UPDATED: Tulare Regional Medical Center to Temporarily Suspend Operations October 29

A letter provided to employees of Tulare Regional Medical Center on Thursday. Tony Maldonado/Valley Voice

Tulare Regional Medical Center will temporarily suspend its operations on October 29, including all operations at its clinics and outpatient facilities. Staff from the California Department of Public Health are on hand to ensure safe patient transfers.

The move comes after Healthcare Conglomerate Associates, the hospital’s management company, told its employees they would be suspended Sunday, according to a letter provided to employees.

The company’s CEO told the Voice that this situation could have been avoided.

“HCCA was prepared to continue with the management of the hospital and provide financing alternatives to the board which would have kept the hospital open,” Dr. Benny Benzeevi, HCCA CEO, said in a statement.

“Instead, blinded by their hate and personal agendas these individuals hastily and without any plan, filed for this unnecessary bankruptcy for the sole reason of trying to remove HCCA,” he continued. “Unfortunately, their imprudent actions informed by personal vendettas and hate may end up costing the taxpayers of Tulare millions of dollars and may result in the closure of their hospital.”

Stuck With Nothing

A bankruptcy court ruled that the hospital was free to exit its contract with HCCA as soon as an alternative management company was approved by the California Department of Public Health to take over operations of the hospital — a process that could take days or weeks. If it didn’t find one, it would have to wait until November 27 to exit the contract.

No other company has filed to take over management of the hospital yet, according to a statement from the California Department of Public Health on Thursday evening.

That means, for now, the hospital’s still managed by HCCA — and subject to the company’s timeline, even if it’s not operating.

Additionally, as of Thursday evening, the company hasn’t filed a closure plan with the state.

“HealthCare Conglomerate Associates, the company contracted to manage Tulare Regional Medical Center, has indicated an intent to close by midnight 10/28, though CDPH has not yet received a closure plan,” a statement read.

The company’s employees — the vast majority of employees at the hospital work for HCCA — were provided with notices stating that the company would “temporarily suspend its operations at the Tulare Regional Medical Center […] on or about 12am on October 29, 2017.”

The letter, dated October 25, doesn’t mention the late-night vote by the Tulare Local Healthcare District’s board of directors to temporarily suspend operations of the hospital, and it is unclear whether the notices were printed before or after the board’s vote.

“It is ironic that the very people who rejected the proposed bond offering and instigated the recalls and who promised that they will do a better job, are now faced with the imminent closure of the hospital,” Benzeevi said.

The board’s advisors had previously stated that the company was planning to issue notices suspending the employees.

“They indicated that on October 29, they’re going to be issuing a WARN notice, suspending all employees,” Niki Cunningham, a lawyer representing the board, told the public last night.

“That is going to, in essence, result in a lack of staffing for the hospital, which is going to prompt the state to come in and intervene,” she said.


Kevin Northcraft, chairman of the district’s board, stated that he had been made aware of the notices sent out by HCCA, and that the district was in discussions with the state.

“[Dr. Benny Benzeevi, HCCA’s CEO] is saying he wants to do what’s right for the community, but how is that doing what’s right for the community?” Northcraft said.

“We’re in discussions today with the state – both the state and us are worried about the reactions by HCCA,” he said.

Evolutions, the gym which the district owns and HCCA operates, would also be included in HCCA’s unilateral suspension.

“We can’t understand Evolutions closing. Evolutions raises it own money. That appears to be purely vindictive,” he said.

The letter from HCCA states the move is necessary due to “faltering financial conditions.”

“HCCA is faced with faltering financial conditions and is forced to temporarily suspend all its operations at TRMC until additional funding or other arrangements can be secured,” the letter reads. “HCCA remains hopeful that it will be able to reach an alternative resolution with the District.”

“The permanent termination of HCCA’s operations at TRMC will affect a total of 524 employees. We expect that if this occurs, your separation of employment will occur on or about November 27, 2017.”

“We apologize for any inconvenience this event may cause and we thank you for your hard work and dedication,” the letter, signed by Dr. Benny Benzeevi, HCCA CEO, states.

Benzeevi told the Voice that while the board succeeded in removing HCCA, it came “at a terrible cost of potentially hundreds of jobs lost.”


