HCCA Stays at TRMC, State Regulator Expresses Doubts

Healthcare Conglomerate Associates’ (HCCA) contract with the Tulare Local Healthcare District will stand as the bankruptcy judge in the district’s case deliberates on whether to allow the district to reject the contract. At the same time, the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) has doubts over the hospital’s continued operations, whether they’re under HCCA or a successor company.

Riley Walter, a bankruptcy attorney representing the district, had joked earlier in the day that he felt like a miracle worker — but not much was worked in court Thursday, and certainly no miracles from either side’s perspective.

Walter did come back and state that there was one point both sides could agree on.

“There’s a toxic, toxic, toxic relationship,” he said.

While that’s not in dispute, the judge stated that he needed time to review additional filings in the case before coming to a decision. The district had submitted a flurry of documents Wednesday night, likely necessitating a continuance of any decision in the case.

CDPH Concerned About Hospital’s Future

The California Department of Public Health weighed in before the hearing Thursday in documents filed with the court.

“It is not clear at this stage that the Debtor’s proposed plan for the continued operation of the hospital sufficiently provides for patient safety and quality care by a Department-approved management company at all times and complies with applicable law,” the filing read.

That’s because no company has filed an application with CDPH to manage the hospital.

That includes Community Medical Centers, though the district stated that it was ready to manage the hospital once the contract with HCCA was rejected.

Although the district had submitted a plan to transition the hospital away from HCCA’s management and towards that of Community, it wasn’t one that was good enough for the department.

The department also expressed doubt regarding the current operation of the hospital under HCCA.

“The Debtor and/or its agents have been providing the Department with a daily close and transfer plan, but the Department has not received evidence of the Debtor’s financial ability to implement its plan,” the statement reads, “and therefore cannot adequately assess the plan.”

It requested multiple financial documents, which it states it has not received.

“Good Business Judgement”

Walter also claimed that HCCA had recorded a $10m deed of trust on some of the hospital’s property on September 28.

Mark Levinson, an attorney for HCCA, conceded that there was a deed of trust, but that the healthcare district hadn’t provided sufficient evidence to the court to prove that.

“There is one, but there’s a story,” Levinson said.

In light of that fact, and others, Walter stated that the rejection of the contract would be a good business judgement.

“We think there are any number of reasons alone to justify rejection of this contract,” Walter said.

Those reasons included, he said, a 30% surcharge to HCCA on employee pay, financial information that the company “does not choose to provide,” and “efforts to interfere” with the election and seating of Senovia Gutierrez, a member of the hospital’s board.

He also stated that the rejection of the contract was necessary to ensure that its potential partners — at this point, Community Medical Centers and Sante Health — would be able to apply to take over management of Tulare Regional without facing legal interference from HCCA.

“This puts the district in a very tough spot,” Walter said.

Mark Levinson, an attorney representing HCCA, specifically mentioned the district’s Wednesday night filings in his rebuttal.

“The debtor simply sandbagged us,” he said.

Levinson also claimed that the hospital district didn’t give HCCA any way to turn the hospital around.

“There was no chance,” he said. “They didn’t give HCCA a chance.”

Levinson asked the judge to reject the request to reject HCCA’s contract, stating that it acted imprudently and in bad faith — that it had rejected requests to learn about potential financing opportunities and potentially avoid bankruptcy.

“It didn’t have to file bankruptcy on one day’s notice,” he said.

Replacing HCCA

Court documents previously revealed that Community Medical Centers would be tapped to run the hospital on an interim basis, with assistance from Sante Health.

Page 6 of TRMC - Gianello Exhibs A-D

Contributed to DocumentCloud by Tony Maldonado (Valley Voice Newspaper) • View document or read text

In exhibits included with his declaration, the district’s transition plan would include tapping “unencumbered buildings and land” as collateral for a loan with Community Medical Centers.

Community would finance the hiring and payroll of staff and providers “for the first 30-60 days.”

