TIMELINE: From “Yes Recall” to No Recognition

It’s been over a month since Senovia Gutierrez was elected, but there’s still controversy over her position on the board.

Board members Kevin Northcraft and Mike Jamaica both state she’s a member of the board: she was elected and sworn in to her office.

Board member Richard Torrez, former Board Chairman Linda Wilbourn, and and lawyers and officials with Healthcare Conglomerate Associates contend she won’t be considered a legal board member until the existing board recognizes her as one. Thus far, they haven’t had a chance to do so.

How did we get here? The Voice has compiled a brief timeline from recall campaign kickoff to Wednesday’s meeting.

In Depth: Tulare Regional Medical Center

7 thoughts on “TIMELINE: From “Yes Recall” to No Recognition

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  1. So does it really matter what the management company thinks or says on election results? No it does not. The elections office has made the determination that she is an elected official of the Tulare District Hospital Board.
    After she was certified she had 10 days to take her seat or the chair could have called the seat empty and the board could have placed someone else in her chair.
    Their stall tactics are just that….Stall Tactics.

  2. The election is over. Board president Kevin Northcraft has already conducted 3 meetings. I believe in one month, there will be 4 pro transparency board directors.
    What Benzeevi says is irrelevant. He is just desperately trying to hang on.

  3. Perhaps its time for HCCA/Benzeevi to be locked out of his air conditioned office and moved out to a field trailer, which is a more fitting environment for the man. There needs to be a federal investigation into this matter. We do not get anything but lip service from our City Council so no one can expect any assistance from them. We do not get anything but lip service from our District Attorney so no one can expect any assistance from him. We have not read one word from any of our elected officials on the State level. And no one knows where Devin Nunes is these days….he is no where to be found unless he sneaks in the backdoor on Ray Appleton’s radio show to take scripted calls…..but he too has shown no interest in the city where his wife and children apparently still live. How long is this farce going to continue? When is enough going to be enough?

  4. Devin Nunes does not care for Tulare.
    All hispanics.
    No Republican voters in Tulare.
    Dr Kumar & Benny donated heavily to republican party.
    This is how things work in this country folks.
    We have designation of low corruption country because what is called corruption in other countries is called lobbying & campaign contribution in this country.

    Just change the definition if you dont like the result.

  5. I am starting to get an uneasy feeling. The recall election was on July 11 , and today HCCA remains fully in charge. It seems that the new Board majority are unable or unwilling to carry out their mandate of removing HCCA.
    They are trying to appoint Linda’s replacement
    , which is fine, but is The Board going to use its majority to actually push through some real changes? If yes, when? If no, why not?

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