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  1. This is all the past board’s fault, bringing in a company that was just created and never ran a hospital when we hand CMC and Adventist in the running. Dr Kumar knew he would be the only gastro anymore. HCCA shame on you for pretending theses last 3.5 years you knew what you were doing, and lying this whole time regarding financials

  2. If Benzeevi had an ounce of compassion for people who depend on the hospital for care he would cooperate with the Board to assist in a smooth transition. He past behavior has indicated he is a selfish, money grabbing, no caring piece of poop. For once in your life Benny, think of someone other than yourself. Think about the sick, think about the employees who will be temporarily unemployed. You are a doctor, you have taken an oath to heal the poor, not to take their hospital from them.

    • Based on his behavior and previous actions, this is to be expected of him. Crooked liar he will remain. We shouldn’t be surprised that he’s doing this… Even the board addressed what he might do at the meeting… And that is pull whatever scheme he can possibly manage to squander time and take advantage of hardworking employees and needy patients that are in desperate need of care. “Later Loser!”

  3. What a sorry excuse for an inept management CEO. All that lousy Benzeevi wants is more money to “hang around” while he kicks all of the employees to the curb. These people have families to feed!! Once again your lack of integrity and character has shown thru. You my friend Benzeevi may need help some day and I hope the door gets shut in your face too. Karma does work in a mysterious way You greedy SOB

  4. The Board, its attorneys, consultants along with HCCA attorneys and CEO continue a cat and mouse game affecting employees and patients. Stop blaming each other, work together and fix it. Not hard. Doesn’t cost money each side needs to get off their high horse and give a bit. To all involved, Board and HCCA, it’s all about winning, but really all lose

  5. EH our current board/attorneys and consulting group have spent well over 80 hours in the last week trying to get HCCA to provide all needed info to put plan in places quickly so it would have to do any of this. HCCA and their attorneys would not cooperate and right after they lost in court, they filed the warn to suspend employees, so it was a plan all along, because it takes awhile to get court paperwork typed up. They are doing everything to make the employees and citizens pay for being smarter than them.

  6. Speak.. I don’t buy your rationale. At this point it doesn’t matter, it should have been avoided by good faith on both sides. Same stuff that’s been going on in Tulare for years, which is why there is no progress. Now employees will be without jobs before Holidays. Nice going new Board! Hope you have a really nice Thanksgiving

    • Somehow I know who you are EH.You are part of the blind followers of Benz and Kumar. To tell you the truth a lot of your co workers will be happy if you won’t be a part of the hospital if it will reopen

    • Tulare will be fine. Just crawl back in your hole or where you came from because we have been fine here in Tulare before you crawled in with Bennie. We have worked together before and will do so again. Oh yes will you please take Kumar with you.

  7. To me, it seems like Benny has got himself in a pi$$ing contest with the court.
    His attitude is like “Oh yeah, you think you can make me leave. You think you can hurt me. I am doing this at midnight on a Saturday. Lets see who get hurt more now. Lets see how you help these people now.”

  8. Joblesknow, hang in there we appreciate all of you,maybe EH will follow her employer, we don’t need her negativity. Obviously She still has faith in the kool aid of Benzveei.

  9. Benny and Kumar do not understand the words integrity, decency or compassion these are foreign words to these low life’s. Kumar you have put shame on your family for what? You and Benny are done! You both will never find another job unless it is picking up trash at the side of the road in a nice orange jumpsuit!

  10. I think TRMC needs to post their own hires security at the doors of not only the hospital, but also Evolutions, to make sure “things” don’t start walking off site without a court order.

  11. I certainly hope the people involved in putting this hospital in the condition It now faces will be spending sometime in a courtroom, they must not be allowed to just walk away ….crime should NOT pay.

  12. Finally, the curses of female employees who Dr Parmod Kumar sexually harassed have caught up with him. Karma is a bitch.
    Old MEC wanted him to take corrective behavior training – he refused and instead used Benny to sack the entire medical staff. Medical staff turned against them and stopped sending patients to TRMC.
    Now, Benny lost it all and hospital goes to different management – who will ensure Dr Parmod Kumar never work in this hospital.

    Today was first day in 24 years that Dr Parmod Kumar was not allowed in the hospital. A great day for Tulare.

