New Tulare Hospital Board Member Sworn In

California state notary Paula N. Tucker swears Xavier Avila in. Joseph Oldenbourg/Valley Voice

Xavier Avila took the oath of office for his seat on the Tulare Local Healthcare District Board on Thursday evening. He will represent Zone 5, replacing Linda Wilbourn’s vacated position.

Avila was appointed on October 4 by now-fellow board members Kevin Northcraft, Mike Jamaica and Senovia Gutierrez.

Northcraft and Jamaica were in attendance at the short, casual ceremony held immediately outside hospital grounds.

Avila’s wife and five of their seven children were also present.

The almost impromptu event was hosted by attorney Dennis Mederos of the Tulare law firm Horswill, Mederos, Soares & Ormonde.

After brief comments of welcome by Northcraft and Jamaica, Avila was sworn in by California state notary Paula N. Tucker.

“Some people don’t know whether to offer me congratulations or condolences,” Avila told the small gathering. “If I’m on the board and get to kick HCCA out, that’s congratulations.”

Avila stated that he does not intend to simply serve out Wilbourn’s remaining term, but intends to also run in 2018 to become an elected board member.

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4 thoughts on “New Tulare Hospital Board Member Sworn In

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  1. As a first step to getting rid of HCCA, the board should file a civil suit against them, to do the first investigative steps of proving “intent” on criminal charges of the RICOH act, and conspiracy to commit fraud. The “fraud” part is obvious, they (the two brothers and their accomplices) wanted to financially drive the institution/enterprise into the ground, buy it with the money “owed” to them, and thus no real cash out of their pockets. But “criminal intent” of fraud has to be proved. However, I’m certain that with today’s technology there is an “audit” trail of correspondance that is left or remaining that there would be enough evidence to send these guys to jail.

    At the very least, if they know the community is going to press for criminal charges and a trial, they will settle all the civil contractual claims they might have for pennies on the dollar, rather than go to court and risk a civil trial leading to a criminal trial. HCCA is make up of nothing but a bunch of people that think they are so “sharp” they can out-fox a bunch of country bumpkins, but if the community hangs together, it can run them out of town with “tar and feathers” and they won’t be back. But, the community has to fight fire with a bigger fire. You already have the County D.A.’s office on your side – use it!

    Spread this concept around to anyone you know. Only action gets justice, not good people just doing nothing. Liberty and justice are not free, they are bought and paid for with a price.

    Exploitation, coersion, and contractual legal manipulation, are just nice terms to not have the perpetrators take advantage of most people’s desire to avoid an umpleasant situation yet tolerate it, while the perpetrator avoids being locked up in jail for infringing on others freedom and liberty! Don’t let these guy get away with it!!!

    David Wells – Fresno, CAlif.

  2. I hope the new board does something quick as Benny is now telling his employees they will not get paid Thursday…….I also heard the following..

    Crooked Benny called a meeting and told the employees that he did not know when the board was going to fund him to pay the employees?

    So he said he will pay as money comes in starting with the lower wage employees working up – same as last time. He also said he was thinking of temporarily shutting down the hospital. Out of around 100 employees at the meeting, some 30ish walked out with a F@#K Y*& to crooked Benny. And they were not low level wage employees.

    I understand the guy is losing it now – mentally- as he also said he has not slept in 3 days.

    He continues to claim the board has the information for his loans….

    This guy is cracking up and the hospital employees need HELP!!

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