To all employees, PLEASE go to the labor board! The more government agencies we get involved in this mess, the more attention it draws! One way or another, financials WILL come out. My sympathies to the employees that have held this hospital together.

  22. The staff would not allow anything to happen. We are people of Integrity and I can assure you nothing was stolen only secured. If you’d like the number to the individual please ke me know he is willing to tell you exactly what he did… Secured premises only!!!

  23. Also, unless you walk a straight line and are perfect, stop bad mouthing individuals. Keep ur nose clean all of this negativity needs to stop. Stop talking about the board, stop talking about benzeevi… STOP talking! Ur ignorance is annoying

    • Pleasegetitright…

      Oh – ok…let’s all stop talking about Crooked benny!!

      What to know what annoying is? EMPLOYEES NOT GETTING PAID ON THEIR PAYDAY!!

      Source tells me that they will possibly get a check today. So if that is true than Benny had the money the whole time and used the employees as pawns in his little game?

      Or is it that it is a holiday and the checks can’t be cashed at crooked benny’s bank so gives him more time?

      Which one do you think it is? Either one is pretty bad and WILL be talked about.

      Also, why do crooks, as a last chance, always turn into preachers and start talking in scripture?

      “”””We are people of Integrity”””


      • WoW! That’s not very “holy” of you…lol

        Seems the bank is open today and closed tomorrow so that answers the question that Crooked Benny had the money the whole time. What a snake!!! Didn’t even address the employees yesterday after telling them the checks would be there..

        And they did not even give the whole pay to people. They left out the PTO (vacation pay) telling the employees to pick it up the 27th as they were not terminated yet!!

        Employees have not worked there the last 2 weeks yet they are not terminated yet?

      • You are right on!!! I did not think of that. Benny did wait until Friday to pay employees because the banks WERE CLOSED for the holiday! He made the staff suffer Thursday and Friday. People had to wait until Saturday to wait to run to his bank to cash their checks. What a snake.

      • No, what’s annoying… well disgusting actually, is this new board closing the hospital when other options would have worked.

        Most of you people could care less about the workers, you’re just happy HCCA is gone. The ends justifies the means. Good on you…

        • What other options – Benny’s supposed loan that he never gave any data about? Do you really think $20 million would have solved it. That would have just bought him more time and fattened up his bank account.

          Educate yourself.

  24. Let God and let Go! Thy will be done. Stop speculating it is out of ur control let the court settle it, you are not in a position to judge unless u want to be judged.

  25. Integrity is not scripture it is s characteristic. I was referring to the wrongful employee being blamed for theft. And if I am a Christian and choose to use scripture that is my right!

    • I don’t think an employee was being blamed. Crooked Benny can tell an employee to do something – load something – but what is crooked Benny doing after the employee leaves?

          • Th only person you are trying to defend is Crooked Benny!!! It is obvious you care nothing for the employees, for if you did you would see how holding the employees checks, again, is nothing short of psychotic!!

            If you cared about the employees you would see that behavior as nothing short of crooked and spiteful to innocent employees. Stressing out employees yesterday with them wondering how to feed their children with no grocery money.

            If you cared about the employees you would have been outraged that the dirty rat didn’t even have the guts to talk to the employees yesterday and had a security guard tell them there are no checks.

            So please spare us the “a care about employees” carp! Only one side you are trying to protect here and that is Crooked Benny and gang!!

            Crooked Benny had the money the whole time and used and still is using them as pawns.

      • Keep practicing the godly way and maybe teach it to Crooked Benny?. I hear those in orange jumpsuits have a tendency to become “born again” after being in the poky for awhile.

        • I didn’t get paid either but I’m not going to get myself upset about it. The problem was fixed that’s what matters I don’t dwell on the past.

          • A problem is “fixed” when it becomes fixed! When a problem is broken week after week it is not fixed….

            Maybe you have the luxury of not having to worry or as you say “not get myself upset about it”, over a paycheck not coming through.