  13. I don’t work for HCCA, but what I have been reading and have attended Board meetings and know what is factual versus all the rhetoric that is published on social media and on comments that community seems to think is truth. All I do is point to the hypocrisy that has been displayed, the name calling and the fact whether you like it or not you won’t have a hospital just like Benzeevi said it would happen if the bond measure didn’t pass. He said there would be layoffs, that has come to pass, he said there would be devastating consequences to property values and local economy. Face it you lost your hospital, the same people who found fault with HCCA and their management will find fault with HFS/Wipfli. Are you people so ignorant that you don’t think the consultants don’t know the current management? Of course they do! Healthcare consulting is a very small world. Tulare can’t seem to get out of its own path of destruction they have been on for years. Don’t forget the Tower was completely open, exposed and blowing in the wind 3 years ago. The community said it wanted transparency, they aren’t getting it from this Board. They have had
    More meetings on emergency basis to avoid posting appropriately than regular meetings. Don’t think for a minute that the end goal was Chapter 9 to break the contract and they were working on it for months before filing, or disclosing transparently to the public. You just don’t hire a BK attorney in two weeks and file. Tulare has been duped again. Haven’t you folks learned to ask the hard questions?

    • You are so not informed. It happened the way Benzeevi said it would because he knew he was bleeding the place dry but yet he was bragging at every meeting about their wonderful financial performance which didn’t exist. That is called fraud or lies, pick which word suits you.

      They wanted the bond for operations not for the tower. Sherrie Bell even said so on tape at a board meeting. Their lack of management is evident but you want the tax payers to pay more for the padding of the pocketbooks of a few. Question is what do you get out of it to be so blindsided to the facts of the matter?

    • Hey. You forgot the court is in charge now not Bennie and Kumar your heros. When all the dirt they have done comes out you might have to run and hide as employee that helped them pull this off.

    • Yo EH, stop trying to act your some mediator God in here. As if your so “neutral” and you want what’s best for people and then try giving some inspiring advice to get them to rise above the occasion. Reality check, next time go to a meeting, stand up, and make a name for yourself in person. Everybody in here knows benzeevi is a greedy thief. Don’t act perfect. Oh and your go to thing to attack people is “strike a nerve didn’t I?” Lol predictable but keep commenting, fuel the fire.

  14. EH…. always playing devils advocate 😉
    But I totally agree that the bankruptcy was planned to break the contract and I personally think that it was a smart move!
    Get HCCA out and rehire the employees down the road…. if they want to come back that is, cause I never will.

  15. RN with a new.. perhaps but time will tell, doesn’t change the fact same old stuff different faces. Wish you the best where you land, have the upmost respect for those who have committed to the art of nursing

    • Thats actually not a bad thought. A hospital run by HCCA is a poorly run hospital that apparently has been losing money all along while enriching Bensleezy at tax payers expense. A hospital run by HCCA is simply a very expensive money pit in the poorest county in California. So your right; NO hospital is the better option. At least with the NO hospital option, there is hope for a better hospital in the future. With HCCA running the hospital the future will only bring a wealthier and wealthier Bensleezy (and in a way that we must eventually figure out, a wealthier and wealthier Kumar).

  16. Truth 16, you articulated exactly what I have been saying all along with your statement about what I am getting out of it. It may come as a surprise but not everyone thinks the way you which quite frankly is selfish which is the root of the problem there. It’s presumed someone wants to get something, that stems from the culture this mess has created. You ask what I want? I want to see some empathy exhibited to those employees who stuck it out, I want a Board who operates with civility and decorum and stands on truth and is open as they said they would be, I want Tulareans to stand up and question every single action the Board takes, regardless of how they felt about the previous Board, I want the name calling to stop I want people to work together for the good of all not for a few, I want the community to have quality physicians who put patients first above their greed, a hospital that stands for quality and decisions that are sound fiscally. I want the community to look forward and not back, and above all community that values all, not just the wealthy or vocal. I want the nonsense that has gone on for years to stop. That’s a lot to ask, yes that’s what I want

  17. Hey. You forgot the court is in charge now not Bennie and Kumar your heros. When all the dirt they have done comes out you might have to run and hide as employee that helped them pull this off.

  18. So who is going to be held accountable for all of this money that’s supposedly is not been accounted for? Why is it that the financials are such a secret from Bensleazy and his pack of thieves.
    I’m paying on a property tax that serves no purpose.
    Isn’t stealing money a crime? Why are they not arrested? I’m sure I would certainly be if I took money that wasn’t mine. Where’s the justice for all that are paying on $85 million bond with no results..
    Where’s the justice for the the employees that lost there jobs from the git go 3 years ago. Exactly how many have been laid off in those 3 years..
    It’s so frustrating not to be able to punch someone in the face…

  19. This is a shame. I am praying for everyone affected by this.

    There are actually 2 additional hospitals to consider. Adventist Medical Center Hanford and Adventist Medical Center Selma. Adventist Health also operates many clinics and pavilions in the area as well.