Walter stated that the district would work to keep as many of the hospital’s workers — currently employed by HCCA — as possible, stating that the district considers them “very valuable assets.”

Officials with Community did not elaborate on the potential of a short-term management agreement turning into a long-term one.

“It’s premature to say anything beyond what’s in the bankruptcy court documents which is that, assuming all legal hurdles are cleared, Community Medical Centers is willing to explore a short-term management agreement to keep the Tulare Medical Center open and properly serving its community,” a statement from Community Medical Centers read.

Dr. Benny Benzeevi, CEO of HCCA, was not able to comment for this article besides a brief statement.

“We want what’s best for the residents of the district. Period.”

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  1. I didn’t understand it before, but it’s clear now. Please give HCCA a chance to do it’s job. We just need to sell hospital property piece by piece and give HCCA the money that they need 😉

    • WHAT? HCCA already gets ALL the money coming into TRMC, and they haven’t showed any ability to do anything. So your answer is to start selling hospital assets to give them MORE money to show they still have no ability to do anything!

  2. They have had their chance snd they blew it. Do you teally think the hospital should have to pay Bennie 280 thousand per month to run our hospital. No other hospital pays that much to run their hospital. Anyone should know better then that if their brain was working.

  3. TRMC employee.. Are You High? HCCA doesn’t deserve another dime for their inept services. They have chosen to lie and deceit the District for 3 years while lining their pockets with taxpayers money. Can they show you where your hospital has prospered from HCCA? Hell No! Benzeevi is a crook as well as his cohorts.The only chance that Hospital has to survive is to send Benny B to Jail.He has done nothing but destroy that place for his own greed. Besides, he would look good in ORANGE!!!

  4. Can any of the investigation and search warrants being served at the Inyo hospital factor into this mess. Shady money, equipment and supply transfers with no documentation happening between the hospitals he is managing. The judge needs to rule to throw out that contract for TRMC and for Lone Pine. We all know that Benny said he worked miracles to turn the hospital around. How Benny? Sure we can all show a lot of money in our bank accounts if we do not pay our bills. This mess is out of control. Search warrants need to be issued to TRMC/HCCA without delay.