            And this was not as if there was a person there to tell the employees that , yes!, you will get the check tomorrow”

            No, this was a showing up on the day HCCA told employees to show up for a check and when they get there a security guard tells them that there were no checks. The average person, not the ones like you with an attitude that its no big deal, had no idea if they even would get paid at that point and had not worked for two weeks. Not even some info to let the employees know they would get paid today.

            And then he pays them today that shows he had the money the whole time and that whole charade was nothing but a warped individual screwing over the employees.

            Again you show your true “christian ways”. Uncaring – “as long as I am ok – who cares” attitude. I guess it is no concern to you either the employees still didn’t get their whole check what they are due. Guess they say that is in another 2 weeks? So this is far from dwelling on the past – it is unfinished business and crooked Benny will continue to get called out while you chumps protecting him keep showing your true colors..exposure!

          • You are clearly misinterpreting what I was trying to say. That is why I tend to not get involved because ppl cannot read expression in text. I do care I also was upset, but driving myself into a nervous breakdown does no good, not for me or my family so I’m just trying to keep positive through all this negativity that’s all nothing more. And believe me it is hard to do I just happen to have a great circle of family and friends that help get me through each day.

        • I’m not as Christian as “Pleasegetitright”, so listen here you smucks. if someone wants to defend another coworker because they know the facts, that’s their right. has nothing to do with Benny.

    • Which means he had the money the whole time!

      What a sleazy snake!! After everyone shows up to get their check yesterday he decides to not cut the checks out. That should tell everyone the character of this CROOK!!

  26. Don’t you wish the teaching hospital chain had been approved instead of HCCA? Power of Benzeevi and Kumar. Remember Benzeevi’s mischievous glee at that meeting? When admin was told they all had to buy that stupid book, everyone knew greed was the primary factor.

    • Not if you are talking about Bridgewater. The two behind it were FIRED from the teaching hospitals as their CEOs. I asked a few people at USC and they said good riddance to the one they fired. Don’t ever want him back either. The other was fired from UCLA.

      Community Medical Centers has money and would have been a great choice. At least they are now in the process of getting TRMC’s license back up and running. Their biggest delay is acquiring the financial information to be added to their plan.

        • As soon as the California Department of Public health approves their license application. The hold up was the financials which Benzeevi failed to turn over in a timely manner. Had he done so when first ordered by the bankruptcy court who knows how much quicker this process could have been.

          Kevin Northcraft does not have a magic crystal ball to say exactly when this gets approved and CMC can get the license to open from the CDPH. Blame Benzeevi for not cooperating in turnimg over vital information.

  27. pleasegetitright…

    Nothing was misinterpeted in what you said….

    Pleasegetitright says:
    November 10, 2017 at 8:49 am

    It’s not looting, with no security we have to ensure items are not stolen by local transients. Know your facts. The van belongs to the district despite its logo.

    “We” all know who you are protecting. I’m sure thankful my great family and “friends” do not include snakes like Crooked bennie and Gang…

    But you know the old saying, birds of a feather flock together…

  28. I was asked by the individual to clear his name. Next time he can do it himself being dragged into this is ridiculous and again I was only trying to clarify to Corey on his behalf that nothing was taken end of story. I don’t flock with any birds… I soar on my own high and proud.

  29. My comment was aimed at Corey, the employee in question asked me to speak on his behalf… something I will not involve myself in again. This has gotten off topic and out of control. I am not protecting anyone just trying to clear the poor workers name. Also, I don’t flick with any birds I soar high and proud on my own.

  30. I was asked to help clear his name I will no longer get involved it wasn’t my issue in the first place just trying to help, also I don’t flock I soar proud on my own 2 feet

  31. For the last and final time… I was protecting an innocent employee who was doing his legitimate work as scheduled with no shady business as was implied. Moving forward I will help him create an account so he can argue his own battle.