  20. This whole situation is awful. My prayers go out to all of the people affected by this.

    It’s unlikely the hospital will not open again. It may very have a different name on the building, but there will be a hospital. It’s a good building, with lots of growth potential, and a city of close to 70,000 people to support it.

    There are also other options for healthcare in the area. Adventist Health has hospitals in Hanford and Selma, along with Reedley, and many medical offices and pavilions in the area.

  21. Why the hell are they closing Evolutions, it’s self ran and makes more then enough to pay in house employees AND all the vendors while the hospital is closed. Evo has been carrying the hospital on its back forever now.

  22. I just can not believe all the assumptions going on here. Especially someone so “in the know” as EH😜. I too have set at all the board meetings, took copious notes, aske questions. Why do you think the new board is not being transparent? Answered by Mr. Avila…there is much theu CAN NOT tell the public legally. And furthermore why let Benny know what is happening? He is working on his own devious program so why give him a heads up? Stop making it appear that you are so to speak “up HCCA’s rear. There happens to be more integrity on this new hospital board than you obviously have run across is the past 10 years. Stop bad mouthing and be like the majority if the hopeful community and support them in their efforts. As I said previously Shame on Benny, Kumar and the old board. And shame on you for stirring the pit of negativity. A brave person would have spoken out at the public meetings if they disagreed but alas, no. A coward writes negative crap they don’t have a clue they are talking about as a faceless set of initials. Yep you EH!

  23. This whole situation is awful. My prayers go out to the employees affected by this. I’m sure that now that the wrong doings will be brought to light.

    The hospital will open again. It may have a different name on it but it will open. It’s a good building, much of which is like new, and in a town of close to 70,000 people. Isn’t it darkest before the sun comes up?

    The letter above did fail to mention that Adventist Health has 2 hospitals close to Tulare than in Reedley, one in Hanford and one in Selma. Adventist Health also has dozens of medical offices and some larger pavilions in our area as well.

    It may take a long time, but this too will pass.

  24. EH
    I agree with you it would have been nice if both parties could have come to some type of agreement and the hospital would have stayed open and not gotten to this point. The current board chose not to work with Benzeevi and chose chapter 9 to help remove him because of their inability to get along with him. It’s so funny that everyone has jumped on the bandwagon to declare Benzeevi a crook and thief when he wasn’t even here when the tower was brought to life and the mismanagement of the 85 million dollars. I don’t know what is wrong with this community who would rather see a hospital close because of indifferences than to see it open and supporting all the staff that chose to work at this location because they actually loved working there.

  25. It is obvious that has been happening ever since Bell sighned that stupid contract with Bennie. Why not wise up and read the contract and tjen come back and apologise for your stupid comments.

    • Hey, at least we don’t have to see her ineptitude during the meetings and her stupid attempt at PR at the movie previews. Are these past Board Members Legally accountable too?

  26. And meanwhile Sherry Bell continues with her privileged lifestyle along with Linda wilborne who is building a new house while the employees and community suffer with an unknown future due to their stupidity and incompetence. Does anyone know (attorneys) if the employees and/or community has any legal footing to go after the old board as individuals for their failure to make fiduciary sound decisions for this community? If nothing else than to make sure something like this does not happen again.

  27. And meanwhile Sherry Bell continues with her privileged lifestyle along with Linda wilborne who is building a new house while the employees and community suffer with an unknown future due to their stupidity and incompetence. Does anyone know (attorneys) if the employees and/or community has any legal footing to go after the old board as individuals for their failure to make fiduciary sound decisions for this community? If nothing else than to make sure something like this does not happen again.

    • How much are we paying Wipfli/Hfs? What does their contract look like? How much are the attorneys? Oh. You don’t know?Where was the public and open call for proposals to do this job? Oh. There weren’t any? And this board is more transparent and different how exactly? I have no idea whether the agreement with Wipfli is good bad or whatever but neither do you since we haven’t seen it. We do know they settled the lawsuit with the old MEC doctors and that was what this was all about anyway so good job! The doctors who would rather the lives of the employees and patients in the community took a back seat to their anger greed and hatred win.