  5. This whole situation is a manufactured crisis – so the management company coming in wants to get a loan on the hospital property which is exactly the same plan that HCCA has. Does anyone think that whipfli is free? The unspoken piece of all of this are the doctors who are referring patients away from TRMC which has dropped the census and caused the financial crisis – it isn’t HCCA it isn’t the employees of the hospital it isn’t even the board it is these disgusting providers who saw their free pharmacy and free supplies and old boy network that overlooked peer oversight and proper procedures to cover for each other who got caught and then got butthurt when their shenanigans weren’t going to be tolerated anymore. To retaliate they send their patients elsewhere starving the community hospital. The fact that even the board and others have said if HCCA is gone these doctors would send their patients back is evidence enough of their blackmail and economic terrorism. Long time employees know there are doctors who were part of that MEC who were dangerous and who were not dealt with appropriately by the MEC leadership because they all wanted to make sure their potential misdeeds were swept under the rug. HCCA did not have anything to do with squandering the 85 million for the unfinished tower. They successfully turned the hospital finances around after the decimation of the the early 20teens. There are audited financials and state audited reports that verify that you can download them yourself on the OSHpd website. There is no question that the actions of the anti-hcca crowd have damaged the public confidence in the hospital that is absolutely true. Let us also be clear – the only reason Senovia was not seated was because the puppet masters of Northcraft and Jamaica made sure that there was no meeting to accomplish that. I was there. The chairwoman told the meeting that there were two opinions about what needed to happen and she was going to have both presented and then let the board decide. Instead of letting that happen Medeiros and Lampe told Jamaica to leave and go out into the hallway. Northcraft wasn’t there. They yelled out to Linda that they wouldn’t give her a quorum as they repeatedly told their flunky Jamaica to stay out even when he tried to come back in to the meeting. If Northcraft had shown up when he was supposed to or Jamaica bothered to actually stay in the room instead of being directed by Mederos and Lampe they could have easily set a meeting for the very next day to have Senovia seated. Linda was all ready to do it at that meeting but they couldn’t do anything because as Lampe yelled out “we aren’t going to give you a quorum Linda?” they are disgusting and idiotic. They created the Senovia seating crisis and then want to act like HCCA did it. Even the registrar of voters for the county said that the board had to do tow things – vote to remove Kumar (which they still haven’t done) and then seat Senovia as a board action. The only reason that was delayed was because of Lampe and Mederos who now reap the benefits of the hatred they have sown. Rather then get teh loan that even the new management company will have to get to keep the hospital open they want to burn it down. Make no mistake a temporary closure is a permanent closure – the existing facility will not meet code and if you close it down to reopen it you have to meet code. If this scorched earth policy continues we will have no hospital and facilities whose only value will be in their resale. The fault is with the Doctors who have sent their patients elsewhere – an important and critical fact that cannot be denied. Rather tan support their district hospital they send their patients elsewhere to satisfy their selfish ends and srew the community over – and then they sit and laugh as the community gathers their pitchforks and torches to storm the castle to accomplish their petty revenge. The folks providing patient care – the nurses, the Nurse Practictioners, the CNA’s, the MA’s, the housekeeping and security and administrative staff would all be the same if HCCA was there or if the magical Sante and Community Hospitals and WHip fli folks were there – if as Northcraft himself has said he has spoken to providers who could get ob back to 100 patients if HCCA is gone the only difference is HCCA and the only reason is not patient care or safety it is personality. Congratulations sheeple you have been conscripted in doing the bidding of the 1% – physicians who had a cashcow that ignored their excesses and abuses and now you want to hand it back to them. I have looked at the meeting agendas of the new board – when was it agendized that they were going to hire a new management company -w here were the public requests for proposals – where are the public reviews of potential contracts? where are the public discussion of these options and where are the agendized actions that have been taken? Oh – nowhere. They have criticized the previous board for accepting the proposal of HCCA when there were others (the evidence of which is non existent). They have said that the HCCA proposal came in after a deadline and the board approved it anyway. There is not a single agenda where the actual contract or acceptance of a management company has been on an agenda. Talk about a brown act violation. We have one meeting where there was a proposal agendized. Guess what that doesn’t cut it. This board has opened themselves up to serious legal jeopardy and they will reap what they sow. At least there was a public proposal process before. This board -these righteous warrior of transparency have done all of these actions in secret and without any public or competitive input. we as citizens have no idea what Whipfli is costing anyone – why is that? because this transparent board of idiots is even more crooked and underhanded and scheming than any board in the past. and you sheeple applaud them. All of you CHA folks need to look at what you are applauding now and compare it to what you were condemning then and guess what? What is happening now is even more onesided, underhanded, and conniving then anything that happened in the past. And Disgusting. Meanwhile the greedy blackmailing doctors are laughing all the way to the bank and the patients and hardworking employees of the hospital are left in the lurch. Tulare. good grief.

    • You know good and well the issue is Dr Kumar….and actually Benzeevi…..both were under review. Things got dropped with Benzeevi because workers didn’t want to face his wrath….they have bills to pay.
      Dr Kumar on the other hand was disciplined and he failed to do what was asked of him.
      But the strange thing about that was it was written into the contract. Who does that……oh and the secret meetings at Skip Barwicks house accounts for nothing…..?
      Bell was the patsy….and Kumar and Benzeevi are the schemers. If HCCA was making money, then why is it they are already broke? Transferring items that are TDH property to SIH…..
      And who wants to use the hospital with the Dr.s on staff that kill the patient? Routine surgeries….I’m sorry, your loved one died on the table.