  32. Just to say people post thing that are not true all they have to do is just ask that’s all there is nothing wrong doing a job I’m here to work and keep things running so the hospital would not have to meet new codes and standards referring back to Corey Mcphetridge comment. Pleasegetitright was only vouching for me

  33. Everyone needs to calm down, stop the accusations, stick together and give all the support we can to our new board. They are working day and night to right this mess. If you think something doesn’t seem or look right, call one of the board members or if necessary, the police.

  34. Just a thought.., how about just shut up. You have no idea what you’re talking about. You must be one of those pathetic people who sit at home with nothing better to do but stir the pot. Get a life, yes people lost their jobs it’s Awful but sometimes when one door closes another opens for a reason. Try and be positive in this ugly matter. How about you put your energy into the board that wants to open Evolutions before the hospital… that’s insane. People are at risk of dying everyday that hospital stays closed.

    • Lost. Did it ever occur to you that evolution makes money And what is needed right now Is cash flow to get the hospital going. Your anger should be toward the old board (Kumar,wilborne etc..). That sign a bogus contract that gave Benzeevi ( and Kumar indirectly) all the power which has led to what we have today……. you want to talk about INSANE read the contract

  35. It’s funny the citizens always told the public the hospital will never be shut or closed and look what has happened!!! That hospital should have never shut down for one day. It’s obvious that the CFHA don’t care if a child needs help if they were to stop breathing or if something else should happen. Don’t say it’s not shut down it’s only suspended.
    Suspended, shut down, not operating business at usual is all the same. Well CFHA you helped with that!!!!

    • That is so not true! From the beginning, we were told it may get worse before it is better. There may have to be a closure before it can be turned around. I remember reading it and I remember hearing it. People, Bensleezy and his gang are trying to rial you up. Don’t play their game!

    • Actually Lost it was well thought out. Benny was trying to force a shut down to get more money to line his pockets. A shut down could have been the death nail for the hospital. By suspended the license the board was able to gain leverage over Benny’s threats and still avoid a permanent closure for a temporary close. It was the best of a bad situation.

      • No, they just needed to approve the loan. Now the new board owns 400+ unemployed Tulare people. But hey, at least HCCA is gone. We won!!!

  36. Citizens accountability made this statement on fb to Benny

    (Let’s make one thing clear: virtually no one in our community believes a single word that comes from your mouth.)

    First of all do NOT speak for the prople of Tulare. Eho do you yjink you are?? Myself and others do NOT believe a single word post on your page. You guys are now so frustrated and finally you show what this was all about! Good luck cause you need a lot of it hahaha

  37. At least people had jobs……what a mess.
    They thought this was a game but they were in for a big surprise.
    But just look at their level of success!
    What about the ones behind the scene?? They must feel pretty stupid now.

  38. Really Mickey you have no idea what was going on there, I guarantee you the state would have closed them down by now. HCCA could not make payroll,pay their vendors or make repairs would you like your loved ones ringing a bell when they needed a nurse like my Aunt had to in their ICU because their call lights were broke? Hcca should have never been chosen to manage trmc . The only one playing games is Benny.

    • FYI call lights have given issues prior to HCCA. It is a system issue, yes even “electronics” malfunction at times, that is why interim measures are put into place… like a bell

      • For your FYI…If the call lights were out why didn’t he have them fixed, months they have been broken a known fact to many there . Why wasn’t the equipment fixed with all the money he states he was making? You know exactly why there was no money and what about the monitors that weren’t working in icu not a safe environment for patients I would think. Under HCCA the hospital was becoming a third world hospital and the dishonesty of telling the public they were a stroke center- fraud. Benny never wanted to hear what was wrong in his world everything was going well because if he didn’t know he was not responsible and we all know he takes no responsibility for anything. How anyone can defend him is beyond comprehension or they gaining something from the relationship.

        • How is trying to understand a system issue defending anyone. I defend no one it was just a statement to understand why a bell was probably used. I cannot say. I’m just trying to understand but thank you for the explanation

  39. Mickey = Benny. He plays games and blogs alot. Lousy doctor, lousy businessman. Not the brightest either, what i hear. Brother Iddo is smarter and even more criminal. Benny wants to be like Iddo.

