Dueling Agendas: You Be the Judge


Those of you who remember the novel and movie of the same name, “Deliverance,” I invite to recall the famous scene with the “Banjo Boy” on the front porch of some shack deep in Georgian Appalachia. In the scene, one of four lost tourists, a guitarist, shares something of a showdown with a teen-age local, playing the banjo, who appears to be compromised in some genetic capacity. Inbreeding is suggested by one of the tourists.

The next regular Tulare Local Healthcare District Board (TLHCD) meeting is scheduled for this Wednesday, the 27th of September.

And we have dueling agendas: One, sent forth from the board, and a second posted by Healthcare Conglomerate Associates (HCCA) the company TLHCD hired to conduct the day-to-day operation of the hospital.

I ask three questions:
First, why is HCCA–and not the board itself–setting the agenda for the board’s own meetings?

Second, why should the board play second fiddle? (Yes–I hear groans.)

Third, who in this analogy is playing the banjo?

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