  6. Watch the whole thing, definitely kool aid drinker or the head kool aid maker. If you are do smart, how can your boss Dr. B say he has been asking for money to pay bill, HCCA as total control of all money. HCCA’S bank sweeps district account nightly. Also way was SIH raided because mismanagement of funds by HCCA, so could it be possible it is japping here. HELL YES, why do the continue yo refuse to open all the accounting, all books, why was there shed it truck at storage facility on a weekend, right after Bankruptcy filed, there are eyes watching everywhere.

    • Jen -the issue isn’t sweeping money it is the revenue isn’t there because the patient census has crashed because of the doctors’economic terrorism. HCCA can only spend what is there be there isn’t any there. There are state audited financial records going as far back as you want and for every quarter up through the year -just look it up. If the district doesn’t have the fund because their aren’t enough patients HCCA has covered the gaps. They aren’t going to cover those gaps anymore. The shred it tuck comes regularly to shred the documents that have PHI on them the, stop creating conspiracies where their are none. The financials are available…reported every month and every quarter this year -they are avilble on public websites I have them from those sources. I know about SIHD and what is going on there -the truth will come out and what is being alleged there is complete garbage. I have e personal and direct knowledge of it And there is absolutely nothing to the accusations. It is just more of the same bs – point your accusations at the doctors where it belongs. Inyo closed due to bankruptcy nd their board disbanded before HCCA ever set foot there -they only opened because HCCA helped them. Actually look at the records available and the truth will come out.

      • Actually you are incorrect, HCCA was voted in at SIH and then bankruptcy was filed. Then within days the state showed up in Tulare just 20 days before HCCA jacked around the medical staff at the end of January 2016.

        The census began to drop in January of 2013 when Bolouki was brought back and Sherry Bell didn’t recognize the Chief of the Medical staff, happened to be the same election that Benny didn’t get elected. Then when HCCA/Benny was selected, who had numerous complaints from staff the census never improved and it continued to drop.

        You need to ask yourself why do you think good doctors left and didn’t want to be involved with the medical staff. Might want to read some of the reports and it might shed some light on the problem.

        • You are right the hospital had closed and transferred all over f their patients out and then HCCA came in and paid for the bankruptcy filing. I mispoke -but the fact is that HCCA was invited to save that hospital and they did – even the IGT’s the hospital said s they now rely on -who initiated that? Dr Benzeevi. They are biting the hand that saved them. They will be ashamed of themselves if they end up with the self awareness to recognize that HCCA works magic with nothing up there.

  7. Watched the whole..please explain to me the character of a person who writes a contract that totally (and there is no other way to say it) screws the district and community?that contract tells me all I need to know about Dr B and his motives

    • It seems to me that the contract was written to protect HCCA from the exact thing that is happening right now. The pattern of Tulare behavior should give anyone pause and if I was stepping into this morass I would make sure that I was protected and the consequences of trying to screw me over after I save you would be dire. The contract is one sided for sure and would I have signed it, probably not but then I wasn’t the board faced with closures and devastation. The elected board signed this contract and that is true. It protects HCCA and that is true. It kept the hospital open and that is true. And a bunch of doctors got mad about someth No that had nothing to do with what was best for the patients or the communtiy and decide to kill the hospital over their personal grievances and that is true. And no they sit back and see the chaos that they have wrought itch their greed and petty personal politics and folks fight their innuendo battles for them.

    • I agree with Watched.

      The contract was written to protect HCCA from exactly this thing.

      HCCA should be protected from disclosing financials.
      HCCA should be protected from questions about legality of money transfers between Tulare & Inyo hospitals.
      HCCA should be protected from vendors asking for payments in exchange of their services, nursing staff, medicines & supplies.
      HCCA should be protected from consequences of running a coup against medical staff – an event so major that it is of national importance.
      HCCA should be protected from lazy & greedy employees expecting their paycheck for their labor.
      HCCA should be protected from legal responsibility of not providing enough staff leading to avoidable & unnecessary deathS of not one, not two but MANY patients.
      HCCA should be protected from people asking where their tax money went.

      I agree with Watched. The contract was written to protect HCCA.