  40. It seems to me that the only reason Benny delayed paycheck and caused anguish & frustration to the employees was to create a news. He needed a news blurb to rant out his cussing against Mr Northcraft & the board.

    If he had not played this gimmick and had given check – which were ready, BTW – there would not have been any news for the VTD to print. Without anything to print, Benny’s cussing would not have spread to the public.
    VTD got played by Benny. I bet they did not see it. They got conned.
    In case VTD did see it and still decided to become mouthpiece for Benny’s foul language just for sake of some ad dollars, shame on VTD.

    Benny is quite a evi l sociopath. Isn’t he?

  41. This is what Benny fooled VTD into printing

    “All one has to do is look at [Northcraft’s] career as a failed city manager, leaving city after city in turmoil,” Benzeevi said. “I suggest that Northcraft stop whining and crying like a baby and focus his efforts on trying to fix the catastrophic mess he has created for our community.”


  42. To All On Here,

    We need to stop the back and forth. It does no good to us who are trying to stay focused on the future of TRMC.

    The investigation is continuing to audit, and investigate specifically the transactions that have taken place between Southern Inyo and TRMC.

    Let the process take its course. The people who are guilty will come to light.

    • I agree sadly if you read above someone else tried to say that earlier and they were called a benny follower and lots of other things. “just a thought” was who I saw, very ugly person when pleasegetitright was trying to take a neutral stand and give it to God and the courts to figure out.

  43. TRMC EMPLOYEE 91 ….. you are so right. This has to stop. This is only tearin the community apart.

    As for ImTheOne, this employee is an honorable individual. I have the privilege of working with them every day. As an employee who was with him at the time he was at the clinic, he was doing nothing but his job. I hate to get involved in all this ugliness, ImTheOne doesn’t deserved to be accused of these ugly accusations.

    • Exactly why pleasegetitright was trying to correct that but ugly, nasty “just a thought” had to take it to another unnecessary level

      • All you crooked Benny protectors are a joke!

        So tell me – how is it that you claim they are removing things for “security purposes”?

        Would it not be more “common sense” to have a security gaurd at the place to make sure things are secure -seeing that this is a bankruptcy and crooked benny is not supposed to be removing anything?

        He seems to be able to have a security guard to tell the employees they were not getting a check. He just does not need a security guard when he is removing things, which if there was a security guard nothing would have to be removed.

        And to claim the hospital would still be running if crooked benny was still there is hilarious! The crook can’t even pay his employees correctly – past months bounced employee checks – not paying on time but in “when we get it” system…lol

        Dirty rat didn’t even pay the utilities for the hospital since last April while claiming the hospital was doing GREAT!!

        All you people defending him are just tools of crooked benny and anyone with half a brain can see right through you chumps..lol

        • Have you ever thought maybe there isn’t enough staff or funds for security for all locations? Like someone said previously you don’t want vandals to start ruining what’s there. And with employment turnover they probably have to ensure old codes are changed to protect the building. Idk just a thought?

  44. Y don’t you volunteer to cover the building, ur such a bada$$ go stand out there and call in everything u see and fight off the “villains”

    • Crooked benny and gang still at it….

      But he did pay the employees. He paid the next day after after holding on to the checks just to be a snake. He has the money.

      But glad you are in agreement that there is no way this crook could have kept the hospital open because according to you he can’t even afford security to protect anything now….he can only afford just enough security to tell employees they don’t have a check…lol

      And I LOL a lot because you all are complete jokes and it’s obvious you are nothing but tools for crooked benny.

      The main thing is this crook is out and won’t be back. He lost!! LOSER!! He thought he could still rip off this town with his basement loans but the town through his crooked butt out.

      And with that I will give a big LOL!!! And also include a big christen, AMEN!!

      • relax…your telling this person according to you but if you read they’re simply saying if YOU say there’s no money, and employees aren’t getting paid… then why should security come before the employees…isn’t that just a thought? Employees should be priority along with anything critical.