      • Could you even read and comprehend the contract because it doesn’t sound like you you understand HCCA’s contract or what the impact was to the District and it wasn’t about the MEC. It was about greed.

  28. Frankly I don’t care at this point as long as HCCA is out! I don’t care if there was open proposals ,where did that get us last time ,when you crooks maneuvered the board to your political liking and picked the worst possible choice? I wouldn’t put it past you to have tried to maneuver your way back in. Best thing that has happened in 2017 Kumar exposed for the fraud he is and HCCA absolute incompetence coming to light! Hopefully 2018 will bring a complete forensic audit not your phoney scratched the service one that you brag about.

  29. Watched, I guess you don’t go to board meetings, Wipfli was introduced and fielded questions from everyone and the attoneys were introduced at a special meeting and have also fielded questions. Agengas were post like always, so please don’t be an arm chair quaterback unless you know the playbook. Do a public records request to the attorneys or board I am sure the will answer. PS pretty sure some of their chargs will also be included in Chap 9. Why do you seem just want to continue to stir up the crap. Bet you aren’t even a tulare citizen

  30. Get over it watched… the community spoke Kumar is out and HCCA is out and exposed…..give me a break the only doctors who were ever held accountable at HCCA were the ones who didn’t agree with HCCA. Kumar was never held accountable for anything . As a doctor how would you feel to be under the mercy of an incompetent doctor who if he didn’t get his way stomped and threatened? Common knowledge my friend

  31. Watched is correct, nothing in the open, as I have said same old stuff different faces and the outcome in two years will be the same, no tower and a failing hospital if it ever does re open. Don’t you people ever learn from your past mistakes? Oh wait, I’ve got the answer, the reason some people keeping going back to the 85 m bond, 2008, old boards, previous management. Never ever looking forward, always backwards.

  32. Isn’t there a Law Firm out there that can handle Class Law Suits. I’m thinking for : Inept Fiscal Decisions, Lack of Transparency, Repayment of any Loans and/or Back Wages, Earned Vacation time, Earned Sick time, Retirement funds, Pain and Suffering Due to a lack of Fiduciary Responsibility? Fell free to add more…
    If not, B is going to get away ‘clean’. He’s already banking a ton of cash and taxpayer money.

  33. Ha ha EH we did learn …. Kumar was voted out to his embarrassment and recall! New board new hope new management. Can’t spell it out much clearer …… we look back to understand the future

  34. I was asked by staff at the Hospital to pick up from the hospital some medical equipment that belonged to me. Their concern was that after midnight Saturday night, if no other management entity emerges, HCCA will have free, unsupervised access to the hospital until November 27, 2017. In other words, Bensleezy will have one month to loot the hospital. Bensleezy is pissed off at Tulare for not cooperating. He will now execute a policy of “collective punishment” I.e. punishing a whole community for the acts of a few. Now we in Tulare will experience what so much of the rest of the world experiences when certain peoples and nations are pissed off. And if he loots the hospital, re opening it will be too expensive/unprofitable to re open, even for Community Hospital of Fresno. If he loots the hospital in the coming month, it will probably be a very long time before it re opens. Thanks Dr. Kumar!

  35. Tulare Patriot.. I don’t know who called you and who had shared their”fears” of looting by anyone. We had a management meeting this morning as we have had every day this week and sometimes twice a day but it was reiterated multiple times that great care and caution will be taken with District assets during this transition time. There will be continued security and for off site locations we have asked the Sheriff to more vigilant in patrol in Earlimart. As HCCA management, I can assure you we have gone to great lengths to preserve everything for the new management coming in. I would like nothing more than a smooth transition to assure the work we have done thus far continues, including the 15M grant I wrote and secured for the District and community. This is difficult for all, let’s not add more concern and burden to employees and the community than necessary. I respectfully ask that of all.

    • Dear Ms. Bland. I am not worried about looting by common petty criminals of the type that the Sherrifs office would guard against. I am referring to the much more damaging white collar criminals that make up HCCA. To protect against HCCA, at least one department has been instructed to take careful inventory of material owned by the District. Who after all should define “district assets”? HCCA? Should we trust HCCA to define what is theirs and what belongs to the district? Should we believe that Bensleezy is not vindictive but will help in transferring the TDH cash cow over to another manager? Finally , for you , as part of HCCA management , to suggest that we “not add more concern and burden to the employees and community” is the height of hypocrisy! Are you blinded by your own arrogance or do you just have so little regard for our community that you can write something so absurd?