  8. I remember an employee meeting. Dr B. gave an analogy. If you get divorced maybe it was a bad choice. A second divorce could still be a bad choice. But if your having your ninth divorce, maybe it’s you. Well maybe a couple of doctors decide to leave it”s the doctors. But when so many decide to leave maybe it’s you HCCA.
    As for the loans sure the other team needs to borrow money too. Different management doesn’t make money rain from the sky but you have already had loans. Performing the same behavior over and over but expecting different results is the definition of insanity. But HCCA seems to want to keep borrowing money without changing anything else do they really expect it to just get better by itself?
    And even in this article HCCAs lawyer admitted there was a $10 million deed of trust loan the district didn’t prove in court but isn’t that part of what they have been complaining about, they don’t get financial information they need to do their job as board.

    • E 2
      How dare you say HCCA did not change anything?

      1- They lost all but 5 doctors. All 5 of these have serious problems in their credentials like getting arrested for DUI or getting terminated from Bakersfield Heart hospital for sexual harassment.

      2- They lost ALL the experienced and most of all the nurses. Patient should bring their family members to nurse their patients.

      3- They closed Kingsburg and Lindsay clinic, decreased operation at Hillman clinic by 80%, lost all specialty doctors except, of course, board NON-certified Dr Parmod Kumar.

      4- They closed cafeteria, they dont get elevator fixed, they dont get lots cleaned, they dont get clean linen.

      5- They stopped paying vendors, cutting off medications, supplies, food, even linens.

      6- They changed how employees would work for pay. Now, they work without hope of pay. Now, employees have to pay 8$ extortion just to get their own pay check.

      Believe me (or Benny), change is everywhere.
      Change is in the air.
      Change is Benny’s middle name.

  9. Watch the Whole thing, you are spot on. The Doctors who no longer go to TRMC are self serving, money hungry and a poor excuse at best for a medical practitioner. There is one pediatrician who courted the County to take on the Peds clinic. The same one who sees insured children one block away in his “private practice” those children who have Medi-Cal are seen in the once County clinic. Can we say two levtls of care? For children of no fault of their own? Disgusting. And this is a common practice with most that left. Quality of care is not in their vocabulary, especially the tic tacdispensing internist who dispenses narcotics and cuts and pastes medical records. Yeah let them go back, good luck, you can have them we sure don’t want them in my town.

    • Now this explains why Dr Parmod Kumar saw medi-cal patients only at Hillman clinic.
      AND 64 of them in 4 hours.
      AND used Samantha Bland to get rid of all other doctors so he gets to eat all the cake himself alone.

    • EH –
      ALL doctors – like ALL human being – are self serving. Everyone works for his/her benefits.

      The only difference between people is what are they willing to do to benefit themselves. Some will see that best way to enrich themselves is by making their services/products more valuable to others. Some will plan to take others’ money/services/products without returning equal or more value in exchange.

      Dr Prem Kamboj who you are referring to has given his life to care for Tulare children. He could have settled anywhere – where we have human children. He has been a gentleman and we could not have asked for a better doctor in Tulare.

      OTOH, Dr Parmod Kumar’s actions have been – as Dr Kuo said on one post here – “well publicized”

      Dr Parmod Kumar was doing very well all the way through 2007 – he was busy, he had ladies, he was making money, he was king of the hospital, he had friends in top layers of the city & county, doctors followed him … it was best one could ask for. It was far from kosher but goings were good for everyone – patients, doctors, hospitals, pharmacies, HMOs.

      Then, he took a bite of the forbidden fruit. He got greedy. When the 85M$ bond was passed, he salivated and started planning on how he could channel some of that money into his pocket. That is when all the trouble started.

      In 2007, he asked Dr Kamboj & Dr Smith to run for the board. He expected that he would be able to control them and further his conspiracies. Dr Kamboj & Dr Smith refused to do that, so did Roger McPhertige. They had falling apart and both Drs were forced out by Dr Kumar.