  45. And we shouldn’t assume, maybe there is enough security and why does it matter anyway. Reading from the beginning this started because someone was being blamed for taking something. I believe it said Corey, if he saw this instead of posting call and report it or ask is what it appears people are trying to say. You take everything to an exaggerated level. Just my opinion nothing more

    • Only person that was being blamed is crooked Benny. Read it all or here is a short version.

      Someone posted Crooked bennie was removing stuff..(he should not be removing stuff in a bankruptcy.)

      Bennie tools chimed in saying this was accusing the person loading the stuff and it had to be removed for security reasons.

      I chimed in saying it was not the person doing the loading but what was Benny going to do with the stuff that was loaded..

      (more crooked benny tools chimed in trying to detract back to it was accusing the employee and security reasons)

      Then I said he should have a security guard as you are not supposed to remove stuff in a bankruptcy. And seeing that he can have a security guard to tell employees they have no check (while Germany was in the building hiding) he certainly should have one for the right reason – security – instead of removing stuff he should not be removing.

  46. I have questions for the HCCA employees. Did the notice posted, the WARN notice, say not to return to work or that you were terminated or laid off? Next, on your last day of work were you told to turn in your name badges, keys and hospital equipment to your Director or HR? Were you given any information about your 401k? Were you given any information about what will happen to your insurance benefits beginning December 1st or COBRA information? Were you told to take your personal belongings home? Were you told that at the end of your last shift that your alarm or computer logon codes or door keypad codes or other codes would be locked? Can you see where I am going with these questions?

    • Hi wondering,
      I will answer your questions.

      1. Did the warn notice say not to return to work or that you were terminated or laid off?

      Here is the WARN letter that Valley Voice put a copy in another article – front and back side if you want to see what employees got. Benny said the hospital was going to “temporarily suspend operations”

      2. On last day of work were you told to turn in your badges, keys,ect..

      No – the person I know (family member I live with) still has badge and keys. Was never told to turn them in, however they were TOLD that the 27th was their last day scheduled.

      3. Were you given info about your 401k?

      They had literature on the table in HR when they picked up the check on the 10th but nobody discussed issues with employee. They were only told that they would be terminated on Nov 27th. But they have not worked since Oct, 27 which they were told THAT was the last day scheduled.

      4. Were you given any info about what would happen to your insurance benefits beginning Dec 1 or COBRA info?

      NO!! NOTHING!!

      5. Were you told to take your personal belongings home.

      In this employee case – YES – was told to clean locker out the Oct 26th.

      6. Were you told at end of last shift that your alarm or computer login codes or keypad codes or other codes would be locked?


      7. Can you see where I am going with this?

      YES!! Benny the Crook!!

  47. I may be wrong but I think we all can agree, Drs shouldnt be on hospital boards it could be a conflict of interest, there has been bad management for way too many years, and I’m also meaning from the past board members years and years back… just being fair. And we all want the hospital this city and our community deserves. There is too much that is not spoken about on both sides and so it leaves the community to assume and fill in the blanks… we just want answers but more importantly a hospital. Everyday it stays closed I am concerned for our community, the elderly, the sick, children. Employees need to be paid, on time, and on the 27th.. if this is their last day they need their PTO and anything else that is owed to them paid. It doesn’t seem like HR has done a good job representing the staff, people should be informed and not last minute.

    • Who was responsible to give direction is the CEO – Benzeevi. HR is an employee just like you. Employees being paid on time would have been past Thursday but they were owed those entire two weeks as wages PLUS their PTO. You can’t stop people from working by using the WARN letter, if they met one of the 3 reasons for a sudden layoff then the 28th should have been your last day and your wages per California law should have been provided that day. Termination check is to be issued at the time of termination. If you were being kept on until the end of the next pay period then your pay period cut was 11-4 and you should have received another week of wages and should have been given to each person at their final shift. Now if your last day is the 27th then again you are owed wages along with your PTO. How the WARN letter is being used is completely incorrect. You can’t cut all hours suddenly and leave people in limbo.

