Tulare Regional Medical Center: A Past Due Timeline

Monday’s revelations that Southern California Edison is seeking money from the Tulare Local Healthcare District makes them only the latest in a line of vendors that claim they haven’t been paid by the hospital.

Even though the district’s hospital, Tulare Regional Medical Center, is managed by Healthcare Conglomerate Associates (HCCA), and the terms of the hospital’s contract mean that the contents of the hospital’s bank accounts are deposited nightly into an account controlled by HCCA, the company claims it too is owed money by the Tulare Local Healthcare District.

But those two companies haven’t been the only ones with their hands outstretched for money. Here is a timeline of HCCA’s claims matched up with other vendors that have either filed suit, accepted debt settlement payments, or otherwise made claims of nonpayment.

In Depth: Tulare Regional Medical Center

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  1. And dozens of doctors who left due to non-payment or delay/drag in payment.
    None of them have filed lawsuits and none have made into the news but effect of them leaving is no less damaging.
    You cannot expect machines to provide care without doctors & nurses & staff.

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