      As to the Medi-Cal patients, it is about idiocy of our state govt politicians. Medi-Cal pays ~$15 for an office visit for adults and somewhat higher for children & pregnant. How can any doctor see these patients in private office and keep lights on unless he is doing some con on the side – like referring them all for procedure and taking a cut from the specialist.

      NOW, it is the same Medi-Cal that pays anywhere between 75-300$ per visit if the same patient is seen at one of these “clinics”. GO FIGURE. Now, you know why we have so many clinics around and why there is so much fight between these clinics and why Adventist drools over acquiring systems with active clinic licences. Majority of this money is spent on over-bloated administration and towards profit of the owners and doctors get paid a fraction – still better than $15.

  10. Watched….So apparently you think Dr B is a victim here and this is just a witch hunt in which he is not culpable In any way? I think he knew at some point someone would figure out his true motives and he made sure he had every angle covered when they did, he wins if the hospital is successful and he wins if it’s not. And let’s get one thing straight his bragging regarding saving the hospital came straight from the book of boulki fire the staff save money in cuttung their benifits and call it “making a profit ” he stated he had access to 100’s of doctors that he could bring into this area, where are they? Surely with 100’s of doctors he could have replaced 5. Lies all lies.

  11. Some doctors did come and left early on because they didn’t want to be associated with the ones who were there at the time and since left because they delivered sub standard care , these are the ones who you want back. And then some kept reading all the nonsense coming from the citizens group and decided Tulare wasn’t supportive of health care. Some applied for privileges under the old MEC and they dragged it out so long they went elsewhere. This was deliberate on the old MEC’s part to keep any new blood from coming in and keeping all the revenue for themselves. Like it’s not difficult enough to recruit to Tulare? The doctors and citizens group are totally responsible for that

    • ??? EH, your post makes zero sense.
      The criminal Benzeevi is not even paying the electric bill. He is lucky that Edison hasn’t been allowed to shut off the power to the hospital. You are blaming that on the doctors and the citizens group. Really? You think anybody will buy your BS?

    • For someone living in Visalia and never having used TRMC, EH claims to have a lot of intimate knowledge of TRMC !

      FYI & corrections-
      1- Few of the past members of MEC had any financial gains to have by being on the MEC.
      Dr Patel, Dr Pradeep Kamboj & Dr Fabella were not even doing direct admissions and were using hospitalist services. Dr Smith was the only ENT and his work would have been same, whether he is on MEC or not. Dr Kesava left in disgust when Shammie Bell – under the puppethood of Dr Parmod Kumar – included his name in lawsuit. Dr Kesava was not even in the COUNTRY on the day of incident !!!! He had much more work in Hanford and Visalia and his time here was essentially a charity from him and gift to us. Dr Rashid had the hospitalist and ICU contract and had reasons to be “nice” to the man in power, not the other way. Dr Sunga was employed by TCHC. No income from hospital work.

      2- I agree about MEC giving hard time to some doctors to get privileges. Who knows what kind of skeletons were in their closets? MEC has to follow its rules about quality. There is a possibility some of the delays were politics based but NONEof them were money based since except for Dr Betre, NO MEC member was making any money from hospital work that he would have lost. There was no OBG application, so Dr Betre issue is moot.

      3- Whatever the case, CFHA had nothing to do with what was happening at that time. It did not even exist. And when it did, privileges issue was a tiny tiny issue as compared to what else was going on.

      4- As to the quality of care, it was a mixed bag in the past. But the new ones Benny got are absolutely the lowest quality you can ever find. Benny has a way of offending people with his narcissistic, egomaniac, arrogant personality. Staff who have no choice but to tolerate it stayed. Doctors who had no choice stayed but anyone who could leave wanted to be not around him. Even Germany & Samantha Bland have difficulty tolerating him.
      Now, you can estimate yourself which doctor would have better ability to find work elsewhere – one with better credentials or one with poorer ones. Which doctor would be willing to tolerate working in demeaning and poor quality, unsafe work environment – good ones or bad ones?
      Some good doctors – like Dr Kuo & Dr Chu & Dr Evans – have stayed on due to their loyalty to Tulare, TRMC, their patients and given that it is not easy for them to uproot and move at this stage of life. Dr Zhang is bound by the contract and since he is path, his work satisfaction is not as much affected by hospital quality. Dr Macluso had left but was then blackmailed by Dr Parmod Kumar in evening hours of 01-27-2016 at his office on Packwood & Demaree – AND also was given a good contract. Dr Wong & Dr Loeffler did leave.