      Also in regards to HR, they have to have some direction to prepare COBRA for the employees, hopefully they had a service to do it and they have been paid.

      It is very strange that you are turning on a fellow employee, HR, when your real blame should be towards your boss – Benzeevi.

      • An employee was told no cobra info until the 27 termination day when they inform insurence company of termination then the insurance campany will send letters out to the employees, this employee was concerned of lap of insurance, is this what you employees were told?

        • And what is also very, very bad is if they are saying you are terminated on November 27 yet your last day was on Oct, 27th. It is very hard to claim unemployment until your termination date. Which means the employees now have no pay for those weeks not working PLUS a first week waiting period time when you file unemployment.

          You can file and then deduct any other income that comes in from your unemployment benefits, though you also start to run the unemployment clock on the date you file..

          What Crooked Benny is doing is spacing out paychecks with PTO each pay period. Like the last check from last Friday did not have ALL the PTO owed.
          They said the rest will be ready to pick up the Nov 27th.

          Then you have to worry if Crooked benny will even pay the last day (Nov 27th) going by his past record and since it’s the last one. Will he let them bounce as has happened in the past? – or not even cut them out on the right day – as in the past? or skip town not even paying?? Hard to fill unemployment filings out with this kind of treatment.

          With his past track record in paying employees it’s just another worry the employees have to think about.

          Thank god for the “New” board, Citizens for Accountability and the Valley Voice. I can’t wait until these crooks are GONE!!!

          It will all be worth it to get these low down dirty rats out of town

        • The employee I know was told nothing!

          Maybe the security guard will inform the employees on the 27th about insurance seeing that the security guard had to tell the employees they had no check last Thursday after being told to pick them up on that day.

          I think the security guard is the new HR.

    • Agreed! Drs. Kumar and Kamboj are two prominent examples of DRs who used the board as an outlet for their greed. Indeed, when running for a seat on the board, Kamboj ran ads presenting himself as a “business man”. Help Drs control themselves by keeping them off the board and staying focused on medicine.

  48. Not turning on anyone just frustrated with the entire situation. I am sure they are overwhelmed and swamped and you’re right I’m sure they get their direction from administration but it’s frustrating when you ask them something and they don’t have answers. A person is left to figure it out on their own.

  49. Who would help end this? Benzeevi. He needs to be a man and admit defeat,hand over the keys, computer code, financial records, and employee information. Instead Benzeevi is behaving like jilted boyfriend. The “IF I CANNOT HAVE IT, NEITHER CAN YOU” attitude. Childish and immature. Since I know you are reading this Benzeevi, grow up and be a man for once. Turn over what a judge has already told you to do. Or are you afraid there is a very ORANGE JUMPSUIT waiting for you?

    • He deserves a VERY ORANGE JUMPSUIT!!

      And when the day comes and he is released from prison they better watch him because he will try to steal that Orange jumpsuit, too!

  50. I was reading about the WARN act and I believe it said employees need 60 days notice. Is this correct? And if so what can be done since it was short notice?

  51. Hello All,

    Because the Hospital closed on Oct 27th, you are entitled to Unemployment Insurance provided you claim your Sick and PTO remaining.

    Even though we are “employees” until Nov. 27, we are not working due to closure.

    Go on to API, it is still up, and look at remaining PTO and Sick, determine approx what is owed, and then get your Unemployment.

    I have already filed and got my forms to start claiming.

    Again, please refrain from beating each other up here. It is not productive. Benzeevi and Co. will be found out. It takes time. But when it all comes to light, we will all get to see him and others in a court of law. Let the Justice come to those who need it.

  52. To anyone in the know when will remaining PTO be payed. Yes I agree we can’t let everything we have been through cause us to become bitter we have been under Dr Benzeevi and Dr Kumar thumb for far to long it was just a matter of time for the truth to finally unfold. Unfortunately by today’s VTD Opinion page Dr Benzeevi still hasn’t come to terms that he is in deep doo doo.

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