Hensley Still On Leave, Attorney Claims Slow Response to Requests for Documents

Wes Hensley, the Tulare Police Chief, is still on administrative leave from the Tulare Police Department. He was placed on administrative leave on September 27.

In a press release sent to the Voice, his attorney, Michael J. Lampe, states that Hensley hasn’t been contacted by any city officials or investigators relating to any charges pending against him.

“Chief Hensley continues to receive his full salary and benefits while on administrative leave, and is anxious to return to his job and serve the people of Tulare,” Lampe wrote in the release.

Lampe also stated that a Public Records Act request to view records showing “an attempt by City Administration to interfere with an ongoing investigation into possible improper conduct engaged in by a City official” had been delayed.

The request was filed October 3; on October 13, Lampe claims the city stated it would require additional time to produce the requested documents.

So far, Lampe states the city’s only provided him and his client with a restaurant receipt.

“Chief Hensley and his legal counsel look forward to receiving the remaining documents not later than October 27,” Lampe stated.

“As previously related to the press, if the City attempts to remove Chief Hensley or take other punitive action against him, Chief Hensley will make sure that his administrative appeal takes place in a public forum,” he continued.

14 thoughts on “Hensley Still On Leave, Attorney Claims Slow Response to Requests for Documents

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  1. I think the sooner this mystery becomes public, the better. Let’s be transparent, there should be nothing to hide. ?????

  2. Good for you Mike Lampe for pursuing this injustice! Sounds like we are on the track of uncovering an obstruction of justice. Come on Citizens who is behind this obstruction?? Carlton Jones or Joseph Carlini or both???? What is done in the dark shall come to light….time to put on your sunglasses because the light is going to be bright!!! BAM!

    • Kudos to Mike Lampe he is like John Wayne coming in to help this corrupt town find its way back to accountability. I thank you sincerely…Come on City council get this town back on track shouldn’t have to be one person! Your all looking pretty useless: how about keeping your members accountable.

  3. Wes is one of the most amazing people on the planet! And a better chief than Tulare deserves! Just because the mayor is planning a run for political office and his closet wont shut, isnt Wes’ fault!

  4. Way to go Mike, Wes doesn’t deserve the crap he is being put through, he is one hell of a police chief. When the truth comes out, hopefully the people responsible will have to answer for their action.

  5. If you or a person looks closely, – illegal drug trafficing and dealing are no doubt the cause at the root of the politics and the serious mis-treatment going on with the police cheif. I wonder who the Chief was making feel a little unconforable? Too bad the state politicians took the legal teeth out and cut the power of citizens via limiting the power of grand juries. They are nothing but toothless tigers now.

    Re-institute their (the grand jury’s) power and also make eminent domain where contested by the real property owner, be forced to have a 3/4 majority vote in the state capital assembly. End land grabbing developers and high speed rail.

  6. You know and I know the chief won’t hide anything. The most straight forward man I know. Somebody needs to stop this and let Chief Wes get back to work…

  7. Looks like the city of Tulare is on another witch hunt! That’s funny cause Roger Hill, Jerry Breckinridge, Pyle nor Kabot are there anymore! Leave Wes alone! He’s not the one!

  8. Wes , is a friend and was a mentor , he was the one that made me feel welcomed along with some of the finest men and women of Tulare. I got you back Wes , leave it to God !

    One love !

  9. Really getting sick and tired of city managers and city council members using the excuse of “its a personnel matter” when they are hiding facts from the very people who they are supposed to be working for and/or serving. I don’t have any confidence that they are being truthful in whatever they say. Chief is still receiving a salary paid by tax payers. We are the ultimate employers not The City. We are entitled to know all matters pertaining to someone being put on “paid” administrative leave. If you want to hide facts then place him on “unpaid” administrative leave….that way the citizens aren’t paying for the games being played by either side. Just a thought….Chief is wanting to go public on this so why doesn’t he simply go public? That way the city could no longer hide behind their “personnel matter” excuse and be forced to answer the pubic’s questions about this matter.

  10. With the closing of the hospital, maybe …just maybe…TRMC will have a chance for a fresh start. We knew it couldn’t get worse so let’s support a new beginning. Let’s do the same with City Council. It’s time to recall Nunley and Jones…Sigala has his own agenda for political greatness by throwing in his hat to run against Mathas. Obviously he doesn’t care about Tulare. Mr. Macedo I suspect will not run for re-election; can you blame him? Let’s rise up Tulareans and take back our community from bullies and crooks. (This would include a new City Manager and City Attorney as well!!)

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