    • Samantha Bland, then why were televisions being removed at 9pm last night from the Earlimart clinic by someone driving an HCCA truck. That would be in violation of the bankruptcy wouldn’t it?

      • Samantha who are you kidding. So Benny wants to make sure all the equipment is safe for the new management; but on the other hand won’t turn over the financials to the board to make the transition easier for the new management? What a kool aide drinker

  36. It will be fine, in the long run. There are other hospital entities that are interested in TRMC. Unlike other area hospitals that have closed, TRMC is a good building, some of it’s even unused, and it’s in a city of almost 70,000 people and surrounding communities to support it.

  37. I find it curious that in the Public Notice above not all area hospitals were listed. Adventist Health has a hospital in Handord and Selma, both closer than Reedley, and dozens of medical and dental offices in neighboring towns.

  38. To My Fellow Employees, MD’s, and Clinicians of TRMC,

    I want to start off by saying in the short time at TRMC, I have gained great knowledge and long lasting friends that no one could ever replace. TRMC has been a place of family.

    To all the Community of Tulare and surrounding areas we serve, it has been a pleasure to meet and help where I could. Encountering patients and their families in their time of need gave me a sense of enlightenment in regards to what each person goes through. While as staff we may have had similar experiences in our lives in time of need, but each person is different. No matter what the issue was, each and every person employed at TRMC did what they could with what we had to work with.
    No matter who comes in as new management, stand behind the Board. They will succeed in their efforts and have this Hospital back and better than left by HCCA soon. But it will take time.

    To HCCA Management,

    Comgratualations on destroying a facility and employees. Your efforts will possibly get you at some point a nice orange like jump suit. Each and every upper management shall be investigated. If found to have done dishonest acts, we as employees will send you a xmas card while your stay is being carried out.
    There was no excuse for what occured here. No one buys your BS or any excuse. I own my own side business. I must own anything that comes my way, good or bad

    To Dr. Benzeevi,

    You are a man of no character. You decided to collect money, then not give in return. In my years in the medical field, no hospital has ever ran the way this was run, period.
    You are a joke, and I don’t think you will be able to buy your way out of what is coming to you. Your lack of compassion for the employees and staff has shown their true colors long ago. And you statement to ABC 30 was very telling, still blaming the Board and opposition for this happening.
    Get over yourself. I would suggest moving back to Moreno Valley.

    I hope all of my fellow employees find jobs soon or assistance that has been offered. We as employees will fight for our families and contimue to do what is necessary to find employment.

    TRMC will always be a part of me and I thank you.

  39. EH, Watchthewholething, Mickey. All pseudonyms for Benny hisself. Benny you have too much time on your hands, wait till you are in the orange jumpsuit to blog. You were a failed doctor at KDH, then at TRMC, then you teamed up with snakeoil Kumar and found your true calling – White collar crime.

  40. So is there a time limit to a suspension? Is there some point at which it automatically switches to a closure with more ominous requirements to reopen?

  41. New board: YOU bad mouth the hospital and Dr B, called him everything under the moon and at the end expected a smooth transition ….Pretty pathetic. Where is your plan?? You have board members that can’t even speak for them selfs!!!

    • I really don’t get all the pissed off comments, regarding the new board kicking HCCA out. Over the past 4 years HCCA has been draining large amount of money out of the district (aka Tulare tax payers pockets). If the old board was still intact. A year from now the hospital would be closed anyways, except everything of value would have been completed sold off or leveraged for a shady loan so Benny can have even more .

      We (the people of Tulare) would have been let with no hospital and an ever larger debt.

  42. Thank you new board for sending Benny packing and hopefully his little dog Toto will soon follow. Hacca was doomed from the start….and that is exactly how it was planned all along and with the help of a inept board that truly could not speak for themselves or think for that matter… it just made it that much easier to bring trmc to its knees. Mickey just read the contract that’s all you need to know what Benny and Kumars intentions were. I’m just stunned how intelligent people in this town still can’t see through the smoke and mirrors; hope no one tries to sell us the Brooklyn bridge.

  43. Mickey is not from Tulare, she is a kook-aid drinking Visalia girl that wouldn’t understand the contract even if she did take time to read it.

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