      • Keep it coming, time to bring all truth out in the open. It will be easier for people to understand all of this when it is laid out there.

        Love your new name for Bell – Shammie. How did she benefit, was it just the importance of the board chair that she was placed on a pedestal and it went to her head. Why did she do what she did.

  12. Until HCCA is out and another company takes over that knows how to manage a hospital, the hospital and employee’s are in jeopardy. We have great staff leaving everyday due to the games that are being played by HCCA. The lies being told to the employees and the blatant mismanagement of funds is a disgrace. Benny continues to try and hold employee payroll hostage, not paying bills in hopes of securing a loan which if happens he will be able to pocket more of the districts money. Benny, Kumar, and Boluki were all in bed together to line their pockets, not to benefit the hospital. Bolukis gone now rest need to leave and then we all can get back to providing a service to the community healthcare

  13. Benny the criminal Benzeevi forgets that he is the CEO in charge of the TRMC, and all the blame for this catastrophe falls correctly and squarely on him.
    It’s not the doctors, it’s not the community, it’s not the Board ( which was by the way under Benny’s full control), it’s not the “charged atmosphere”. It’s you Benny the thief who ruined our hospital in 3 years.
    Nobody wants you in charge anymore. Nobody likes you, nobody trusts you, and nobody believes you.
    The catastrophe that is the TRMC is the testament to what incompetent criminals you and Germany are.

  14. Watch All and EH
    If all of this is is not HCCA fault, then why do they not have the money to the employees, MDs, and other vital services?
    Why if they saw all the cencus low that they didnt have a RESERVE FUND available to maintain paying services and employees?
    Why doesnt HCCA show all the books with all of the ledgers tp prove their monies expenditures and income AFTER being asked several times to show the Board?

    HCCA is hiding something. Your right on this, it will all come out. But not in HCCA favor.

  15. It is now clear that Benny’s endgame involves the Evolutions property. He wants to sell it or mortgage it to the max, pocket the millions before getting out of town.
    In three years he has destroyed what it took decades to build.

  16. When you have been taking money all along you got to keep feeding the engine. This isn’t just Benzeevi, this has been going on for years at the bequest of Kumar. He built his empire off of the hospital and greased a lot of palms so no one was the wiser. He had many followers that allowed it to happen. Who knows if they benefitted and how.

    The big question is will this ever be unraveled or will these thieves get away with it.

  17. Why did Dr B and Allen Germany preach that the hospital was making money and profitable but yet say since july 2015 wrote promissary notes. I have spread sheets from Dec 2014 thru Oct of 2016 recvd thru public records sent to me by their attorney that employee wages plus 30% were wired to HCCA. Maybe we should sue the pass board members for being incompetent

  18. The only 2 hospitals HCCA (Benzeevi) ever managed and ever will manage have gone bankrupt and threatened to close due to poor management. This guy is the epitome of failure!

    You will be gone Benny. And you’ll be lucky to ever be employed again… unless it’s in a prison cafeteria. The citizens will fight back and run you out! We will get what’s ours back from your catastrophic demise. You can take THAT to the bank!!!

  19. Perhaps since the hospital was recipient of federal Medicare (CMS) dollars the Office of the Inspector General needs to investigate if not taking place already. Every person properly licensed by the State of CA needed to take measures to protect their livelihood (license). It would be a very serious infraction if any licensed staff participated in any cover-up of mandated reporting of “Sentinel” events which may or may not have occurred at the hospital.

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